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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 'Arabology' Podcast (Nov 22) Co-Hosted by Eric and Ahmad ft Saleem

The Thanksgiving edition of Arabology (aired Nov 22) was co-hosted by DJ Ramzi, Eric and Ahmad and included beautiful Arabic songs about counting one's blessing and not forgetting others.

The show also featured two special songs for Fairuz's 77th birthday, two new songs by Mashrou' Leila, and a special interview with male belly dancer/screenwriter Saleem who wrote the controversial stage play 'Salam Shalom' (see pictures and complete playlist below)

(Left to right): Ahmad Q, Eric D, DJ ramzi

With Saleem

Playlist (Artist/Track/Album/Label)
1. Abu Ghazaleh, Tamer/ Khabar 3ajel (Urgent News) Single/ Eka3
2. Beirut Biloma/ Beirut ya Hayati C-Rouge Mix/ Single/ Reverbnation
3. Fairuz/ Nassam (Housed Up Remix)/ Dj Nader - Hizzy Hips In The Mix/ Level Up
4. Fairuz/ El Bint El Chalabiya/ Eh, Fi Amal/ Fbe
5. Thanksgiving Chat with Ahmad Qousi Part 1
6. Laroussi, Djamel/ Kifach Hilti/ Arabic Beat/ Putumayo World Music
7. Samsa/ Alem Jdid (New World)/ Alem Jdid/ Skander Guetari
8. El Harrachi, Dahmane/ Assanit Ouefhem/ Jiit Ma Habibi/ Jasmine
9. Thanksgiving Chat with Ahmad Qousi Part 2
10. Maraka, Aziz/ Amman/ Master Copy/ Cd Baby
11. Nasr, May/ Sajar El Bann (by Marcel Khalifeh)/ Reverbnation/ RAM May Nasr
12. Massy, Mike/ Tannoura Maxi/ Tannoura Maxi (Soundtrack)/ Massy
13. Kfoury, Wael/ Ya Dalli Ya Rouhi/ Ya Dalli Ya Rouhi/ Rotana
14. Malhas, Hana (ft Yazan El Rousan) / Trooh/ Shapeshift/ Hana Malhas
15. Thanksgiving Chat with Eric Dobson Part 1
16. Labidi, Mariem/ Ne me quitte pas (Arabic Version)/ Single/ Reverbnation
17. Mashrou' Leila/ Ne me quitte pas (Lebanese version)/ Single/ Disques Office
18. Mashrou' Leila/ Arous/ Single/ Mashrou' Leila
19. Thanksgiving Chat with Eric Dobson Part 2
20. Ajram, Nancy/ Ya Banat/ Super Nancy/ Emi
21. Interview with male belly dancer/ screenwriter "Saleem"
22. Fairuz/ Ana la habibi/ To Assy/ VDL

To Download:

To Listen Instantly:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 18 Arabology Podcast ft Interview with Stanford Lecturer of Persian Shervin Emami

Shervin Emami (left) with DJ Ramzi on Arabology Oct 18, 2012
Download at

The third episode of the third season of 'Arabology'--a radio show hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, showcasing (mostly alternative) music from the Arab world--aired on Oct 18, 2012 and featured a 2-part interview with Shervin Emami, Lecturer in Persian at Stanford, who discussed her academic background while showcasing a selection of songs from Iran.   Show also included a special segment on Jordanian 'alternative' music (with guest Ahmad Q) plus a slew of Arabic music tracks with commentary in English by DJ Ramzi.

To Download:  

To Listen Instantly:  

Playlist for Arabology Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 3pm - 5pm DJ: Ramzi S. (Artist/ Track/ Album/Label)

1. Maraka, Aziz/ Bent Ennas (Studio)/ Master Copy/ Cd Baby
2. El Khalil, Omeima/ Shab u Sabiye/ Ya/ Forward Music
3. Atlas, Natacha/ Taalet/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012--Moyen Orient/ Disques Office
4. Jadal/ Omr Jdeed 2/ Arabic Rocks/ Forward Music
5. Aburedwan, Ramzi/ Tahrir (Liberation)/ Reflections Of Palestine/ Riverboat Records
6. Egyptian Project/ Anta Ana/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012--Moyen Orient/ Disques Office
7. Pangia/ Samra / West Of East Vol. 5/ Pangia Vol 5
8. Ajram, Nancy/ Ya Banat/ Super Nancy/ Emi
9. Mashrou' Leila/ Imm El Jacket/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012--Moyen Orient/ Disques Office
10. Malhas, Hana & Yazan Rousan/ Trooh/ Shapeshift/ Hana Malhas
11. Saeid, Samira/ Saab Alyia (It's Hard For Me)/ Arabic Beat/ Putumayo World Music
12. Maalouf, Ibrahim/ Will Soon Be A Woman/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012/ Disques Office
13. Aswat/ Risala Min Taht Al-Maa'/ Classical And Folkloric Arabic Music/ Self Release
14. Saleh, Tania/ Omar & Ali/ Wehde/ Forward Music
15. Hayedeh/ Sayih Cheshmoon/ 40 Golden Hits of Hayedeh/ Taraneh Enterprise Inc
16. Interview with Shervin Emami/ Interview part 1/ Arabology/ KZSU
17. Band 127/ Peer Kharabat/ Pop Emergency/ Minor Key Records
18. Interview with Shervin Emami/ Interview part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
19. Radio Tehran/ Bahar/ 88/ Sakkou Records
20. Ajram, Nancy/ Ady El Beida/ Super Nancy/ Emi
Jordanian Alternative Music Segment:
21. Maraka, Aziz/ Amman/ Master Copy/ Cd Baby
22. El Morabba3/ Ya Zein/ El Morabba3/ El Morabba3
23. Jadal/ Salma/ Arabic Rocks/ Forward Music
24. Commentary/Interview with Ahmad Qousi about Alternative Music Scene in Jordan
25. Rum Band/ Ya Ruh/ Ya Ruh/ emi Arabic
26. Zade/ Helweh ya baladi/ One Night in Jordan/ ONJ

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Special Pre-Fall Edition of 'Arabology' Available (Sept 12 Podcast)

The podcast from the special pre-Fall edition of my radio show 'Arabology' (aired Sept 12, 2012) is available for free downloading at

Or you can listen instantly by clicking on this link:

This special pre-Fall ediition of Arabology featured music by Mashrou' Leila, Natacha Atlas, El Morabba3, DAM, Pangia, Maryam, Cheb Khaled, Yasmine Hamdan, Sae Lis, Yemen Blues, Trio Joubran, Omeima El Khalil, and others.

Show also included Top Arabic Films of all-time, reviewed in English by Ahmad Q.

Thanks for listening!

Ramzi Salti, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Author & Radio DJ
Stanford University

DJ Ramzi (left) with Ahmad Q on Sept 12, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ahmad Qousi's Ramadan 'Arabology' Interview on KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University)

This is a 16-minute segment from the Special Summer edition of 'Arabology' (aired July 31, 2012) in which Ahmad Qousi discusses his first Ramadan in the USA.  Click on arrow below to listen.

استمعوا الى احمد القوصي وهو يتكلم عن شهر رمضان المبارك لمدة 16 دقيقة على إذاعة جامعة ستانفورد في كاليفورنيا

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Podcast: Special Summer Episode of 'Arabology' Available

Ahmad Q (left) and DJ Ramzi during summer episode of Arabology.
Download podcast at

Podcast of the July 31 special summer edition of 'Arabology'--a radio show hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, showcasing (mostly alternative) music from the Arab world--is available for free downloading at the link below.

This special summer edition features a conversation about Ramadan with Ahmad Qousi plus great new music by Yasmine Hamdan, Youmna Saba, Mashrou' Leila (Special Remix), Faudel (singing the Arabic version of Dalida's  'Bambino'), Tania Saleh, Maryam, Elissa, Darine Hamze, Jadal, Jadid Ensemble, Sapho (who pays homage to Om Kalsoum), Nancy Ajram, Assi Elhellani, Hiba Mansouri, and Mariem Labidi who sings the Arabic version of 'Ne Me Quitte Pas.' Complete playlist available at this link.

To download/save the podcast please go to

To listen to the podcast with one click go to

To download/save the podcast please go to

To listen to the podcast with one click go to

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arabic+: Amazing New App by Benjamin Holfeld

Benjamin Holfield has created a brand new Arabic App that is sure to be of great use to anyone traveling around the Arab world.  Includes an efficient note system to store all your travel notes such as names of people, places, WiFi Passwords and more.

Imagine you are in Cairo, Dubai, Amman or Baghdad and want to find your hotel. With this app you can ask anyone to help you, for example, find a taxi--and in the car you just need to show your notes, let the app speak, etc. and the cab driver knows where to go. 

The audio recording is in Modern Standard Arabic so it will be understood in any of the 20+ Arabic speaking countries on earth and the audio quality is excellent.  The voice is that of Arabic native speaker Ahmad Qousi who eloquently delivers Arabic phrases and words in a professional, direct and helpful way.

For more, see features and screen shots below.

Arabic+: Your personal travel & communication tool.


+ Two Tap Technology: Every phrase just one or two taps away. no tedious scrolling and search necessary
+ Innovative Note System: Ask people to write their infos in your phone and you will never forget it
+ 300 essential phrases organized in 8 categories
+ in general, flying, driving, walking, shopping, living, eating, health
+ clear audio recordings
+ visual and audio output
+ works offline in any country of the world

Download this innovative Language App - millions of other users enjoy the Apps by



Click here to view app, etc.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last 'Arabology' Podcast of Season 2 (aired June 7) Available Already

The 4-hour Season Finale showcases this past season's best Arabic alternative music along with commentary by DJ Ramzi plus a reading by Ahmad Qousi of Marianne Nsour's hilarious poem 'Englabic' (see poem below).

To download this Podcast (in four 1-hour segments): 

Inline image 1
DJ Ramzi (right) with Ahmad Q at KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM (June 2012)

To listen to Part 1 Click HERE (See Playlist below)

To listen to Part 1 Click HERE (See Playlist below)

To listen to Part 1 Click HERE (See Playlist below)

To listen to Part 1 Click HERE (See Playlist below)

To read 'Englabic' (Poem by Marianne Nsour read by Ahmad Qousi on the show) click HERE

Playlist for Arabology DJ: Ramzi S.Thu, 7 Jun 2012 / 1300-1700 (Artist/Track/Album/Label)

PART 1 (Listen at
Dam/Mukadime (Introduction)/ Ihda' (Dedication)/ Redcircle Music
Adonis/ Ma Kan Mafroud/ Daw L Baladiyyi/ Forward Music
Diab, Amr / 'aref Habibi (You Know My Love) Banadeek Ta'ala (I'm Calling You, Come)/ Laser
Dudley, Anne and Coleman, Jaz/ Habebe/ Songs From the Victorious City/ Tvt Records
Elhellani, Assi/ Natalie/ Single/ Rotana
Maraka, Aziz/ Bent Ennas/ Master Copy/ eka3
Samaha, Carole/ Wet3awadet/ Wet3awadet/ Rotana
Rouhana, Charbel & The Beirut Oriental Ensemble/ Al-Bint Al-Shalabiyya/ Shughl Bayt/ Forward Music
Cheba Djenet/ Kedab (Liar)/ Jalouse/ Sunhouse Records
Club D'elf/ Overture/ Electric Moroccoland/ Face Pelt Records
Cosmic Analog Ensemble/ Jeita (Upper Cave)/ The Mundane and the Cosmic/ Hisstology records 2009

PART 2 (Listen at
Baladi, Dany/ Ya Jarata/ Single/ Lebaneseunderground
Dalida/ Helwa Ya Baladi/ Paroles D'Ailleurs/ Orlando
Hamze, Darine/ Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas
Hamze, Darine/ Ahwak/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas
Abbas, Edd/ Mafareq/ El Moutarakam/ h2zRap
Ayoub, Elizabeth/ Habibi/ Oceanos Y Lunas/ Four Quarters Entertainment
Mathlouthi, Emel/ Ma Lkit (Not Found)/ Kelmti Horra/ World Village
Fayrouz/ Eh, Fi Amal/ Eh, Fi Amal (Yes, There Is Hope)/ Fbe
Nasr, May/ Zgheira Chinit (Original by Seta Hagopian)/ (2010)/ RAM May Nasr
Massy, Mike/ Jazr W Mad/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
Issa Ghandour/ Salma Ya Salama(sayyed darwish)/ Darwish/ Forward Music

PART 3 (Listen at
Nsour, Marianne/ Englabic (Poem read by Ahmad Qousi)/ Arabology/ KZSU
Jadal/ Al-tobah/ Arabic Rocks/ Forward Music
Labaki, Nadine/ Hashishet albi/ Where Do We Go Now?(Soundtrack)/ Sony
Mouzanar (ft. Tania Saleh)/ kifou Hal Helou/ Et maintenant on va ou (soundtrack)/ naïve
Joubran Trio/ Dawwâr El Shams (Circle Of The Sun)/ Asfar/ Harmonia Mundi France
Chamamyan, Lena/ Ya Mayela Al-Ghosoun/ The Collection/ Forward Music
Boniche, Lili/ Bambino/ Impressions of the Ori/ (Unknown)
El Husseini, Mahmoud/ Segara Bonny/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas
Zahair, Mido/ Islahat/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas

PART4 (Listen at
Mashrou' Leila/ Inni Mneeh/ El Hal Romancy/ Mashrou' Leila
Ajram, Nancy/ Sallim 'alayha (Greet Her)/ Sahret Tarab (A Night Of Ecstacy)/ New Sound
Atlas, Natacha/ Taalet (Zab Spencer Remix)/ Mounqaliba Rising: The Remixes/ Six Degrees Records
Offendum, Omar/ Finjan/ Syrianamericana/ Cosher Ink, Llc
Hamdan, Yasmine/ In Kan Fouadi/ Yasmine Hamdan/ Kuwaidan
Rousan, Yazan And Autostrad/ 'ayyat Fi 'l-Matar (Sing In The Rain)/ Autostrad/ Planet Records
Saba, Youmna/ Tehfe/ Ruptured Sessions/ Lebanese Underground
Zeid and the Wings/ Asfe (Live)/ Zeid Hamdan/ Live in Italy/ Unreleased
Hamdan, Zeid/ La Repetition/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas
El Ahmadie, Ziad/ Organised Chaos/ Silent Wave/ Forward Music
Alhaj, Rahim/ Sailors Three/ Little Earth/ Ur Records
Massi, Souad/ Khabar Kana/ O Houria/ Indie Europe/Zoom

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arabology Ep 7 Podcast (May 24, 2012) ft Arabic Lecturer Dr. Eva Hashem, Student Cyana Chilton, Film Review, Music!

Episode 7 of Arabology aired on May 24, 2012 with guests Dr. Eva Hashem, Cyana Chilton, tons of alternative Arabic songs plus movie review of 'Monsieur Lazhar' by Ahmad Qousi (see more info below).


The 7th Episode of the 2nd Season of 'Arabology' (aired May 24, 2012) includes my interview with Arabic Lecturer Dr. Eva Hashem who discusses the challenges and benefits of teaching Arabic at Stanford plus an interview with Cyana Chilton, a Stanford studemt of Arabic who discusses her linguistic journey as well her stay in Morocco last year.

Show also features a film review of 'Monsieur Lazhar' by Ahmad Qousi as well as music tracks by Yasmine Hamdan, Toot Ard, Tania Kassis, Dam, Mike Massy, Adonis, Tania Saleh, Joubran Trio, Cheb Khaled, Emel Mathlouthi, Zeid Hamdan, Dub Snakkr, and Martin Leon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Podcast from May 3 Episode of 'Arabology' (aired May 3) Available

Pictured above are the guests on the 4th episode of Season 2 of Arabology (aired May 3, 2012).
Khaled Alshawi, a Stanford student from Bahrain and Co-President and Co-Founder of AMENDS, Katherine Cromack (who sang Fairuz live on the show) and Elliot Stoller, the other Co-President and Co-Founder of AMENDS.  Last pic on right features Ahmad Qousi who made sure all went well for the broadcast (with Katherine Cromack).

Listen to this episode at 
Read about it and/or Download at

Playlist for ArabologyThursday, 3 May 2012  3pm - 5pmDJ: Ramzi S.
Mike MassyYa ZamanAlbum ReviewYa Zaman
Falak Productions
DamNgh'ayer Bukra (Change Tomorrow)Album ReviewIhda' (Dedication
Redcircle Music
SabineBayni w BaynakSingle
Music K

Interview with Katherine CromackInterview Part 1Arabology
FairuzHabbaytak Bi assayfVery Best of Fairuz
EMI Arabia

Interview with Katherine CromackInterview Part 2Arabology
Claude CiariHabbeytak BessayfPlays Fairuz:Habbetak Bessayf
EMI Arabia

FairuzAl ThaniahFairuz Chillout Classics
Caroline World Service
JadalSalmaArabic Rocks
Forward Music

Interview with Elliott StollerInterviewArabology
Zahair, MidoIslahatAlbum ReviewBeirut Hotel (Soundtrack)
Lfp Les Films Pelléas

Interview with Khaled AlshawiInterviewArabology
Joubran TrioDawwâr El Shams (Circle Of The Sun)Album ReviewAsfar
Harmonia Mundi France

Saleh, TaniaAyya Shi (Version Ii)Album ReviewWehde
Forward Music
Hamze, DarineYa Zahratan Fi KhayaliAlbum ReviewBeirut Hotel (Soundtrack)
Lfp Les Films Pelléas
AdonisMa Kan MafroudAlbum ReviewDaw L Baladiyyi
Forward Music

Checkpoint 303Al Zaim (Thawra mix)Golden Beirut: New sounds from Lebanon
Out Here (Indigo)
Katibe 5MorrGolden Beirut: New sounds from Lebanon
Out Here (Indigo)

AswatSa'aluni Nas (People Have Asked Me)Live At Kzsu

Halo, Abdel HadiWin SaadiAlbum ReviewAbdel Hadi Halo & El Gusto Orchestra Of Algiers
Honest Jon's Records

Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

Watch full talk at This audio-visual talk by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology program host Dr. Ramzi Salti was pre...