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Top 30 alternative/indie Arabic Songs of 2013 Featured on Dec 20 'Arabology' Podcast

Dec 12 Arabology Podcast ft Songs about Religious Tolerance, Social Equality, Civil/LGBT Rights, More.

12/5 'Arabology' Podcast ft Bassam Kassab, Amr Adly, 2 NEW Songs by Mike Massy

11/21 Arabology Podcast ft Kristian Davis Bailey, Yasmine Hamdan, Mona Mansour

11/14 Arabology Podcast ft interviews w/ Arash Aramesh, Mona Mansour, Yazan Khalifeh

Nov 7 'Arabology' Podcast ft Interview with Wissam Yafi

Arabology 6.5 Podcast

Naima Shalhoub Guests on 'Arabology' (Oct 24, 2013)

Oct 10 Arabology Podcast Spotlights Arab Film Festival

Season Finale of Arabology (aired June 13) Available

6/6 Arabology Podcast Spotlights Yasmine Hamdan

May 30 Arabology Podcast Spotlights Mashrou' Leila

5/23 Arabology Podcast highlights Arab Women's Voices and Writings

May 16 Arabology Podcast Ft Interviews with Eliyahu Sills and Yassir Chadly

May 9 Arabology Podcast ft Alternative Arabic + Iranian Music/Interviews

May 2 Arabology Podcast Ft Interview with Egyptian Dancer/Instructor Hala of Halanda Studio

4/25 Podcast: An Arabological, Musical Journey with DJ Ramzi

April 18 'Arabology' Podcast ft interviews w/ Ashley Lohmann, DAM, Omar Offendum

5th Season 'Arabology' Debut Incl Interv w/ Omar Offendum and More

Mike Massy Interviewed on March 21 'Arabology' Season Finale