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Red Bull Music Academy in Beirut- Bass Camp

A documentary about the Redbull Music Academy held in Beirut during the spring. The RB Bass Camp brought an eclectic group of talented musicians and artists from all around the world together with established pioneers of the industry such as Jazzy B, Toufic Farroukh and Peter Zinovieff.  Directed, shot and edited by: Merass Sadek Assistant Editor:  Leah Magoye Art Department: Lamia Choucair Fares Sokhn Valentina Vera Equipment: Kurio Thank you: Fouad Karam Zeid Hamdan

My Next Radio Show Features Jordanian Artist Sadouf Salem

Tune in to my radio show Hi, Keefak, Ca Va? this Thursday December 1, 2011 for great new music from Lebanon and the region plus my exclusive interview with Jordanian artist/painter Sadouf Salem.  The interview was conducted this past summer at Sadouf's Gallery in Amman, Jordan where the pictures below were taken. You can tune in to the live broadcast on Thurs Dec 1 via KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco bay area) or via internet at this link: DJ Ramzi interviewing Sadouf at her gallery in Amman, 2011

My Radio Show Today includes interview with Remi Kanazi

Today's episode of my radio show Hi, Keefak, Ca Va includes my exclusive interview with Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi, author of Poetic Injustice . The interview was conducted in October 2011 after Mr. Kanazi's performance at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. Here are some pictures from the event, followed by Remi Kanazi's contact info. Remi Kanazi's book signing at Skyline College, Oct. 2011 Remi Kanazi performing at Skyline College Oct 2011 Poet Remi Kanazi's Website etc. http:// www.PoeticInjustice.n et Remroum http:// www.PoetsforPalestine .com His email Email is His Facebook Page is at RemiPoet You can order Remi Kanazi's book at

The Narcicyst featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah" Official Music Video

Original post appears on the Fen Magazine Web Site at Ridzdesign Presents The Narcicyst featuring Shadia Mansour - "Hamdulillah" (Official Music Video) Directed and Edited by Ridwan Adhami Written by Yassin Alsalman and Shadia Mansour Original Track produced by SandhiLL Piano by Stefan Christoff Additional production and arrangement by Doctor Dinar and The Narcicyst To say 'Hamdulillah' is to be grateful for what one has. THIS VIDEO IS A GLOBAL COLLABORATIVE EFFORT BY 10 PHOTOGRAPHERS- FROM LONDON TO LEBANON, CAIRO TO CANADA, ABU DHABI TO AMERICA- TO CREATE A PORTRAIT OF THE NEW GLOBAL CITIZENS. THEY ARE DJS, MCS, POETS, ARCHITECTS, TEACHERS, DOCTORS, PARENTS AND CHILDREN. MOST OF ALL THEY ARE PEOPLE. Info below comes from The Narcicyst's YouTube Channel .  Directed by Ridwan Adhami Follow The Narcicyst Facebook:

This Blog Receives Worthy Mention from Kalimat Magazine

This blog 'Pop Culture in the Arab World' has received a worthy mention by the prestigious magazine/site Kalimat.  Check this link : POP CULTURE IN THE ARAB WORLD DOSSIER: New Media Blogs worth a browse -  “Pop Culture in the Arab World” is a blog by Dr. Ramzi Salti, lecturer in Arabic Language and Literature at Stanford University. He highlights and showcases various cultural productions from the Arab world for Western audiences and also has a podcast, aptly named “Hi, Keefak, Ça Va?”. KALIMAT MAGAZINE is committed to rejuvenating Arabic culture by providing an outlet for political, cultural and social expression within the Arab region and its Diaspora. At the same time, it is a visual communication tool that serves to change Western perception of Arabs. The purpose is to be an open outlet for expression and to increase participation within the cultural/creative scene, therefore,

Tania Kassis Salutes KZSU 90.1 FM and Stanford Students

A special greeting from Lebanon's best known Soprano Tania Kassis to her fans at Stanford University as well as KZSU 90.1 FM listeners.  Recorded in summer of 2011. To listen to my interview with Tania Kassis, see my Nov 17, 2011 Podcast: DOWNLOAD at php/program/55911 OR Click  HERE  to Listen to Part 1:   Click  HERE  to Listen to Part 2:

My Interview with Tania Kassis

The Nov 17, 2011 Podcast of my radio show Hi, Keefak, Ça Va? includes my exclusive interview with Tania Kassis (La Soprano du Liban) plus amazing new songs from Lebanon and the region.  The interview was conducted in English during the summer of 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon. Ramzi Salti interviewing Tania Kassis in Beirut (Summer 2011) To listen to the interview, DOWNLOAD the whole show at OR Listen directly to Part 1 at :  and Part 2 at :

My Nov. 17 Podcast includes Exclusive Interview with Tania Kassis (La Soprano du Liban)

My Nov 17, 2011 Podcast includes my exclusive interview with Tania Kassis (La Soprano du Liban) plus amazing new songs from Lebanon and the region. DOWNLOAD at php/program/55911 OR Click  HERE  to Listen to Part 1:   Click  HERE  to Listen to Part 2: DJ Ramzi

My 11/10 Podcast ft Mazen Hajjar, Owner of Lebanese Brewery '961 Beer'

The Nov 10, 2011 Podcast of my weekly radio program Hi, Keefak, Ça Va? includes great new music from Lebanon and the region plus my exclusive interview with Mazen Hajjar, the proud owner of the Lebanese Brewery 961 Beer. DOWNLOAD available for free at OR Listen to  Part 1 at and  Part 2 at Playlist for Hi, Keefak, Ça Va? Thursday, 10 November 2011 4pm - 6pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/ Track/ Album/Label 1. Fayrouz/ El Bint El Chalabiya/ Eh, Fi Amal (Yes, There Is Hope)/ Fbe 2. Atlas, Natacha/ La Nuit Est Sur La Ville/ Mounqaliba: In A State Of Reversal/ Six Degrees Records 3. Saleh, Tania/ Slow Down/ Wehde/ Forward Music 4. Khcheich, Rima/ Falak (Orbit)/ Falak (Orbit)/ Jazz In Motion/ & Challenge Records International 5. Elissa/ Bastanak/ Bastanak /Rotana 6. Banna, Rim/ Ma Lik (What's With You?)/ Al-Rawa'i/ (Greatest Hits)/ Laser 7. Mazen Hajjar Intervi

My Nov. 3 Podcast Showcases Mashrou' Leila مشروع ليلى

The November 3 Podcast of my radio show 'Hi, Keefak, Ca Va?' showcases the music of the Lebanese group Mashrou' Leila including my exclusive interviews with band members Hamed Sinno (vocals) and Omaya Malaeb (keyboard). TO VIEW PLAYLIST:  Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Listen to Pt 1   Listen to Pt 2 PLAYLIST: Playlist for Hi, Keefak, Ça va? Thursday, 3 November 2011 4pm - 6pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/ Track/ Album/Label 1. Mashrou' Leila/ Raksit Leila/ Mashrou' Leila/ B-Root Productions 2. Hamed Sinno (of Mashrou' Leila)/ Interview Part 1/ N/A/ KZSU 3. Mashrou' Leila/ Shim El Yasmine/ Mashrou' Leila/ B-Root Productions 4. Hamed Sinno (of Mashrou' Leila)/ Interview Part 2/ N/A/ KZSU 5. Mashrou' Leila/ El Hal Romancy/ El Hal Romancy/ Mashrou' Leila 6. Omaya Malaeb (of Mashrou' Leila)/ Interview/ N/A/ KZSU 7. Mashrou' Leil

Mashrou' Leila: El Hal Romancy (CD Review)

Mashrou' Leila's second CD: El Hal Romancy Album Review Reviewed by Ramzi Salti, Ph.D. Reviewed 2011-11-03  Mashrou’ Leila El Hal Romancy --All Tracks are FCC CLEAN— This is the second album by the ultra hip Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila (The Leila Project) and, like their first one, continues the group’s experimentation with alternative music set to Arabic lyrics. Released in the summer of 2011,each track on this EP combines strong vocal acrobatics by the lead vocalist (Hamed Sinno) accompanied by Haig Papazian (violin), Omaya Malaeb (keyboard) and various other instruments played by the rest of the band members (Ibrahim Bad, Carl Gerges, Andre Chedid, Firas Abou Fakher). *1. “El Mouqadima” [The Intro] showcases Hamed Sinno’s strong vocals as he laments about his beloved. He cries out “habibiiiii” in a tormented yet seductive way, all is a semi-acapella fashion.. *2. “”Habibi” ([My Love] has the same lyrics and melody as the first track only it is with a