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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 29 'Arabology' Podcast ft Arabic Music + Poetry + Imed Alibi Segment + Sabah Tribute

This 'Arabology' episode aired on November 29, 2014 and featured alternative/indie Arabic songs, poetry (translated) + instrumentals along with commentary, in English, by Dr. Ramzi Salti. Featured spotlight on Suad Bushnaq, segment by Imed Alibi highlighting his 'Safar' CD and a tribute to Sabah and Said Aql--both of whom passed away this month.

Playlist for this show:

Playlist for ArabologySaturday, 29 November 2014  10pm - midnightDJ: Ramzi S.
MeenMaqbaret Al Ahlam [Graveyard of Dreams]3arouset Bkeseen
Fouad and Toni Yammine
Saleh, TaniaShe Doesn’t Love You [Hiya La Touhibbuka]Album ReviewA Few Images [Shwayit Souwar]
Valley Entertainment Inc
Massy, Mike (ft Fadia Tomb El-Hage)Ajibtou Minka Wa Minni (Poem by Al-Hallaj)Naseej
Mike Massy & Sary-Ayad Khalife
Lammam, EliasLamsat RuhAlbum ReviewSelsebil
Elias Lammam
Kassis, TaniaWataniLive at l'Olympia
Tania Kassis
Mashrou' LeilaAna W Ana [Us and Them]Iandiequalus
Various Artists / Ana Corberó
Rim BannaBreak Your FearsAlbum ReviewSongs From A Stolen Spring
Valley Entertainment Inc
SaadEnty Baghya WahadSuper Hits 2014
Various Artists
Hamdan, YasmineNediya (A. Turk Ancient Love Radio Edir)Ya Nass (Remixes) [Vol. 2] EP
Crammed Discs
JadalWahde BteshbahekCoke Studio
Jadal/Coke Studio
Badarneh, KamelBambino Remix (ft Lili Boniche)Single
Kamel Badarneh
Younan, Faya + RihanLi-biladi [For Our Countries]Single
Faya + Rihan Younan
Alsarah & The NubatonesOud SoloAlbum ReviewSilt
Wonderwheel Recordings
Saba, YoumnaMadd W Jazr [Ebb and Flow]Njoum
Youmna Saba
Alsarah & The NubatonesHabibi Taal (Come Lover)Album ReviewSilt
Wonderwheel Recordings
Interview with Imed AlibiImed Alibi Highlights his 'Safar' CDArabology
Alibi, ImedPour Quelques Dinars De PlusAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedBounawaraAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedFanfare D'alexandrieAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedMaknassyAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedNafassAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedMhdAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedBalkani ConnexionAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedStaring At The SandAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Ancient FutureYearning For The WindAlbum ReviewYearning For The Wind
Ancient-Future.Com Records
Bushnaq, SuadLamma Bada YatathannaSingle
Suad Bushnaq
Tribute To Said Akl and SabahIn MemoriamArabology
SabahTaala We Tetaamar Ya DarCocktail from Lebanon
Voix de l'Orient

Listen to this show at

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arabology 7.8 Podcast: Mike Massy Interview + Imed Alibi + Alternative Arabic Music

This episode aired on March 6, 2014 and featured a musical interview with Mike Massy to promote his performance at Stanford on March 11, 2014.  The show also premieres a track from Imed Alibi's new album 'Safar' and also features a variety of indie/alternative Arabic songs that will capture your heart and soul.

Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 6 March 2014 4-6pm DJ: Ramzi S.

1. Mike Massy/ Ya Zaman/Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
2. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 1/KZSU/ Arabology
3. Mike Massy/ Khalasna Ba'a/ Ya Zaman/Falak Productions
4. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
5. Mike Massy/ Ghayyer Lawn 3yonak/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
6. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 3/ Arabology/ KZSU
7. Mike Massy/ Tannoura Maxi/ Tannoura Maxi Soundtrack/Massy
8. Interview with Mike Massy/ Part 4/ Arabology/ KZSU
9. Mike Massy/ Nature Boy/ Mike Massy

10. Imed Alibi/ Bounawara (Single Edit)/Safar/Proper Music Distribution Ltd.
11. Les Boukakes/ Oummi/Marra/ Mimouna prods
12. Imed Alibi/ Pour quelques dinars de plus/Safar/Proper Music Distribution Ltd.

13. Mayssa Karra/ White Rabbit (Arabic Version)/American Hustle Soundtrack/Legacy Recordings
14. Gultrah Sound System/ Elli Tchalou/ Gultrah Sound System/Gultrah
15. Maisa Daw + Raymond Haddad/ Ana Hurra Bi Hali/Ghanni 3an Ta3rif/ Alqaws
16. Maryam Saleh/Nouh Al Hamam/ Sawtuha/Jakarta Records
17. Sami Yusuf/ I'm Your Hope/Rough Guide Arabic Revolution/World Music Network
18. Simon Shaheen + Vishwa Mohan Bhatt/Dawn/Saltanah/Water Lily Acoustics

'Arabology' is a weekly radio program, currently in its seventh season, which airs on KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco bay area). It is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, who showcases and discusses (mostly alternative) Arabic music, along with interviews + commentary in English.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Imed Alibi Launches New 'Safar' CD

Imed Alibi عماد العليبي

Imed Alibi is a multi-talented Tunisian percussionist and musician who has worked with such musicians/bands as Les Boukakes Rachid Taha,and Emel Mathlouthi.   His new CD 'Safar' is a musical masterpiece that blends drums with digital beats, keyboards, violin, accordion, qanun and the nay.

Imed Alibi Project at festival Arabesques 2013 (

Solo Imed Alibi au festival detours du monde 2012 (

The Imed Alibi Project has brought together a variety of talented musicians who have all contributed to the unforgettable sound of the Safar CD.   They include:


Imed Alibi, Safar (IRL, 2014)
Reviewed by Ramzi Salti All tracks FCC safe

Imed Alibi is an amazing Tunisian percussionist who has played with such musicians as Rachid Taha and Les Boukakes. This is his first solo album and features percussive music cobined with Berber and Sufi rhythms, ample violin sounds, and electronica.  A truly global musical gem.


**1. Pour quelques dinars de plus – Title composed by Stéphane Puech and inspired by the film ’For a Few Dollars More’ with a traditional Tunisian rhythm. 4:06

2. Bounawara – Tribal rhythm from Tunisia with Led Zeppelin influences at the end. 5:02

3. Fanfare d’Alexandrie – Trumpet sounds mixed with Egyptian baladi rhythm including darbuke. 5:17

**4. Maknassy – This is the name of Alibi’s hometown where the Tunisian revolution began. Features haunting vocals by Emel Mathlouthi. Gnawa rhythm. 5:06

**5. Nafass – Title means “Breath.” Sufi instrumental. Ft Zied Zouari on violin 6:11

6. MHD – Track composed by Pasco Teillet (Speed Caravan); rhythm gains speed as track progresses. 4:42

7. Balkani Connexion – Rhythm is 7/8. Balkani influence. 5:45

8. Staring at the Sand – Mixture of electro sound, Algerian vocals and tribal rhythms; joyful end ft Egyptian violins. 5:28


"Imed Alibi's music is an epic and joyful expression of a soul revolution. Built on the percussive foundations of Alibi's Berber and Sufi rhythms , virtuoso Tunisian violinist Zied Zouari's emotive quarter-tone melisma soars over rich orchestrations, heavyweight dub lines , and distorted digital beats of French stephane Puech. This is the soundtrack for a new Arab vision of the 21st Century and will do for contemporary Arabic music what Gotan project did for Tango and Latin"--JUSTIN ADAMS(producer,Robert Plant's guitarist)

The opening track 'Pour Quelques Dinars de Plus' is a grand, pounding instrumental that sets the mood with its reference to Ennio Morricone's music for the classic spaghetti western. There's drifting trumpet work on Fanfare D'Alexandrie, a cheerful Arab/eastern-European violin and accordion workout on Balkani Connexion, and – best of all – the thoughtful and then pounding Maknassy, which features guitar from co-producer Justin Adams and rousing vocals from Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi, whose protest anthems spurred on the 2011 uprisings.

Imed Alibi's Safar CD Review (Source:
Imed Alibi’s debut album, a rich tapestry of North African, Turkish, Brazilian, Balkan and rock sensibilities, works a treat because nothing feels forced: the conjunctions are happy ones, creating a web of contrasting connections that flow with a sense of inevitability rather than irritatingly clash.

Built like a suite, “Safar” plays on changes of mood, each track leading into the next, with a perfectly judged sense of drama. There are widescreen cinematic moments, with multiple tracks built into a breathtaking wall-of-sound - Phil Spectorà l’orientale with shades of Ennio Morricone - in the opener “Pour quelques dinars de plus”, while the ney, violin and drum in the meditative “Nafass” evoke the slow-spiralling inward-focused movement of the Mevlevi dervish rituals.

The symphonic feel of many of the tracks, often strengthened by the well-timed alternation of tension and release, brings to mind the texture of the Middle Eastern and Egyptian orchestra – swirling violins with the romantic peals of delicate notes from the qanun. Imed Alibi has played percussion in classical orchestras, as well as with Safy Boutella, Rachid Taha and Mercan Dede. For his first album, he is graced with collaborators who have realised his vision with outstanding sensitivity. The French composer and electronic keyboard wizard Stéphane Puech contributes an array of subtle digital effects as well as unobtrusive but effective orchestration. Justin Adams – along with producer Tim Oliver – brings a rock sensibility to the mix, powerful but never drowning in the usual metal guitar clichés.

What holds the album together – and distinguishes it from other attempts at global mix – are Imed Alibi’s strong roots in North African and Arab music. The lilting rhythms and melismatic musical lines anchor his explorations in a tradition that happens to combine extremely well with the energy and ecstatic soul of rock’n’roll. (

My 'Arabology' radio program included a spotlight on Imed Alibi's new CD 'Safar' on March 6, 2014.  Listen at minute at 49 below or at

Arabology 7.8 [Mike Massy Interview + Imed Alibi + Alternative Arabic Music] by arabology

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet Imed Alibi: An Amazing New Singer from Tunisia عماد العليبي

Imed Alibi Is One of Tunisia's Most Talented Rising Musicians.

Here is the song "Oummi امي" (performed with his group Les Boukakes) which is dedicated to all all Moms in Egypt and Tunis. Imed is the song writer of 'Oummi' and the singer is Bachir Mokhtar of les Boukakes band; the song is Imed's composition and he is also the percussionist.

Please scroll down under the video to read Imed's biography in 3 languages (English, Arabic, French) 

To listen to songs by Imad Alibi and Les Boukakes, see the web sites below:

Imed Alibi was born in 1978 in Tunisia. He started playing percussions with groups of oriental classical music.

In 2001 he arrived in France to pursue his studies of translation. He accompanied groups of oriental music, flamenco and tzigane music and he participated in theater, music and dance spectacles.One year later, in 2002, Imed started playing with "Les Boukakes", a fusion group between rock music, raï and gnawa.

Between 2002 and 2004, the group has been on tour in France and in Portugal .
In 2004, the group has been selected at the "Printemps De Bourges." The next year Imed toured with Les Boukakes abroad in: Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Tenerife, ...
In 2006, they've been on tour in 15 country, and participated at the "Sziget Festival" in Budapest, the "Roots Festival" in Amsterdam an also at the "Sakifo" in La Réunion.
2007 he played at the "Paleo Festival" in Nyon, "Montreal Jazz Festival" together with Les Boukakes and Rachid Taha, in Agadir at the "Timitar Festival", "Festival Suds" In Arles, "Fiesta" in Sète and Les Bouakes also have been on tour in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Imed participated in the recording of the album "Bledi" by Les Boukakes as well as author, composer and percussionist. He also participated at other albums, for example the last one of Ziskakan, a group of La Réunion who represents another merge experience of oriental rhythms, with "maloya." He was invited to accompany the group for concerts in Montpellier and at Saint-Leu at La Réunion.

He is working actually with tunisian artist Emel Mathlouthi. Among the Boukakes, he helps at the communication with the medias and he was interviewed by ARTE; RFI; RTBF; RMTC, THE PRAGUE POST; FROOTS; RSR;Fr3,...
The Boukakes were nominated for the BBC RADIO 3 AWRDS 2007.

ولد عماد العليبي في عام 1978 في تونس. بدأ العزف ألإيقاع مع مجموعات موسيقية من الموسيقى الكلاسيكية الشرقية. في 2001 وصل إلى فرنسا لمتابعة دراساته في الترجمة. ورافق مجموعة من الموسيقى الشرقية ، والفلامنكو والموسيقى غجري وشارك في المسرح سنة واحدة في وقت لاحق ، في عام 2002 ، بدأ عماد العليبي العزف مع "Les Boukakes" ، وهي مجموعة تدمج بين الفيوجن و الروك و الراي. بين عامي 2002 و 2004 ، كانت المجموعة في جولة في فرنسا والبرتغال, سويسرا ، بلجيكا ، ألمانيا ، المغرب. وشارك عماد العليبي في تسجيل ألبوم "بلادي" مع مجموعة "Les Boukakes" كملحن ومؤلف وعازف إيقاع. وشارك أيضا في البومات أخرى مع عدة مجموعات. عماد العليبي يعزف حاليا مع الفنانة التونسية أمال مثلوثي و يعزف مع "Les Boukakes" في نفس الوقت

Imed Alibi est né en 1978 en Tunisie. Il commence par jouer des percussions avec des groupes de musique orientale classique..

En 2001, il arrive en France pour poursuivre des études de traduction... Il accompagne des groupes de musique orientale, de flamenco et de musique tzigane et il participe à des spectacles de théâtre, de musique et de danse... Un an plus tard, en 2002, Imed commence à jouer avec "Les Boukakes", un groupe de fusion entre la musique rock, la musique raï et le gnawa.... Avec eux il fait une tournée dans 26 pays en Europe,Canada,le Maroc,Qatar,la réunion dans des festivals comme le Sziget,Paléo,Sakifo,Le Prientemps de Bourges..jouant en première partie de plusieurs artistes comme Mami,dibango,Aubert,Lavilliers..Et il a également acompagné Les Boukakes et Rachid Taha a Montreal Jazz Festival..

Imed a participé à l'enregistrement des albums "Bledi"et Marra des Boukakes en tant qu'auteur et compositeur. Il a également pris part à d'autres albums, dont le dernier de Ziskakan, un groupe de la Réunion qui représente une autre expérience de fusion de rythmes orientaux, avec la "maloya"et Koalas Desperados avec Laura Lopez Castro,Hector gomez,....le prochain Album de Watcha Clan,il travaille aussi sur une musique de film documentaire pour la chaine ARTE. ..Il a accompagné d'autres groupes et d'autres artistes comme Watcha Clan,Mamdouh Bahri ,Michel Marre,Sandra Lipari,Rona Hartner,Hamid Bouchnack,Djerba Internationa,,Emel Mathlouthi,Nainawa..Il prépare actuellement un album de percussions en duo avec Amar Chaoui ...Plusieurs passages sur les médias dont ARTE,FRANCE3,M6,RADIO BBC,RTBF,NESSMA,CANAL 21...

Ramzi Salti's Arabology Radio Show Counts Down Top 20 Indie Arabic Songs of 2018

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