Amr Diab Launches "Masry Begad" [Seriously Egyptian] Campaign on His FM Station

Amr Diab (center) at the launch of the 'Masry' Begad' Campaign in Feb 2011

Today is the launch of the 'Masry Begad' [Seriously Egyptian] campaign and program. Amr Diab attended the launch and discussed with some of Diab FM team some of the guidelines and every one shared by new ideas which can help in rebuilding Egypt. Some of Diab FM team started the soft launch by donating blood at the Vacsera in Mohandeseen. Masry Begad campaign invites all Amr Diab's fans to participate in Masry Begad weekly campaigns; every Friday. So, if you have any idea which you would like to share with Diab FM team, send it on and you can be hosted in Diab FM studio to further discuss your idea. So, listen TODAY to the first episode of Masry Begad program from 8:00pm to 9:30pm C.L.T.

Diab FM had its soft launch in June 2010 by 3 programs; Koll El kalam, Aktar Wahed Beyhebak & Hekaytak Eh. Diab FM has also discovered talents in presenting by holding 2 competitons for presenters; 6 presenters have won in the first one & 4 presenters have won in the second competition held in October 2010. The full launch of Diab FM now includes other programs like Ghany Men Albalk, Ne Oul Eh & Amr Diab Academy. This is in addition to other programs that will launch very soon.

Additionally, the Egyptian singing superstar launched last month the first episode of Amr Diab Acadmy at 10:00pm to 12:00pm CLT. Amr Diab Academy in season one is a talent search project searching for lyricists & composers. It is presented by Mohamed Ezz El-din & Dina Gouda. Amr Diab Academy is a talent search project for various talents. It will be held every year searching for different talents in different fields.

Phase one of Amr Diab Academy will be aired exclusively on Diab FM, every Sunday and Tuesday at 10:00 PM. Re-run every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 PM.

Winners of Amr Diab Academy will have the privilege to work with Amr Diab in his upcoming album.

Amr Diab Academy is keen to find new talents in different fields. It has proven to be a success with the talent discovery of the presenters on Diab FM.

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