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Ramzi Salti Premieres New "test" Radio Program Tomorrow Tues. March 1 at 8pm (PST)

Mounir El Shami Self-Releases His First Single منير الشامي - بغيتك والله

Amr Diab Launches "Masry Begad" [Seriously Egyptian] Campaign on His FM Station

Pianist Tala Tutunji: What Does Contemporary/Modern Arabic Music Mean?

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DJ Ramzi Premieres "Hi, keefak, ça va?" this Tuesday March 1 at 8pm PST

Bushra El Turk: Classical Composer Influenced by Her Lebanese Roots

Salam: A New Eclectic Musician from Jordan

Amr Diab Releases Song Honoring Egyptian Revolution مصر قالت - عمرو دياب

Ramzi Salti Guests on "The Lunch Special" this Monday Feb 21 at Noon (PST)

Rage, Rap and Revolution: Inside the Arab Youth Quake (Time Magazine)

My Review of the Mashrou' Leila Album (on Zookeeper)