Arabology Podcast highlights Arab Women's Voices and Writings

My Interview with Moroccan Sufi Musician Yassir Chadly (incl live performances on Oud and Gimbri)

May 16 Arabology Podcast Ft Interviews with Eliyahu Sills and Yassir Chadly

Dum Tak Festival in Jordan: 15 Alternative Arabic Bands in 5 Nights

Hip Hop Event Moderated by Ramzi Salti ft DAM, Omar Offendum (Video Segments)

Dr. Ramzi Salti: Stanford Lecture on Arabic Music (including video excerpts)

TV Reports about Dr. Ramzi Salti's 'Arabology' Radio Show + Teaching at Stanford

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Mon (5/13): Ramzi Salti, "Breaking with Tradition: Alternative Arabic Music" Talk/Dinner at Stanford

May 9 Arabology Podcast ft Alternative Arabic + Iranian Music/Interviews

New CD by The Invisible Hands [El Ayadi El Khafeyya]

A Night of Music with Yassir Chadly, Eliyahu Sills, Tim Abdellah Fuson, Bouchaib Abdelhadi

May 13: 'Improvising the Hip-Hop Muslim International' at Stanford

Egyptian Writer Sonallah Ibrahim Speaks at Stanford (May 6)

Bassem Youssef Hosts 'Controversial' Lebanese Band Mashrou' Leila

May 2 Arabology Podcast Ft Interview with Egyptian Dancer/Instructor Hala of Halanda Studio

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