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Arabology Interviews Olympic Refugee Swimmer Rami Anis Listen to my interview with Syrian Olympic Swimmer Rami Anis who participated in this year's Olympics s part of the Refugee Olympic Team at أدعوكم للاستماع الى المقابلة التي سجلتها مع السباح السوري ‫‏رامي أنيس‬ الذي شارك في الفريق الأولمبي للاجئين عبر الرابط التالي: During this interview (conducted in Arabic with an English intro) Rami spoke of his journey to Turkey then, by dinghy with make shift tree branches for oars, to Greece and on to Belgium. Rami also discusses his training as a swimmer, his experience at the Rio Olympics 2016, and his thoughts regarding the refugee crisis around the world. Please check out and share my radio interview with this brave 25-year old Olympic swimmer who defied immeasurable odds to make it to the Rio Olympics 2016 as part of the Refugee Olympic Team:

Arabology 10.5 Podcast Spotlights Arabic Reggae, Hip Hop, Ballads, Electronica, Folk + Interviews Arabology 10.5 aired on August 18, 2016 and featured indie Arabic music by groundbreaking musicians from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Sudan (Nubia), Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel--plus 2 tracks by Zebda the Spy from Cairo, including a special Fairuz remix. Listen to the podcast below or at Show also included interview with Arab American author Frank Gelat, author of the bilingual Arabic/English book of proverbs The Forbidden Heights (order your copy at ) This podcast also featured an interview (ft musical excerpts) with Egyptian American Opera singer Ashraf Sewailam who spoke about Opera in the Arab world and beyond. Playlist at THIS LINK .

Jordanian Artist Sadouf Interviewed on Arabology (2016)

Here is my exclusive interview with Jordanian artist Sadouf, recorded in her studio in Amman, Jordan in July 2016:  Listen at  or watch the video at You can listen to the interview below or at You can now watch a video, featuring photos, from this interview with Sadouf below or at PICTURES IN SADOUF'S STUDIO: You can contact Sadouf by email at Sadouf's Facebook Page: Arabology Interviews Sadouf:

Arabology Interviews Sandra Arslanian of Sandmoon Check out my new radio interview with Sandra Arslanian of Sandmoon which was recorded earlier this month via Skype.  Segment includes  2 tracks by Sandmoon: "Home" and "Time Has Yet to Come." Listen below or at In this interview, Sandra Arslanian about her album 'Home,' about fleeing her native Lebanon, and about being part of the country’s diverse music scene. Sandra Arslanian was born at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970’s. Her family fled and resettled in Belgium, where she grew up, went to school, earned a degree in Communications and started working.  Upon returning to Beirut, Sandra launched a musical project which developed into the band Sandmoon, recorded three albums, played the local circuit and some major festivals, and produced several striking videos: . sandmoon - Things (Official):

Arabology 10.4 Podcast Spotlights Jordanian Musicians + Filmmakers Arabology 10.4 featured an amazing array of indie music from Jordan, along with exclusive interviews (mostly in English) with Jordanian musicians and Jordan-based filmmakers. This episode was recorded in Amman, Jordan in July 2016 and aired in California on Thursday August 11, 2016. Listen below or at Playlist for Arabology 10.4 Thursday, 11 August 2016 11am - 2pm DJ: Dr. Ramzi Salti 1. Tareq Al Nasser (RUM Band)/ Ya Rouh/ Urdun 2. Natalie Saman/ Habbaytik Ana Amman/ Habbaytak Ya Urdun 3. Jadal/ Itha Ihna Rohna/ Malyoun 4. Interview with Muhammad Abdullah of El Morabba3/ Part 1 5. El Morabba3/ Ilham/ Taraf El Khait/ Universal 6. Interview with Muhammad Abdullah of El Morabba3/ Part 2 7. El Morabba3/ Shiber Maii Taraf El Khait/ Universal 8. Interview with Yarub Smarait/ Part 1 9. Yarub Smarait/ Balad Al Mahboub/ Ya Salam 10. Interview with Yarub Smarait/ Part 2 11. Yarub Smarait/

Groundbreaking Filmmakers in Jordan Interviewed The August 11, 2016 Arabology Podcast featured my interviews with talented filmmakers in Jordan whose films are truly worthy of your attention. Listen to these interviews via  (start at 1:43:46) Here is a list of the filmmakers that were interviewed during the show: 1.  Anas Khalaf , Director of  Driving to ZigZigland ,  Searching for the Translator  (short) and currently filming a feature titled  The Translator  in Jordan. Anas Khalaf (left) with Dr. Ramzi Salti Born in Syria, but raised in France, Anas moved to Los Angeles in order to work with Frederic Golchan Productions. Whilst in LA, he co-produced the feature Prospect and also served as First AD on The Adventures Of Frank Dern . With BintFilm, Anas served as Executive Producer on Driving To Zigzigland (Winner Best Film, Amal Festival) and developed Sleeping On Stones (Middle East Screenwriter’s Lab and