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Ramzi Salti Interviews Iraqi-Jordanian Violinist Layth Sidiq

Watch at Stanford Lecturer + Arabology Host Dr. Ramzi Salti recently spoke to Iraqi/Jordanian violinist Layth Sidiq ليث صِدّيْق  in an audio-visual interview which includes an exclusive live performance as well as the following musical excerpts:  0:00 ​ - 01:14 ​ Bagdad by Layth Sidiq (Album: Son of Tigris)  15:10 ​ - 16:27 ​ Eastern Waves by Layth Sidiq (Album: Son of Tigris)  19:17 ​ - 20:32 ​ Foag El-Nakhal by Layth Sidiq, Rohith Jayaraman (Album: Hamsa)  30:13 ​ - 30:51 ​ Zaha Bi Khadayk al-Khafar - زها بخديك الخفر by Layth Sidiq; Violin arrangement: Mohammed Othman Sidiq (Full video at ​)  33:50 ​ - 38:39 ​ Grief is a Journey | الحزن رحلة by Layth Siqiq (Performed Live) Watch below or at ABOUT LAYTH SIDIQ: Layth Sidiq is an award-winning violinist, composer and educator and the current artistic director of the New York Arabic Orchestra. He has toured the world and shared the stage with major a

Ramzi Salti Moderates Arab America Event Celebrating Literature, Poetry, Art, and Music

Watch video at In celebration of Arab American Heritage Month (April 2021), Arab America recently held a  monumental event titled "Celebrating Arab American Literature, Poetry, Arts, and Music" featuring 5 panelists whose work has much to inform any discourse that centers on Arab American culture(s), identity and history.   The lineup featured such writers/performers as Nathalie Handal, Heather Raffo and Dana Dajani in addition to acclaimed Syrian America calligrapher/artist Dr, Mamoun Sakkal and Iraqi-Jordanian violinist Layth Sidiq.  The event was moderated by Stanford Lecurer/ Arabology host Dr. Ramzi Salti and was organized by Dr. Amal David and Warren David of Arab America .  Read more about this event at  this link . Watch video of the whole event below below or at National Arab American Heritage Month--Celebrating Arab American Literature, Poetry, Arts, and Music from Arab America on Vimeo . Watch video of ev

Ramzi Salti Interviews Tania Saleh about Her Groundbreaking New Album

Watch a Dr. Ramzi Salti has just interviewed Lebanese singer/songwriter/artist Tania Saleh (by Zoom) about her groundbreaking new album "10 A.D." which was released in March 2021. The interview, now available on  Arabology's YouTube Channel , includes these audio-visual/musical excerpts from the album*: 1. The Most Beautiful Love Story أحلى قصة غرام (Listen at  00:00 ​) 2. You Are Going Astray انت رايح فين (Listen at  09:04 ​) 3. The Fan المروحة (Listen at  16:46 ​) 4. Anyone but You إلَا فيك (Listen at  19:43 ​) 5. The Fortune Teller بصّارة برّاجة (Listen at  24:04 ​) 6. Caveman مغارة (Listen at  30:09 ​) 7. I Hate Everything بكره (Listen at  30:31 ​) 8. We Are in a Fix حالتنا حالة (Listen at  33:21 ​) You can watch the interview below or at * All tracks licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Kirkelig Kulturverksted) Official YouTube Playlist (ft. all album tracks with English subtitles): Click he