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Arabology 10.3 Highlights Arab Musicians Singing in English The May 24 Arabology Podcast featured songs, in English, by Arab artists from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait and Bahrain. Listen below or at The show is meant as a continuation of the previous Arabology podcast which highlighted songs in English by musicians in/from Lebanon.  That podcast is at THIS LINK . Arabology Playlsit DJ: Ramzi S. Tue, 24 May 2016 / 1900-2100 Artist Track Album/Label Dina Madi Nostalgia Soul Whispers Dina Madi Malak El Husseiny Somebody Told Me Alters (EP) Malak Malak El Husseiny Wild Summer Hearts Alters (EP) Malak Nathalie Saba Snow This Is Me Sony Music Climax (Lyna Benzakour + Othman Jmad) West Coast Lana Del Rey Cover Diapazone Abir Adn Sunrise Single Diapazone Imane El Halouat Fly Me to the Moon Single Diapazone Haydar Hamdi Soldier of Sound 404 Diapazone +Aziz Oilah: The First Sound Museland III M

Arabology Interviews May Nasr + Lourdes Perez ft New Arabic-Spanish CD

Listen at Interview recorded in May 2016. Arabology interviews 2 remarkable singer-songwriters who are considered musical icons and voices for peace in different worlds, oceans apart: May Nasr, from Lebanon; Lourdes Perez, from Puerto Rico. This interview includes excerpts from their new Arabic-Spanish duet CD 'Written in Water.' Listen below or at Download 10-track CD at More about May Nasr: More about Lourdes Perez: More about 'Written in Water' CD: THIS LINK. Song Excerpts are from 'Written in Water' CD by May Nasr + Lourdes Perez: 1. Caminare (I Will Walk) 2. Te Llamo/Ounadikum (2 different excerpts) 3. Escrito en Agua/Written in Water 4. Mediterraneo 3. Najwa's House/Baytik Ya Najwa 4. Rompe la Ola/Break the Wave 5. Sal y Azucar/Melh w Su

Interview with Rama Chakaki, Executive Director of TechWadi

Listen at Recorded in May 2016.   Arabology interview Rama Chakaki, Executive Director of TechWadi, who brings 23 years of technical and communications experience to her passion: investing in social enterprises, using technology for social development and nurturing future social entrepreneurs in the region. She setup Baraka Ventures in 2006 to invest in social and tech businesses. She established Baraka Advisers, a digital communications agency. She also established BarakaBits, the only media venture delivering exclusively good news, changing the narrative in the media to an intelligent, optimistic and empowering one. Rama holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from George Washington University. She’s a founding member of Arab Women in Computing and the first regional Women Angel investment Network. Listen to interview below or at More inf

5/13 Arabology Podcast Ft Indie English Songs from Lebanon

Listen at The May 13, 2016 Arabology Podcast highlights the rise of indie music, in English, by musicians in/from Lebanon.  The vast amount of musical talent is reflected throughout the show, from groundbreaking early groups like Soapkills, to current musicians like Aufgang and the Wanton Bishops, to singers who usually sing in Arabic but have occasionally recorded tracks, both originals and remakes, of the classics. This show was co-hosted by Junior Daou, Founder of the Wickerpark Festival which plays a very unique role in the dynamics of alternative culture in Lebanon.  Junior brings listeners an encyclopedic knowledge of indie Lebanese music who in English and offers a unique commentary on musicians and songs that have played at Wickerpark. You can listen to the podcast by clicking below or at PLAYLIST FOR ARABOLOGY 10.2 (May 13, 2016) Soapkills Cheat on Me Bater So

Arabology Interviews Hana Malhas Arabology has just interviewed Jordanian singer-songwriter Hana Malhas about her groundbreaking musical career and her Bala Feesh بلا فيش project, which she founded to give a voice to indie musicians in the Arab world. The interview showcases a selection of Hana's songs in English, her Arabic duet w/ يزن الروسان - Yazan Alrousan + live musical excerpts from Bala Feesh بلا فيش performances by Hana Malhas, Aziz Maraka and عبد الرحمن محمد Abdulrahman Mohammed (ft Ghassan Abu Haltam). Listen below at Interview includes the following musical excerpts: 1. Hana Malhas/Olive Tree/ Shapeshift/CD Baby + iTunes 2. Hana Malhas (ft Yazan Alrousan)/ Trooh/ Shapeshift/CD Baby 3. Hana Malhas/ How We Love/ Hana Malhas & the Overthinkers/ iTunes 4. Hana Malhas/ Just a Dream/ Hana Malhas & theOverthinkers/ iTunes 5. Abdulrahman Mohammed (ft Ghassan Abu Haltam)/ Ya Man Hawah/ Bala Feesh YouTube Ch

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