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Stanford President Hennessy Honors 'Arabology'

President Hennessy (left) with Ramzi salti My radio show Arabology was singled out and honored during Stanford President Hennessy's speech at the Stanford Humanities Center 21st Publication Celebration. This annual event gives the Stanford community an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the broad scope of humanities scholarship produced on campus. Below are some pics from the event which took place on March 20, 2014. Full list at resources/PDFs/ shcbooklist2014.pdf

Markaz Art Exhibit at Stanford - April 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The first Markaz Art Exhibit, featuring unique art pieces created by Stanford community members, will take place on April 4, 2014 at 7 pm. The art works showcased in this exhibit include 16th century style Turkish Tezhip (Islamic Manuscript Illumination), photographs from different regions of Middle East, and Persian calligraphy. This event is FREE and open to the public; and light refreshments will be served.  For more info see  Markaz Website  and/or  Markaz on Facebook .

Arab Film Festival Launches New Short Film Fest in San Francisco (April 9, 16, 23) The Arab Film Festival is launching a new International Short Film Series at Little Roxie Theater, San Francisco on Wednesdays, April 9, 16 and 23, 2014 (7 pm). Arab Shorts is a multifaceted program that includes narrative, documentary, experimental and animated short films. It focuses on current works that mirror the diversity of the Arab world by bringing the best short films to our American audiences. The series debuts on Wednesday, April 9 with the “Iraqi 35mm Workshop” showcase, which will premiere the work of young filmmakers such as Ahmed Yassin’s Children of God, Luay Fadhil’s Lipstick, Meedo Ali’s Children of War, Mohamad Hayal’s Happy Birthday and Yahya Al-Allaq’s War Canister. One of the short films that will screen on April 16, 2014 is Sasha's Li's The 40th Day , a 5-minute short film that is based on my published short story 'Vivian and her Son' (you can read the original short story for free at this link )

March 13 'Arabology' Podcast Spotlights Mike Massy's Events at Stanford

Mike Massy at Stanford University March 11, 2014 This Arabology episode (aired March 13, 2014) reports on Mike Massy's 2 events at Stanford on March 11 and highlights Mike Massy's music + audio segments from his lecture in which he discussed Middle Eastern music while showcasing each musical genre with his powerful vocal acrobatics (live). The events were made possible by the Stanford Arts Institute, the Stanford Language Center, The Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, Department of Music, The Mediterranean Studies Forum, and The Arab Studies Table. The second part of the show features soothing Arabic music and ballads that will leave you feeling calm and mellow. Listen to the Podcast below or at Playlist for Arabology Thurs 13 March 2014 4-6pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/Track/Album/Label 1. Mike Massy/ Ghayer Lawn Ouyounak (DJ Meg Remix)/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions 2. Mike Massy/ Ya Zama

Arabology 7.8 Podcast: Mike Massy Interview + Imed Alibi + Alternative Arabic Music

This episode aired on March 6, 2014 and featured a musical interview with Mike Massy to promote his performance at Stanford on March 11, 2014.  The show also premieres a track from Imed Alibi's new album 'Safar' and also features a variety of indie/alternative Arabic songs that will capture your heart and soul. You can listen below or at Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 6 March 2014 4-6pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/Track/Album/Label 1. Mike Massy/ Ya Zaman/Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions 2. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 1/KZSU/ Arabology 3. Mike Massy/ Khalasna Ba'a/ Ya Zaman/Falak Productions 4. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU 5. Mike Massy/ Ghayyer Lawn 3yonak/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions 6. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 3/ Arabology/ KZSU 7. Mike Massy/ Tannoura Maxi/ Tannoura Maxi Soundtrack/Massy 8. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 4/ Arabology/ KZSU 9. Mike Massy/ Nature Boy/ Mike Massy 10.

Imed Alibi Launches New 'Safar' CD

Imed Alibi عماد العليبي Imed Alibi is a multi-talented Tunisian percussionist and musician who has worked with such musicians/bands as Les Boukakes Rachid Taha,and Emel Mathlouthi.   His new CD 'Safar' is a musical masterpiece that blends drums with digital beats, keyboards, violin, accordion, qanun and the nay. Imed Alibi Project at festival Arabesques 2013 ( ) The Imed Alibi Project has brought together a variety of talented musicians who have all contributed to the unforgettable sound of the Safar CD.   They include: REVIEWS OF 'SAFAR' CD (2014): Imed Alibi, Safar (IRL, 2014) Reviewed by Ramzi Salti All tracks FCC safe Imed Alibi is an amazing Tunisian percussionist who has played with such musicians as Rachid Taha and Les Boukakes. This is his first solo album and features percussive music cobined with Berber and Suf

Podcast: Arabology 7.7 Ft Alternative Arabic Music + Oscar Nominated Arabic Films + Poem by Elia Abu Madi

The Feb 27, 2014 episode of 'Arabology' features unique alternative/indie Arabic songs and mixes + a spotlight on the Arabic version of 'White Rabbit' from the 'American Hustle' soundtrack + a report on the 3 Oscar nominated Arabic films for 2014. Show also features a bio of poet Elia Abu Madi and one of his poems recited in Arabic, translated into English, then sung by Ghazi Abdel Baki. Arabology 7.7 [Alternative Arabic Music + Oscars Nominated Arabic Films + Poem by Elia Abu Madi] by arabology Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 27 February 2014 4- 6 pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/ Track/ Album/ Label 1. Mashrou' Leila ft Lyctum The Eclipse Sideform/Intro (Nataraja 3D Remix)/Nataraja 3D 2. Maryam/ Watan El Akk/Mosh Baghani/ Cd Baby 3. Yasmine Hamdan/ Gamar/ Echos d'aujourd'hui/Fanon 4. Omeima El Khalil/ Shab Y Sabiyeh/ Ya/ Forward Music 5. Jefferson Airplane/ White Rabbit (Umami Edit)/Single/ Umami in Space/RCA 6. Mayssa Karaa/ White Rabbit (Ar