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Feb 20 Arabology Podcast Spotlights Music of the Arab Spring + Interview with Ramzi Salti + Arabic Poetry Translated

The tables are turned during the first part of Arabology this week when host Dr. Ramzi Salti is actually interviewed on his own show.  Interview includes music from the Arab Spring and was conducted by Stanford student Samra Adeni of 'Avicenna'--The Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs--on Feb 20, 2014.

The show also features new, alternative Arabic music and spotlights from Mike Massy's upcoming performance at Stanford on March 11 and features an Arabic poem by Rodayna El Filali which is then translated into English by Ramzi Salti.

Listen below or at https://soundcloud.com/arabology/arabology-s7-episode-6-ramzi

Playlist for Arabology Thurs 20 February 2014  4-6 pm DJ: Ramzi S.
Artist/ Track/ Album/Label

1.  Charbel Moreno / Ah Ya Zine/ Single/ Charbel Moreno
2.  Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 1/ Arabology/ KZSU
3.  El General/ Raes el Blad/ Single/ El General
4.  Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
5.  Gultrah Sound Sytem/ Elli tchelou/ Gultrah Sound System/ Ga7af prod!!
6.  Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 3/ Arabology/ KZSU
7.  Sadat & Fifty Cent/ Five Pound Credit/ Generation Bass/ Amr 7a7a
8.  Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 4/ Arabology/ KZSU
9.  Revolution Records ft Ahmed Rock/ Maya3rafsh Skoot/ A Story To Tell/ Revolution Records
10. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 5/ Arabology/ KZSU
11. Ramy Essam/ Taty Taty/ Rough Guide Arabic Revolution/ World Music Network
12. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 6/ Arabology/ KZSU
13. Omar Offendum/ Damascus/ Syrianamericana/ Cosher Ink, Llc
14. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 7/ Arabology/ KZSU
15. Dam/ Kalimat (Words)/ Ihda' (Dedication)/ Redcircle Music
16. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 8/ Arabology/ KZSU
17. Maryam Saleh/ Nouh Al Hamam/ Sawtuha/ Jakarta Records
18. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 9/ Arabology/ KZSU
19. Mashrou' Leila/ Ghadan Yawm Afdal/ Single/ Mashrou' Leila
20. Interview with DJ Ramzi/ Part 10/ Arabology/ KZSU
21. Fairuz/ Nassam (Housed Up Remix)/ Dj Nader - Hizzy Hips In The Mix/ Level Up Records
22. Rasha Rizk/ Elegie (Bonus Track)/Sawtuha/ Jakarta Records
23. Ashara Gharby/ Masry/ Single/ Ashara Gharby
24. Jadal/ Fe Nabd Ana Has/ El Makina/ Mahmoud Radaideh
25. Khalas/ Ala Remshi/ Arabic Rock Orchestra/ Khalas Band
26. Akher Zapheer/ Akherto Lahen Hazeen/ Converse Culture/ Eka3
27. Rodayna Al-Filali/ Wasaed wa Sharasheef (Arabic Poem + English Translation)/ Khutwat Untha
28. Mike Massy/ Soti Hareb Menni/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
29. Mike Massy/ Khalasna Ba'a/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
30. Jam Tkseer/ Qaseeda Sherera/ Ganni 3an Ta3rif/ Alqaws

Arabology S7 Episode 6 [Spotlight on Music of Arab Spring موسيقى الربيع العربي] by arabology

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mayssa Karaa Records Arabic Version of 'White Rabbit' for 'American Hustle' Soundtrack

Mayssa Karaa  ميسا قرعة
The soundtrack to the Oscar nominated film American Hustle features Lebanese American singer Mayssa Karaa's Arabic version of 'White Rabbit'--the iconic song that was originally made famous by Jefferson Airplane during the late sixties. The Arabic lyrics are loosely based on the original English lyrics and are sung in classical Arabic. The track was written and produced in Arabic by Dawn Elder, Mark Batson, and Hanin Omar along with American Hustle’s music supervisor Susan Jacobs.

Mayssa Karaa was recently honored by Lebanon’s Cultural Minister Gaby Layoun with a national cultural award at the American Hustle premiere which took place in Beirut, Lebanon.

Here is Mayssa Karaa's Arabic version of 'White Rabbit' http://youtu.be/mAJ4-Ey7jBM

Compare Mayssa Karaa's version to the original song by Jeffesron Airplane http://youtu.be/WANNqr-vcx0

Mayssa Karaa singing 'White Rabbit' in Arabic http://youtu.be/azFM1gyDbpk

Mayssa Karaa, 24 , is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music where she was a student of Arabic music composer and Oud player Simon Shaheen who is credited for introducing Mayssa to American audiences. She has had a successful career of her own, including concerts and TV appearances in which she has sung revamped versions of famous Arabic songs as well as major works from her classical repertoire.

The Passion of Rumi by Mayssa Karaa  http://youtu.be/8pOtYUu8kq4

Mayssa Karaa Sings Emta Ha Ta3raf (Asmahan) http://youtu.be/4JauOoAzKlE

Mayssa Karaa Sings Ya Habibi taala (Asmahan) http://youtu.be/um_zJHP9sgw

Fore more info about Mayssa Karaa:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

'One Lebanon' Concert and Project Promote Unity in Lebanon

ONE LEBANON is an apolitical cultural movement gathering people who believe in the importance of unity. Its proclaimed mission is to positively influence the collective attitude of today’s Lebanese by creating various cultural activities and exchange of experiences within an atmosphere of respect, reconciliation, peace and unity.

ONE LEBANON's concert, which took place on Feb 1, 2014, gathered more than 20 Lebanese celebrities from different artistic styles and backgrounds, sharing for the first time the same stage to spread One message with One voice: that of national belonging.  Artists included Aline Lahoud, Anthony Touma, Brigitte Yaghi, Carlos Azar, Elsy Ferneini, Fadi el Khatib, Georges Khabbaz, Hisham el Hage, Maguy Bou Ghosn, Marwan Khoury, Michel Abou Sleiman, Michel Fadel, Mike Massy, Nemr Abou Nassar, Nicolas Mouawad, Rahaf Abdallah, Tania Kassis, Tony Abou Jaoude and Zeina Daccache. With the participation of Mn el Ekher (rappers) & The Coolcumbers

Funds raised from the sales of tickets are channeled for the implementation of civic outreach programs in public and private schools as well as in other educational institutions.

Concert Highlights below or at http://youtu.be/cr5OFCglTsU

Watch this teaser from the concert below or at http://youtu.be/xKhbJw-BrNA


MESSAGE FROM MIKE MASSY AT http://youtu.be/lbHhb8Adad0


For more info:

Feb 13 Arabology Podcast Showcases Indie/Alternative Arabic Music from the MENA Region

Join Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, for another musical journey through the MENA region. This episode aired on Feb 13, 2014 on KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco bay area) and features amazing indie/alternative Arabic music from the Arab world plus a promotional spot for Mike Massy's upcoming concert at Stanford.

Listen below or download at https://soundcloud.com/arabology/arabology-s7-episode-5

Playlist for Arabology Thurs 13 February 2014 4pm - 6pm DJ: Ramzi S.
Artist/ Track/Album/Label

1. Said Mrad/ Mazaj (ft Oumeima)/ Another Thousand and One Nights/ Said Mrad
2. Mike Massy/ Ya Zaman/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
3. Jam Tkseer/ Zomzom/ Ghanni 3an Ta3rif/ Alqaws
4. Labess/ El Kass Yadour/ Identite/ Needlepoint Records
5. Jawhar/ Idhalil/ Qibla wa Qobla/ NAFF REKORDZ
6. Gultrah Sound System/ Elli Tchalou/ Goultrah Sound System/NA
7. Khaled/ Bab Jenna (Gate Of Heaven)/C'est La Vie/ Universal Music France
8. La Tlateh, Hiba/ Boov (Boov)/ Khat Thaleth (Third Rail)/ Stronghold Sound
9. Revolution Records ft Ahmed Rock/ Ana Mush 3adad/ Revolution Records/RR
10. Khalas/ Amona/ Arabic Rock Orchestra/ Khalas Band
11. Omar Souleyman/ Ya Yumma/ Wenu Wenu/ Ribbon Music
12. Maryam Saleh/ Nouh Al Hamam/ Sawtuha/ Jakarta Records
13. Khaled Aljaramani/ Improvisation In Rast Mode/ Athar/ Institut Du Monde Arabe
14. Abdulrahman Mohammed/ Lamma Bada Li/ Single/ Breaking the Boundaries
15. Ensemble Ibn Arabi/ Salabat Laila Minni/ Arabo-Andalusian Sufi Songs/LD France
16. Tania Saleh/ Kifou Hal Helou/ Live At DRM/Forward Music
17. Haya Zaatry/ Mnakeer/ Ghanni 3an Ta3rif/ Alqaws
18. Idan Raichel Project/ Azini/ Idan Raichel Project/ Cumbancha
19. Mohamed Abozekry and Heejaz/ Set El Kol/ Chaos/ Neonovo
20. Rasha Rizk/ Elegie/ Sawtuha/ Jakarta Records
21. Lena Chamamyan/ Ha Hali (Version 2/ Ghazl El Banat/ Lena Chamamyan/Self
22. Massar Egbari/ Aho Dal li sar/ Single/ Massar Egbari
23. Dina El Wedeidi/ Sayer/ Single/ Dina El Wedeidi
24. Student Henry S speaks about Mike Massy's CD + Upcoming Stanford Events
25. Mike Massy/ Soti Hareb Menni/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions

Arabology S7 Episode 5 [Alternative/Indie Arabic Music الموسيقى العربية البديلة] by arabology

'Arabology' is a weekly radio program, currently in its seventh season, which airs on KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco bay area). It is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, who showcases and discusses (mostly alternative) Arabic music, along with interviews + commentary in English.

* Previous Podcasts at soundcloud.com/arabology/sets
* Arabology Blog: author32.blogspot.com
* Arabology on Facebook: facebook.com/arabology
* Arabology on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/author30
* Arabology on Soundcloud: @arabology
* Arabology Contact: author30@gmail.com

Ghanni A'an Taarif CD & Project Broach LGBT Issues in Arab Societies

“Ghanni A`an Taa`rif” (Singing Sexuality) is a daring youth music project and CD that aim at raising awareness about LGBT issues in Arab societies. It contains songs by various artists who sing about tolerance, gender equality and coexistence. More info at ghanni.net.

1. Haya Zaatry sings ‘Mnakeer’ in a slow, deliberately mundane way.
2. **Jowan Safadi and Haya Zaatry sing a slow duet ‘Ji2tu ila Ahli’ [I Came to My Family] about being rejected by one’s family for taking off one’s mask.
3. Jowan Safadi sings ‘Qenaa Jded’ [New Mask] a mid tempo song with lots of bass guitar.
4. **The group Jam Tkseer [Broken Plural] sings a soft ballad titled ‘Qaseeda Sherera’ [Evil Poem] with lyrics based on a poem by Nizar Qabbani.
5. Raymond Haddad and Maisa Daw duet on this indie track called ‘Ana Hurra Bi Hali’ [I am Free to Be Myself] with a poetic, lyrical delivery about not wanting to be judged.
6. Jam Tkseer sing ‘Zomzom’ about a boy who likes to dress like a girl.
7. Abu rabus singing ‘Thalath Qasaed’ Narration in classical Arabic about gender roles accompanied by bizarre sounds.
8. Rola Azzar sings ‘Bahebk’ [I Love You] addressing a specifically female lover. Sounds like a French chanson, but in Arabic.



Ghanni LIVE CONCERT CLIPS عرض غنّي عن التعريف at:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb 6 Arabology Podcast Features ASMAHAN Revived, Remixed, Narrated, Translated

Listen at THIS LINK.

The Feb 6, 2014 Arabology Podcast spotlights legendary singer ASMAHAN by featuring her classic songs + revived, remixed versions by new singers and musicians. Includes a narrated biography by Dr. Ramzi Salti who also reads Asmahan's Arabic lyrics and translates them to English.

Listen at THIS LINK.

Playlist for Arabology Thurs 6 Feb 2014 4-6 pm DJ: Ramzi S.
Artist/ Track/ Album/ Label

1. Mohamed Zohair Ammar/ Ya habibi Taala (Remix)/ Single/ Mohamed Zohair Ammar
2. Asmahan Bio + Translated Lyrics/ Part 1/ Arabology/ KZSU
3. Asmahan/ Dakhalt Marra El geneina/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
4. Soapkills/ Marra Fi Gneina/ Single/ Zeid Hamdan/Lebanese Underground
5. Asmahan Bio + Translated Lyrics/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
6. Asmahan/ Emta Ha Taaref/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
7. Omar Offendum/ Mother's Day/ Syrianamericana/ Cosher Ink, Llc
8. Asmahan Bio + Translated Lyrics/ Part 3/ Arabology/ KZSU
9. Asmahan/ Ya habibi Taala/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
10. Ghazi Abdel Baki Yasmina Joumblat - Ya Habibi/ Communique 2/ Forward Music
11. Asmahan Bio + Translated Lyrics/ Part 4/ Arabology/ KZSU
12. Asmahan/ Asqiniha/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
13. Zeid Hamdan/ Asqiniha Rendered/ Single/ Lebanese Underground
14. Asmahan Bio + Translated Lyrics/ Part 5/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
16. Asmahan/ Layali Al uns Fi Vienna/ Les Indispensbles/ Jasmine Music/ IODA
17. Dorsaf Hamdani/ Layali Elouns/ Princesses of Arab Chant/ Accords Croisees
18. Asmahan Bio/ Part 6/ Arabology/ KZSU
19. Darwasha Project/ Asma/ Single/ Mohamed Darwish

Listen at THIS LINK.

Breaking the Boundaries & Abdulrahman Mohammed: Ya Man Hawah

This is a song played by a local Saudi rock band that is based on the lyrics of an old Arabic heritage poem.
See lyrics below.

- Vocals - Abdulrahman Mohammed غناء والحان / الفنان عبدالحمن محمد
- Lead guitar- Dr. Mohab Omar عزف جيتار وتوزيع موسيقى/ د.مهاب عمر
- back vocals and bass guitar - Dr. Mohab Omar
- Rhythm guitar - Dr. Moayad Al-Qurashi عزف جيتار/ د.مؤيد القرشي
- Drums - Dr. Omar Raslan الايقاع / د.عمر رسلان

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/00breakingboundaries

القصيدة الأصلية لـ: سعيد ابن احمد ابن سعيد
غناء: عبد الرحمن محمد
نص القصيدة

يا من هواهُ أعّزهُ وأذّلني

كيفَ السبيلُ إلى وصالك .. دُلني

أنتَ الذي حـَلفتني وحـَلفتَ لي

وحـَلفتَ أنك لا تخون .. فـ خـُنتني

وحلفت أنك لا تميل مع الهوى

أين اليمين..؟ وأين ما عاهدتني..؟

تركتني حيران صباً هائماً

أرعى النجومَ وأنتَ في عيشٍ هني

لأقـُعدَنّ على الطريق وأشتكي

وأقولُ مظلومٌ وأنت ظلمتني

ولأدعون عليك في غَسق الدُجى

يبليكَ ربي مثلما أبليتني


Darwasha Project Fuses Egyptian Sounds with Western Genres


Egypt's Darwasha Project represents a new era of Egyptian fusion sounds by utilizing the essence of theatrical musicals to introduce a new fusion of Arabic, Progressive Rock/Metal, and Electronic music.

Mohamed Darwish (Guitarist, Oud player & Composer) founded the project Jan 2012 with a group of musicians/friends to establish Darwasha band, benefiting from his past experience in  theater musicals to develop a unique fusion with a contemporary oriental taste. Darwish's other project participations include: Odious, AlTamye Theater Group, Maryam Saleh Band, The Choir Project, Ahmed Rabea Band, and Metropolis.

For more info:
Darwasha's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Darwashaproject

Thomas Milo: Raising the Stakes in Arabic Text Handling

Thomas Milo gave a talk at Stanford on Feb 7, 2014 titled "Raising the Stakes in Arabic Text Handling."

During this fascinating talk, noted typographer Thomas Milo described a project initiated by the Sultanate of Oman which aims to display, search and quote Qur'ān text on the web in a typographically stable and orthographically flawless manner, regardless the operating system or the type of web device.

A core observation of Thomas Milo's presentation described in this article:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coca Cola Ad Campaign Features 'America the Beautiful' Sung in English, Arabic and Other Languages

See video at http://youtu.be/jn8fK6r9ayc

Meet Naya and hear her sing "America the Beautiful" in Arabic, one of the many languages in Coca- Cola's 2014 Big Game ad. #AmericaIsBeautiful. In addition to a gorgeous English version, the campaign includes a multitude of tributes to America in other tongues including Spanish, Tagalog. Hindi, Senegalese-French, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew and Keres. Versions of the song performed in other languages are also on Spotify, as well as the multilingual version. Look under the "Coca-Cola Singers" or "Coca-Cola Chorus."

Coca Cola - It's Beautiful in Arabic (http://youtu.be/jn8fK6r9ayc)

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Official :60 (http://youtu.be/443Vy3I0gJs)

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Behind the Scenes (http://youtu.be/1ReHUMUb9gY)

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful in English (http://youtu.be/TASniuDNKZw)

Here is a Playlist of various Americans singing 'America the Baeutiful' in Englsih and in other languages:

Coca Cola stated that "the only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here." Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful and visit this playlist: http://youtube.com/AmericaIsBeautiful

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Jan 30, 2014 Arabology Podcast Ft Alternative/Indie Arabic Music + Khaled Sayed Interview

The 3rd episode of the seventh season of Arabology included a variety of alternative/indie Arabic music and an interview with acclaimed Egyptian Director/Photographer Khaled Sayed.

You can listen below or at https://soundcloud.com/arabology/arabology-s7-episode-3

Playlist for Arabology Thurs 30 January 2014 4-6pm DJ: Ramzi S.
1. Charbel Moreno/ Ya Leili/ Ya Leili/ Charbel Moreno
2. Edd Abbas, Lipos, Elepheel/ Teesh/ Tripnol/Edd, Lipos & Elepheel
3. Heba Al Mansoury/ Reema/ Sah El Noum/Lebanese Underground
4. Lahoud, Aline/ Khedni Maak/ The Voice/ France
5. Brief interview with future Stanford student Henry Shinton
6. Omar Souleyman/ Nahy/ Wenu Wenu/Ribbon Music
7. Khalas/ Hebbena/ Arabic Rock Orchestra/Zidani
8. Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent/ Enjex/ Generation Bass/Generation Bass
9. Revolution Records (ft Wasla and Ahmed Rock)/May3arfsh Skoot/Revolution Records
10. Khaled Sayed Interview/ Part 1/ Arabology/KZSU
11. Stanford student-to-be Henry Shinton speaks Arabic
12. Khaled Sayed Interview/Part 2/Arabology/KZSU
13. Ensemble Ibn Arabi/ Tu7hi iza qatalat [Her Words Bring Me to Life Again]/Arabo-Andalusian Sufi Songs/LDF
14. Ghazi Abdel Baki + Yasmine Joumblat/ Ya habibi Taala/ Ghazi Abdel Baki
15. Tania Saleh/ Yimkin Law/ Live At Drm/ Forward Music
16. Mohamed Abozekry + Heejaz/ Chaos/ Chaos/ Neonovo
17. Karkadan/ Hogra (Radio Edit)/ Zoufree/ Yung-Lee Da Finest
18. Edd, Lipos & Elepheel/ Sahrawi/Tripnol/Edd Abbas/Lipos/Elepheel
19. DAM/ If I Could Go Back In Time/Debke On The Moon/ Dam
20. Charbel Moreno/ Arabian Seduction/Arabian Seduction/ Charbel Moreno

'Arabology' is a weekly radio program, currently in its seventh season, which airs on KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco bay area). It is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, who showcases and discusses (mostly alternative) Arabic music, along with interviews + commentary in English. Previous

* Podcasts at soundcloud.com/arabology/sets
* Arabology Blog: author32.blogspot.com
* Arabology on Facebook: facebook.com/arabology
* Arabology on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/author30
* Arabology on Soundcloud: @arabology
* Arabology Contact: author30@gmail.com

Egyptian Director/Photographer Khaled Sayed Releases New Book about Egyptian Sufi Troupe

Khaled Sayed showacses his new book Tannoura
Award winning Egyptian director/photographer Khaled Sayed was a returning guest on the January 30, 2014 episode of Arabology where his discussed his new book Tannoura which includes a dazzling array of photos he took of the Sufi/Egyptian dance troupe Al Tannoura. You can see a sample of Sayed's photographs below in addition to video montages that were created by the photographer himself. You can also preview/purchase the book at http://www.blurb.com/b/5009689-tannoura-soft-cover

Khaled Sayed is an award-winning documentary director, who worked as a lawyer in Egypt before he moved to the United States, where he studied Multimedia production at San Francisco State University. He has directed and produced several documentaries, including the award winning
Egypt - The Story Behind the Revolution

Listen to the interview with Khaled Sayed below or at https://soundcloud.com/arabology/arabology-s7-episode-3#t=39:45

Video by Khaled Sayed of Al Tannoura Show in Egypt: http://youtu.be/J6vEYHRfpzM

Another video clip of Al Tannoura folk troupe by Khaled Sayed: http://youtu.be/YhoUpcOoHKo

Another video clip of Al Tannoura dance troupe by Khaled Sayed: http://youtu.be/88w_KoiJsao

Pictures of Khaled Sayed at KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University):

Khaled Sayed (left) with DJ Ramzi at KZSU 90.1 FM

For More Information:

10th Anniversary of Dr. Ramzi Salti's Arabology Program Features All Episodes on Soundcloud + YouTube (Click here)

All 13 seasons of Dr. Ramzi Salti's  Arabology  podcasts  are now available on Soundcloud, for a total of 101 episodes. Additionally, al...