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Tannourine Lecture by Ramzi Salti Highlights Trends in Lebanese Music (Complete Recording)

Watch video at Stanford Lecturer + Arabology Radio Host Dr. Ramzi Salti highlighted groundbreaking trends in Lebanese music--from Fairuz to Mashrou Leila--during an LAU/WLCU sponsored talk on Feb 11, 2023 at Tannourine Restaurant in San Mateo, California. You can watch the video below or at  THIS LINK . LECTURE VIDEO CHAPTERS (with time) 1.  Intro by Hana Rustom Archbold (00:01)  2.  Ramzi Salti's Intro to Lebanese music (03:15)  3.  Fairuz (Fayrouz) فيروز (11:18) 4 4.  Talia Lahoud (14:43) تاليا لحود   5.  Tania Kasis (17:13) تانيا قسيس 6.  Mike Massy (21:36) مايك ماسي  7.  Yasmine Hamdan (24:55) ياسمين حمدان  8.  Tania Saleh (29:23) تانيا صالح  9.   Zeid Hamdan (31:10) زيد حمدان 10 10. Fareeq El Atrash (35:00) فريق الأطرش  11. Abeer Nehme (38:39) عبير نعمة   12. Mashrou Leila (41:31) مشروع ليلى 13. Q & A (47:18)  14. Closing remarks (1:02:19)  With special thanks to LAU/WLCU for making this event possible. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL VIDEO OF LECTU

Ramzi Salti Interviews Zaid Abu Hamdan, Director of "Daughters of Abdul-Rahman"

Watch the interview at Check out Dr. Ramzi Salti's interview with Jordanian Director Zaid Abu Hamdan whose award winning film Daughters of Abdul-Rahman has been hailed as one of the most groundbreaking films to come out of the Arab word in recent years. The interview was recorded in February 2023. Watch below or at During this interview, the famed Director speaks about each of the movie's 4 female actors--Saba Mubarak, Farah Bsieso, Hanan Hillo and Mariam Basha--as well as the groundbreaking themes that his film tackles.   The interview also includes a discussion of Abu Hamdan's gem of a short film "Bahiya and Mahmoud" which was released in 2010. يمكنكم الآن مشاهدة مقابلتي الجديدة مع زيد أبو حمدان مخرج الفلم الأردني (بنات عبد الرحمن) عبر هذا الرابط .

Dr. Ramzi Salti's Arabology Show Spotlights Best Arabic Songs of 2021-22

Listen at this link Dr. Ramzi Salti’s Arabology radio show is back after a 2-year hiatus with a new episode which highlights the best indie Arabic songs of 2021-22.  The episode aired in February 2023 and can be enjoyed here . To hear the latest podcast, please listen below or at this link: arabology · Arabology 14.1 [Best Alternative/Indie Arabic Songs of 2021-22] Playlist and Artist Info for Arabology 14.1 1.  Shkoon -- Lala (single) The German Syrian band Shkoon released their long-awaited debut album “Rima” in December 2019, followed by a huge album tour. Their music is a message for cultural diversity.  But the band is more than a German Syrian live act with Arabic lyrics. In addition to their own lyrics, the band is using old traditional music elements of Syrian folklore along with occidental electronic beats.  Band members are Ameen Khayer and German producer Thorben Diekmann and violinist Maher

Video: Ramzi Salti Interviews Omar Offendum (2023)

    Watch interview above or at Recorded on Jan 24, 2023 Ramzi Salti interviews Omar Offendum about his Stanford events (on January 28, 2023) where he was joined by Oud Virtuoso Ronnie Malley for a show titled "Coast to Coast: Reflections from Al Andalus to Los Angeles." Syrian American rapper and poet Omar Offendum and Palestinian American multi-instrumentalist maestro Ronnie Malley weave stories of the past, present, and future as they trace the influence of Al-Andalus and Arabic-speaking peoples on music and culture, from New York City's Little Syria to the birth of California Surf Rock. Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American rapper/spoken word artist. Known for his unique blend of hip-hop and Arabic poetry, he’s been featured on prominent world news outlets (Aljazeera, BBC, PBS, LA Times), lectured at a number of prestigious academic institutions (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern, UT-Austin, UCLA, SOAS, American University of Beirut), c

El Morabba3 Unveils New Single "El Wuhoosh" (Monsters) Feb 2, 2023

Jordanian/Palestinian indie band El Morabba3 returns after a seven-year hiatus with their new single “El Wuhoosh” (Monsters), giving both long-time fans and new listeners a first sign of artistic horizons to come. Between the release of their first, self-titled album in 2012 and their second, Taraf Al Khait, in 2016, El Morabba3 caught the transformative spirit of a revolutionary generation with their trenchant indie-rock sound and lyrics. Now, after restructuring the band and moving from Amman to Berlin, founding singer/songwriter/bassist Muhammad Abdullah and the music producer and sound artist Basel Naouri are taking El Morabba3’s earlier aesthetic evolution into a new direction. Departing from the raw post-rock energy of the first album and the polished instrumental/electronic fervor of the second, the artists have taken a deep dive into experimentation with electronic sound and storytelling. This new direction is more than evident in “Al Wuhoosh,” a wholly electronic track whose d

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