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Mounir El Shami Self-Releases His First Single منير الشامي - بغيتك والله

Nice new song tiled "Bghitek Wallah  بغيتك والله"  [I Wanted You, by God!] by a talented young Moroccan musician, Mounir El Shami, who also composed & wrote the tune.  Here's to a rosy future for this young, talented singer.

Mounir El Shami Self-Releases His First Single منير الشامي - بغيتك والله

Nice new song tiled "Bghitek Wallah  بغيتك والله"  [I Wanted You, by God!] by a talented young Moroccan musician, Mounir El Shami, who also composed & wrote the tune.  Here's to a rosy future for this young, talented singer.

Amr Diab Launches "Masry Begad" [Seriously Egyptian] Campaign on His FM Station

Amr Diab (center) at the launch of the 'Masry' Begad' Campaign in Feb 2011 Today is the launch of the 'Masry Begad' [Seriously Egyptian] campaign and program. Amr Diab attended the launch and discussed with some of Diab FM team some of the guidelines and every one shared by new ideas which can help in rebuilding Egypt. Some of Diab FM team started the soft launch by donating blood at the Vacsera in Mohandeseen. Masry Begad campaign invites all Amr Diab's fans to participate in Masry Begad weekly campaigns; every Friday. So, if you have any idea which you would like to share with Diab FM team, send it on and you can be hosted in Diab FM studio to further discuss your idea. So, listen TODAY to the first episode of Masry Begad program from 8:00pm to 9:30pm C.L.T. Diab FM had its soft launch in June 2010 by 3 programs; Koll El kalam, Aktar Wahed Beyhebak & Hekaytak Eh. Diab FM has also discovered talents in

Pianist Tala Tutunji: What Does Contemporary/Modern Arabic Music Mean? Pianist Tala Tutunji from Jordan discusses classical music, touring the world, and the state of contemporary/modern Arabic music today. تدرّبت على الموسيقى الغربيّة الكلاسيكيّة و اليوم تعمل على الموسيقى العربيّة المعاصرة و التجريبيّة السؤال : شو يعني موسيقى عربيّة معاصرة؟

Soundtrack to the Arab Revolutions (Guardian UK) Soundtrack to the Arab Revolutions Rapper El Général helped spark the uprising in Tunisia, and in Egypt musicians bravely played their part in their nation's transformation with these impassioned and incendiary tracks Protesters sing in Tahrir Square in Cairo Photograph: Chris Hondros/Getty Images The soundtrack to the uprisings in  Tunisia  and  Egypt  is brilliantly reported by Andy Morgan elsewhere on this site. Andy used to manage the Tuareg band  Tinariwen , but is now a full-time journalist, with  his own blog devoted to world music . Here, with videos culled from YouTube, are some of the acts he describes in his piece on how the Arab world found its voice. TUNISIAN RAP Tunisian rapper El Général uploaded his song "Rais Le Bled" (President, Your Country) to Facebook on 7 November. "Within hours," as Andy Morgan writes, " the song had lit up the bleak and fear

DJ Ramzi Premieres "Hi, keefak, ça va?" this Tuesday March 1 at 8pm PST

KZSU 90.1 FM is giving me the opportunity to "test-run" my own radio show which I am calling Hi, keefak, ça va? this Tuesday March 1 at 8pm PST.  The premiere will run for 3 hours and it would be great if you could tune in to the program--even partially--since the station checks to see how many listeners are streaming the live broadcast. DESCRIPTION & SCHEDULE: (See in March 2, 8pm box) * LISTEN LIVE THIS TUESDAY MARCH 1 AT 8 PM (PST) BY GOING TO * Thank you, merci, shukran!

Bushra El Turk: Classical Composer Influenced by Her Lebanese Roots

Bushra El-Turk's music of '...ironic...', '...arresting...' and 'limitless imagination' forebears the influence of her Lebanese roots and life as a Londoner. Bushra El Turk: Composer with Lebanese roots Bushra El-Turk (b.1982) was born in London where she studied 'cello with Ingrid Perrin and Robert Bailey, piano with Catherine Riley and composition with Simon Speare at the Centre for Young Musicians. She then went on to study composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Julian Philips, where she graduated with a Bachelor and then gained a Master in Composition, supported by a PRS Foundation Scholarship, with Distinction. She has written various works for the concert hall, most recently with her piece Le Fantôme de Rebecca Griffiths for Wind, Brass and Percussion performed at the City of London Festival and a concert in aid of the children of Lebanon at St John's Smith Square which included her piece, Ta'

Salam: A New Eclectic Musician from Jordan

Salam Hmoud's music has been heard over the airwaves of Amman FM since June 2007, and has been subject to lots of positive feedback. His music was also featured in a film by the RFC. He is described by many as an eclectic musician; this is mainly due to the variation in style, from instrumentals to songs with lyrics in both English and Arabic, each song with its own unique flavor. Winner of the 2008 Jordanian Band Competition, Salam performed in various events and festivals in Jordan, the latثst being Jordan Festival 2010, and toured Egypt this fall accross Alexandria and Cairo.       Music & Lyrics by Salam Hmoud from the FINAL of "Band Competition" 2008. Band Members: Salam Homoud - Vocals, Guitars Munzer Jaber - Bass guitar Yarub Smairat - Violin Mohammad Jaber - Drums Lawrence Razzouq – Keyboards Enas Al-Said – Guest Vocalist For more on Salam, check out this page on,com_musicbox/Itemid,205

Amr Diab Releases Song Honoring Egyptian Revolution مصر قالت - عمرو دياب

Amr Diab in the studio recording "Masr Alet"  Amr Diab has just launched a pro-revolution song a week, dedicated to the "the martyrs of January 25فا" entitled "Masr Alet" [Egypt has Spoken], written by Magdy al-Najjar, composed by Amr Diab and arranged by Adel Haqi. The song (and video clip below) are dedicated to those young people who lost their lives during the Egyptian uprising. Below are the lyrics (in Arabic) followed by an English translation مصر قالت صوت ولادي كلمة الحق في بلادي هما دول سر التحدي, هما دول زهرة جهادي  هما دول هما الشباب مصر قالت الكرامة عزة النفس بشهامة هما دول أكبر علامة, كل حي وله قيامة زي ماقال الكتاب مصر قالت أنحيازي عمره ماكان لأنتهازي مستحيل هقبل تعازي, في الشهيد رغم أعتزازي ألا من بعد الحساب مصر قالت الحقيقة في العزيمة والأرادة هما دول سر الريادة, والعمل افضل عبادة  تستحقي 100 ثواب Egypt said, "My children's voices speak the truth in my land.  They are the secret of the challenge, they are the flower of my struggle.

Ramzi Salti Guests on "The Lunch Special" this Monday Feb 21 at Noon (PST)

I will be guesting on "The Lunch Special" radio program on KZSU 90.1 FM this Monday Feb 21 (Presidents' Day) at noon (PST) where I will be featuring fresh tracks by exciting new Middle Eastern musicians as well as discussing the role of Hip Hop music in fueling the uprisings in the Arab world.   I will also be premiering an amazing new song by the Israeli band "Stereo-tip" as well as a gorgeous ballad  by Umaima Khalil, a  Palestinian  singer with a beautifully haunting voice. From the Maghreb, I will feature a great song  by Imad Nafai Feat Hicham Moaatabar as well as a song titled "Oummi" by Les Boukakes ft. Imed Alibi.. Additionally, I will be showcasing the talent of Tala Tutunji, a Jordanian pianist whose pieces have been receiving critical acclaim worldwide. Plus, of course, music from Fairuz and many others. The show will stream live at  http://kzsulive.stanford. edu/ Hope you can all tune in!  Your support is most appreciated. "DJ

Rage, Rap and Revolution: Inside the Arab Youth Quake (Time Magazine)

Tunisian Rapper "El General"  Rage, Rap and Revolution:  Inside the Arab Youth Quake By  Bobby Ghosh   Thursday, Feb. 17, 201 Time Magazine A generation once dismissed as politically supine has toppled two dictators and shaken up regimes across the Middle East. Who are the Arab youth, and what do they want? At 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 15, as thousands of people gathered to protest against their ruler at a busy intersection in Manama, the capital of the small island nation of Bahrain, you could just about hear over the general hubbub the anthem of the young people who have shaken regimes from North Africa to the Arabian Gulf. It wasn't a verse from the Koran. It wasn't a traditional tune from the region. It was rap. A reedy female voice shouted out, several times, the first line of "Rais Lebled," a song written by the Tunisian rapper known as El Général. "Mr. President, your people are dying," the woman sang. Then others joined in. "Mr.

My Review of the Mashrou' Leila Album (on Zookeeper)

Mashrou' Leila / Mashrou' Leila Album: Mashrou' Leila Collection: World Artist: Mashrou' Leila Added: 02/2011 Label: B-Root Productions Album Review Ramzi Salti, Ph.D. Stanford University Reviewed 2011-02-17  -All Tracks are FCC CLEAN EXCEPT *#4 ('Al Hajez)* After just one album, the Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila (which started out as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut in 2008) have already reinvented the Arabic music scene. Their style, a unique blend of sharp Lebanese lyrics and Mediterranean pop music, sounds instantly familiar yet completely original. The topics of their songs defy conventionality, ranging from homoerotic desire, to inter-religious love affairs, to speaking out against political corruption. Their latest single (not included on this album) was inspired by the Gorillaz song 'Clint Eastwood' and released in Feb 2011 in support of the Egyptian uprising. All songs are in Arabic (Lebanese). 1. “Fasatee

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