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Saturday, October 20, 2018

New Arabology Podcast Highlights Indie Arabic Music from North Africa

The latest episode of my Arabology radio show (Oct 2018) highlights indie Arabic music from North Africa. You can listen below or at

Arabology is a radio show that airs on KZSU 90.1 Fm (Stanford) and is hosted by Stanford University Lecturer Dr. Ramzi Salti.  This episode featured music by Taha El Hmidi, Temenik Electric, Babylone, Jawhar, Fahmi Riahi, Sabry Mosbah, Yuma, Imed Alibi (featuring Mounir Troudi an Michel Marre), Youssra El Hawary, Cairokee, Mazeek, Nawawe, Mimi Amina + more.

The show also featured interview with some of the Techwadi/Injaz Egypt winners who visited Stanford earlier this year to promote their amazing projects.

Listen to the show at

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nov 20 'Arabology' Podcast ft Arabic Ballads, Instrumentals, Jazz and Sufi Music

Arabology 9.13 aired on November 20, 2015 and was hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti along with co-host Ahmed Hashem.  The episode featured indie Arabic Ballads, Instrumentals, Jazz and Sufi Music. Listen/Download the podcast below or at

Playlist for Arabology (Artist/Track/Album)
1. Hawa Dafi/Faragh (Space)/Our Story (Qissitna)
2. Abdulrahman Mohammed + Mohab Omer/Peace (Salam)/Single
3. Bachar Mar Khalife/ Ya Balad /Ya Balad
4. Tareq Yamani/ Lamma Bada Yatathanna/ Lisan Al Tarab: Jazz Conceptions in Classical Music
5. Zig Zag & Maestrix/ Ya Tayr/ Single
6. Mawlay Ensemble/ Firaq Mahtoum/Live
7. Asim Gorashi/ Al Qubba/ Single
8. Mahmoud Badrawy/ 7afi w 7or/Single
9. Youssra El Hawari/ El Soor/ Single
10. Janan/ El 3esh2 7ala/ Single
11. Yarub Smeirat/ Balad Al Mahboub/ Ya Salam
12. Sharaka Ensemble/ Never Again/ Never Again
13. Mohamed Najem/ Hal Asmar El-Loun/ Floor No. 4
14. Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra/ Bousa/ Blues For Tahrir
15. Gadour L'Artistou Feat. Bilal RJ/ La Reponse/ Single
16. NO Blues/ Imta / Oh Yeah Habibi
17. Ahmet Baglama/ Slave of Wishes/ Single
18. Hawa Dafi/ Undefined (Majhoul)/Our Story (Qissitna)
19. Tinariwen/ Sawt El-Wahuch (le Chant Des Fauves)/Ishumar

Friday, January 31, 2014

Jakarta Records Releases 'Sawtuha' Featuring Female Singers of the Arab Spring

A little less then three years ago the political situation in many countries of the Arab world changed dramatically. Uprisings started in rural areas of Tunisia and from there spread to various countries in the region. Millions gathered in the streets united by their demand for more democracy, rights and participation in the political process. In most cases the reaction of the governing dictators were relentless and severe towards every form of protests. Violence in the streets of Cairo, Tunis and Bengasi escalated and resulted in the overthrow of the governments in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

A year later a group of female singers and musicians from Tunisia (Nawel Ben Kraiem, Badiaa Bouhrizi, Medusa, Houwaida), Libya (Nada) and Egypt (Donia Massoud, Maryam Saleh, Youssra El Hawary) met in Mohsen Matri Studio in Tunis to sing- against corruption, despotism, patronization and narrow-mindedness. The song with Syrian artist Rasha Rizk was recorded some months later in her political asylum in Cairo. Sudanese/American producer Oddisee and Olof Dreijer of the Swedish pop duo The Knife joined the session, participating in the creation of the musical backdrop as well as the often multi-instrumentalist female singers. For the vinyl edition producers such as Brenk, Blackjoy and Blundetto contributed remix versions of the project.

At the time and still today especially musicians and especially women were and are trapped in a spiral of repression, discrimination and violence. "Sawtuha" (Arabic for "her voice"), the album that is the product of the 2-week session, is a vital encouraging testament of rebellion against the repression of democratic rights, gender inequality, and lack of inclusion. The music is an organic mixture of traditional Arabic music, regional influences and various forms of contemporary Western musical genres. A mixture that may sound contradicting at first but makes total sense once you listen to the music.

You can purchase the CD on iTunes or at:
You can also purchase a vinyl edition at the link above.

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