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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'Beirut Prints' presents "100 Photographs From Beirut"

Video at

BEIRUT PRINTS brings together a group of Lebanese photographers in addition to a few photographers of other nationalities to present works on the seemingly simple idea: reveal the other faces of Beirut. This city can sometimes be violent and war-ridden, flaunt provocative singers and dubious politicians. But it is also a lovely place to live in, full of stories and nooks… And through the medium of photography, BEIRUT PRINTS has found works and hence photographers who do just that: reveal the bright and dark side of Beirut, its poetry, mysteries and ordinary things.

The journey began in 2011 with eight photographers: Eye Clot, Tony Elieh, David Hury, Mazen Jannoun, Ghadi Smat, Tanya Traboulsi, Toni Yammine and Lara Zankoul. Since March 2012, Laurent Denimal, Nadine Track, Christophe Rigaud, George Haddad, Kassim Dabaji, Melkan Bassil, Tania Shoukair, Rayya Haddad, Mikkita Kouta and Fred Willem have joined us. And many more will follow...

BEIRUT PRINTS works to challenge the perceptions people have of Beirut. Taking photographs of the city may not seem the obvious way to take, but sometimes images can go a long way towards change. This project also aims to encourage rising and talented photographers working in Beirut through providing greater exposure for their work and paying royalties.
For more info, visit the 'Beirut Prints' web site at 
On Facebook, you can find Beirut Prints at
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Bi Beirut' Video Clip by Mike Massy

'Bi Beirut' is a music video by Mike Massy that shows the flaming flairs that Beirut holds within. It is being used to promote the Beirut Marathon.

The words Mike Massy utters "Bi Beirut fi kel chi, fi raked fi machi" [In Beirut there is everything, there is walking and there is running] hold more meaning than the obvious. By "machi" the lyric doesn't just refer to walking but the placidity of nothingness that connects us all. A video full of hidden and obvious messages, a video that makes the spirit dance. 


Lyrics by: Mike Massy, BMA TEAM, Sana Iskandar.
Music and Arrangements: Mike Massy
Vocals: Mike Massy
Drums: Jad Feitrouni
Bass: Rany Battikh
Guitars: Bassem Deaibess
Qanûn: Ghassan Sahhab
Editing and Maquette: Elie Kallab
Recorded and Mixed by Karim Noujaim in collaboration with PHOENIKIA studios.
Mastering engineer: Simon Laham at CRAFTLAB Mastering.
Mike Massy's Media Consultancy: Sana Iskandar.
Video Clip Director: Gigi Roccati
Video Clip Concept: Beirut Marathon Association Team
Video Clip Production: Scratch Productions

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yasmine Hamdan to Release New Album on May 21, 2012

Yasmine Hamdan's new self-titled album will be released on May 21 ( Kwaidan records/ Idol)

Here is a song from the album titled Beirut:


شرب العرق
شرب العرق
لعب الورق
خيل السبق
صيد الحمام
رسمال بيروت

لبس الغوى
شم الهوى
اكل الهوى
شاغل عقول
سكان بيروت

زهرة من غير أوانها
محلاها ومحلا زمانها
يا حينها وياضيعانها

ما في عمل
ما في امل
برك الجمل
ركب النحس
تجار بيروت

كتر البطر 
هالك بيروت

Arak drinkin'
Card playin'
Race Horse cheerin'

Pigeon huntin'

The essence of Beirut
Seduction crowd

Cruisin' around
Foolin' about

Tis' all there is on the minds
Of the citizens of Beirut
 A flower off its terrain
Oh her beauty, her good old days

That dire end, all a waste

All unemployed
Hopeless, ruined and Rusted
Jinxed and accursed
Those dealers of Beirut
Oh the Strutting
That fancy livin'
Excess of splurging
Exploded vanity
Smothering Beirut

Kwaidan Records - Pre-order Yasmine Hamdan on iTunes
FR :
US :

Lyrics: Omar el Zenni
Music: Kevin Seddiki / Yasmine Hamdan
produced by Marc Collin / Kwaidan records

Director : Antonin Fourlon
(c) 2012 Contrejour Films - Kwaidan Records

Listen to the album on Deezer :

Special thanks: Nadim Asfar - Satellite my love Production, Alain Dib, Maxime Setzer, Mamali Shafah, Rafic Majzoub

Album France : "Yasmine Hamdan" -
Digital release april 23th ( Kwaidan records/ Idol)
Physical release april 23th ( Kwaidan records/ Idol)

Follow @YasHamdan @Kwaidan_records on Twitter!

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