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Video Highlights: Zeid Hamdan at Stanford University (Feb 2019)

Watch full video at This video includes 48 minutes of highlights from Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan's visit to Stanford University on Feb 19, 2019 where he gave two lectures--one in English, one in Arabic--performed live, and visited KZSU 90.1 FM where he was interviewed by Dr. Ramzi Salti for his Arabology radio show. All video clips/music in this visit are for Educational Purposes only. You can watch the video below or at You can also listen to Dr. Ramzi Salti's radio interview with Zeid Hamdan,below or at this link: PHOTOS FROM ZEID HAMDAN'S STANFORD VISIT: Watch full video below or at

Stanford Middle East Ensemble Concert at SMF Ft Intro by Ramzi Salti

Watch video at You can now watch the complete concert by the Stanford Middle East Ensemble at the Stanford MENA Forum 2019 below or at This concert was part of the Stanford MENA Forum's Cultural Segment which was hosted by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology radio host Dr. Ramzi Salti on March 9, 2019. The performance included this Set list: Alf Laylah Wa Laylah muqqadima  Nassam Alayna  Semai Shadd Araban  Lissa Fakir  Hicaz Mandira  Ya Rayeh  Shiddu Il Himmeh  3ajam medley: Zuruni / Til3it Ya Mahla Nourha / Tal'aa Min Beit Abouha

DJ Sotusura Releases New Album Ft Addictive Remixes and Beats

The latest album by Cairo-based DJ Sotusura has just been released, and it contains some amazing tracks and remixes that will keep you bopping for days.  The album features a mixture of old school hiphop beats mixed with old Arabic samples taken from records that he has collected over the past 6 years. Titled Saleh Alalhan , this instrumental album includes 16 tracks that were fully produced by DJ Sotusura.  It was released on March 9th 2019 on all platforms and is set to be released on vinyl in June 2019.  DJ Sotusura has been collecting vinyl records since 2001 and has long focused on finding rare, previously released recordings/gems from the Middle East. You can sample/purchase the album below or at Saleh Alalhan by Sotusura

Ramzi Salti's Talk about Tania Saleh at Stanford MENA Forum (Video)

Watch at You can now watch video highlights from Dr. Ramzi Salti's audio-visual talk about Lebanese singer/songwriter/visual artist Tania Saleh​--recorded at the Stanford MENA Forum​ on March 9, 2019. Watch below or at This lecture included short video clips + music excerpts from Tania Saleh's impressive oeuvre (used for educational purposes only). For more info about Tania Saleh see For more info about the Stanford MENA Forum see RADIO INTERVIEWS WITH TANIA SALEH: You can also listen to Dr. Ramzi Salti's 2018 radio interview with Tania Saleh about her new Intersection alum/project below or at You can also listen to Dr. Salti's 2014 interview with Tania Saleh showcasing her "A Few Images" album below or at:

Interview with Zeid Hamdan at Stanford ft Rare Songs + Live Session

Listen at You can now listen to my interview with Zeid Hamdan--which was recorded/aired on KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University) on Feb 20, 2019--below or at ABOUT THE INTERVIEW: Stanford Lecturer + Arabology Radio Host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews Lebanese songwriter/singer Zeid Hamdan, the music producer behind some of the most successful bands on the Lebanese and regional alternative scene. Interview also includes questions by Zalfa Rostom and Stanford student Jin Yun. Zeid Hamdan at KZSU (Stanford University) Stanford student Jin, Zeid Hamdan, Zalfa Rostom Zeid Hamdan (left) with DJ Ramzi at KZSU Stanford This interview focuses on Zeid Hamdan's musical journey and features rare song excerpts + a live session at the end in which Zeid Hamdan sings 3 acoustic songs live at KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University).  Throughout this interview, Zeid Hamdan reminisces a

Stanford University Vigil for Victims of Christchurch Terror Attack

Hundreds of Stanford University students and community members gathered Friday afternoon to mourn the 49 terror victims killed at two mosques in #Christchurch , New Zealand.  See my pics below and read more at this link . Read this piece from the  Otago Daily Times  at  this link Read "The Faces of the Victims" in The Otago Daily Times at THIS LINK Read this Opinion Ed by Khaled Beydoun at THIS LINK . Also read this piece in  The Stanford Daily  at   THIS LINK

New Graphic Novel Featuring a Jordanian-American Hero is an Indie Hit

Identity Stunt Vol. 1: The Fall Guy , starring a Jordanian-American stuntman, is now for sale in bookstores and comic shops worldwide!  The 100-page action-thriller odyssey is available at , Barnes & Noble , DriveThruComics , and more !  Writer/Creator Joe R. Khachadourian singing the praises of his latest work "It's hard to believe we've made it to the finish line," exclaimed writer/creator Joe R. Khachadourian. "It's been quite an adventure for Sami Nasser, myself, and the creative team, and we could not be more proud of the final product! It's my wish that the joy we cultivated while creating the book is shared with those who read it.”  “This story moves at a break-neck pace,” says artist J. Briscoe Allison, “so to have all of the issues collected in one volume is going to satisfy the 'binge watcher' in all of us! I'm really picky about which projects I work on, but as soon as I read the script, I fell in love!

Arabology Interviews El Far3i (Tareq Abu Kwaik)

Here is my 2-part radio interview with Tareq Abu Kwaik (El Far31 الفرعي) who, with 47SOUL, will be performing at Slim's in San Francisco on March 13, 2019. Tickets at this link . Listen to PART ONE below or at Listen to PART TWO below or at El Far3i is a groundbreaking songwriter, percussionist and vocalist, currently based in Amman and London.  He is the Founder of an Arabic Folk and Acoustic Rap solo act (El Far3i) and Hip-Hop Mc Far3 El Madakhil. These interviews were conducted at KZSU 90.1 FM by Stanford Lecturer Dr. Ramzi Salti, Host of the radio show "Arabology" which airs throughout the San Francisco bay area.  Previous episodes available at يمكنكم الآن الاستماع الى حواري الاذاعي مع طارق أبو كويك الماقب بالفرعي وهو يتحدث عن بداية رحلته في عالم الموسيقى لحين انضمامه الى فرقة السبعة وأربعين. تتكون هذه المقابلة من جزئين متوفرين

47Soul in Concert in San Francisco on March 13 (Promo ft El Far3i)

Don't miss 47Soul live in concert at Slim's in San Francisco on March 13, 2019 at 8 pm PST.  For info and tickets, please go to  THIS LINK . Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming  Arabology  interview with 47Soul band member Tareq Abu Kwaik (El Far3i) in which he discusses the group and promotes the upcoming concert at Slim's in San Francisco (listen below or at ) 47SOUL is an Electro Arabic Dabke (Shamstep) band formed in Amman Jordan in 2013. The current lineup includes: Z the People (vocals & synths) El Far3i (darbouka, Mc/Vocals) Walaa Sbeit (percussion, Mc/vocals) El Jehaz (guitar & vocals). For tickets to the San Francisco concert on March 13, 2019 please go to:

Arabology Interviews Arab American Poet/Stanford Student Maya Salameh

Listen to the interview at Recorded in February 2019 at KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University) Stanford Lecturer + Arabology radio host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews Arab American poet Maya Salameh, a full time student at Stanford, who recites her poem "My Other Mouth," forthcoming in The Greensboro Review . Listen to the interview below or at Read the poem below ©Maya Salameh ©The Greensboro Review my other mouth // if you ask me if I am fluent in Arabic / I will speak of mispronunciation / I will tell you of the vast spaces / between letters / I will tell you / my Arabic is words / wracked with labor pains / village / in the pads of your feet / the roots of verbs / I conjugate the hooked nose / the unruly hair / the holy in me / if you ask me if I am fluent in Arabic / I will tell you / my Arabic / wonders how torture tastes on the tongue / I

Arabology Interviews Syrian Poet Lubna Kayyali

 Listen to the interview at Stanford Lecturer+ Arabology radio show host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews Syrian Poet Lubna Kayyali who recites her poem ما زلت لا أنجح [I Still Do Not Succeed] in Arabic + English Translation. This interview was recorded at KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University) in November 2018. Listen to the interview below or at For a video excerpt of Lubna Kayyali reciting her poem in Arabic, watch below or go to: Here is the poem in Arabic + English Translation ©Lubna Kayyali I have been told To reap the fruits, you must labor To prove that the earth rotates, You must subtract five from ten and become a scientist Your ethnic color will dim And you will raise up your gender I was told To reign over the language You must memorize its alphabet And chant in rhymes For only then would you attain c