Ben Sheehan offers his take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his latest humorous song.

Deliberately 'offensive' video that attempts to point out, through humor, that the differences between us are and should be eclipsed by the many things we share and have in common.

Written and Performed by Ben Sheehan, Directed by Chris Whitman, Produced by Tim Gregory, Executive Produced by OneVoice, Track recorded at The Sound Machine, LLC

Here are the lyrics that go with the video clip:

Israel and Palestine
Don't hate each other all the time
Even if it seems they do
Thanks to network and cable news
Every day we're made aware
Of all of their discrepancies
But for a change let's focus on
The common similarities

'Cause they both believe in Holy Scripture
They share a God; they share a River
They each descend from Abraham
They don't eat bacon, sausage, or ham
They set aside a day for prayer
They like to grow their facial hair
Because they're tan they must get stopped all the time
In airport security lines

But it's hard when papers and magazines
Only focus on extremes
Or when ideologues would rather die
Than compromise
But a moderate majority
Would speak with more authority
And drown the nut-jobs out while finding things to talk about

'Cause there's a lot on which they both agree
Like the Ten Commandments, Adam and Eve
It can't be hard to come together
When the women are hot and so's the weather
They both love hummus and falafel
And think that idols are unlawful
They even share a Holy site
And all their men get circumcised

So I pray for a two-state solution
Before the region's left in ruins
And of all the commonalities
Turns out they have similar words for peace.

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