Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amr Diab Releases Song Honoring Egyptian Revolution مصر قالت - عمرو دياب

Amr Diab has just launched a pro-revolution song a week, dedicated to the "the martyrs of January 25فا" entitled "Masr Alet" [Egypt has Spoken], written by Magdy al-Najjar, composed by Amr Diab and arranged by Adel Haqi.

The song (and video clip) are dedicated to those young people who lost their lives during the Egyptian uprising.

Below are the lyrics (in Arabic) followed by the song (and clip) in Arabic WITH OPTIONAL ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

مصر قالت صوت ولادي كلمة الحق في بلادي
هما دول سر التحدي, هما دول زهرة جهادي 
هما دول هما الشباب
مصر قالت الكرامة عزة النفس بشهامة
هما دول أكبر علامة, كل حي وله قيامة
زي ماقال الكتاب
مصر قالت أنحيازي عمره ماكان لأنتهازي
مستحيل هقبل تعازي, في الشهيد رغم أعتزازي
ألا من بعد الحساب
مصر قالت الحقيقة في العزيمة والأرادة
هما دول سر الريادة, والعمل افضل عبادة 
تستحقي 100 ثواب

Amr Diab in the studio recording "Masr Alet" 

Below in the promo for the song:

The popular web site reports that the release of this song is not without controversy.  Click here to read their article.

Here is an excerpt from their article:

At the time Amr Diab came out to defend himself, denying his escape from Egypt with the start of the Egyptian revolution, our "Wikeez" correspondent in Cairo knew from sources in Cairo International Airport that Amr Diab had traveled to London on January 25 with his family and children, and came back on Monday.
As a result, Amr's fans and public considered that he let them down by escaping to London, and launched an aggressive campaign against him on Facebook: "Goodbye Amr Diab, you better stay home" and asked him to quit singing because he has lost his audience. (Source:

To read the full article on, see

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