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JadaL Releases New Rock Cover of Dalida's "Helwa Ya Baladi"

Jordanian Arabic Rock band JadaL, which was formed in 2003 by Composer/Music Producer/Guitarist Mahmoud Radaideh, has just released a new single that revives one of Dalida's most celebrated songs "Helwa Ya Baladi" but with a rock twist. The project/song carries the name of JADALIDA (Jadal+ Dalida) and is available below on YouTube at The original song, recorded by Dalida back in the 1970's, can be viewed below or at

Auditions for Betty Shamieh's Play 'As Soon As Impossible' on Feb 23-24 (Stanford TAPS, Online)

FEBRUARY 23 + 24 2021 06:00-09:00 PT | ONLINE IMPORTANT DATES Audition Dates TUE+WED FEB 23+24 from 6-9PM PT Callbacks THU FEB 25 from 6-9PM PT Performance Dates THU-SAT   July 8 -July 17 Roble Studio Theater Auditions for As Soon As Impossible will be held via Live Zoom Auditions. Actors will be slotted into 45-min to 1-hour long small-group auditions. To be slotted, actors will need to fill out their audition form here .  If you are unable to attend auditions live via zoom, please email for separate accommodations. WHAT TO PREPARE The Director has prepared sides, available for viewing/download on this page under “Resources.” Actors should familiarize themselves with all parts on the sides provided. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Multiple casting of characters is under consideration. In this case, actors would play their character “in rep.” Understudies are necessary and needed in this rehearsal process for all four roles. Layla, Ramsey’s granddaughter, age 18 [mig

All 13 Seasons of Ramzi Salti's Arabology Radio Show Available on Souncloud (101 Episodes)

All 13 seasons of Dr. Ramzi Salti's  Arabology  podcasts are available on Soundcloud, for a total of 101 episodes.  Listen below or at . Currently in its tenth year, this radio program/podcast began airing on KZSU 90.1 FM in 2011 with the aim of highlighting various cultural productions from/about the Arab world, with a special focus on indie/alternative music.  The show is presented in English with commentary by its host, Stanford Lecturer Dr. Ramzi Salti. With the beginning of the pandemic back in March 2020, the show has had to change formats and is now available as a series of audio-visual YouTube interviews with groundbreaking Arab musicians, poets, artists and more.  To stay up to date with the latest episodes, please subscribe to Arabology 's YouTube Channel at We are looking forward to resuming the audio podcasts as soon as the radio station reopens this year inshallah.  In the meanti

أميرة البيلي والقصيدة التي أبكت مصر(أنا مليت)

أميرة البيلي شاعرة مصرية من مواليد محافظة الاسكندرية بدأت كتابة الشعر من ٢٠١٤ واستمرت في تطوير اسلوبها في الكتابة والالقاء وتميزت في الفترة الاخيرة بأسلوبها الخاص.  وقد نالت قصيدتها "أنا مليت" والتي أبكت مصر بالمركز الاول في مسابقة ابداع الاسكندرية.  يمكنكم مشاهدة الفيديو أدناه أو عبر الرابط التالي: كلمات القصيدة تعبت فَ قمت كلمته مانا بنته هيفهمني ويفهم اني محتاجة يكلمني ويسمعني ويفهم اني مخنوقة وحضنه بس هيساعني فَ كلّمته. الو ؟ هوانت ليه ساكت ؟ ألو فيا حجات ماتت ! الو تعبانة في أسمعني ..  يرد يقول وايه يعني ؟ ما كل الخلق تعبانة ..وايه يعني ملامحك لسة بهتانة ما عادي كلنا مرضى .. جرحني بعجزي عن اني ارد القسوة ليه لكن .. انا قلبي مهوش داكن عشان يقسي ويكره حد..  مهواش حد فـ ليه جرّح .؟ وزعلني ياريته ما رد ، وليه اتغير بقا بارد وليه شارد بعيد عني  ما كان بيقول زمان اني مراته وام لعياله وقالي اني هبقاله انا باقية لكن هو الي بيعافر ليخسرني كسرني لكني حبيته..  ياريتني ما كُنت حبيته ووهبته القلب واديته حنين عمره ما كان يحلم بحد يحبه يوم قدي ..  خلاص عدي

10th Anniversary of Dr. Ramzi Salti's Arabology Program Features All Episodes on Soundcloud + YouTube

All of Dr. Ramzi Salti's  Arabology  podcasts  are available on Soundcloud. Additionally, all recent audio-visual interviews (not podcasts) are available on YouTube . This radio program/podcast began airing on KZSU 90.1 FM in 2011 and features cultural productions from/about the Arab world (with special focus on indie/alternative music from the MENA region).  The show airs from KZSU 90.1 FM and is hosted, in English, by Stanford Lecturer Dr. Ramzi Salti.   Listen to all previous Arabology podcasts below or by by going to this link . Below is a YouTube playlist featuring all 12 of Arabology's audio-visual interviews which were conducted by Dr. Ramzi Salti in 2020-21.  Click on the icon in the top right of the video window for the entire playlist or go to  this link . ANNIVERSARY COLLAGE: