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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gene Band Remakes Classic Song 'Ya Waladi'

On their 2008 self-titled CD, Syria's Gene Band remade an old classic made popular by Sheikh Emam about a tortured father speaking to his son.  Here is the band's version plus lyrics in Arabic and, finally, the original version by Sheikh Eman.

Gene Band: Ya Waldi

لا تبكي يا ولدي فأحزان الصغر 

تمضي كالحلم مع الفجر 
و قريبا تكبر يا ولدي 
و تريد الدمع فلا يجري 
يا ولدي يا ولدي 
إن سهرت أمطار معنا 
أو غطى البرد شوارعنا 
فالدفء يعمّر أضلعنا 
ولهيب الأرض بنا يسري 
يا ولدي يا ولدي 
فإذا بحت لك أغنية 
أو أنّت قدم حافية 
فشموس رفاقك أتية 
و ستشرق بالغضب الفقر 
يا ولدي يا ولدي 
قد أرمى خلف الجدران 
و تحن لحبي و حناني 
فانظر في قلبك ستراني 
لن يقوى القيد على الفكر 
يا ولدي يا ولدي 
سأضمك و الصدر جريح و 
سأعشق القلب ذبيح 
مهما عصفت ضدي الريح 
لن أحني في يوم ظهري 
فإذا ما الدهر بنا دار 
و مضيت إلى حيث أوارى 
أكمل من بعدي المشوار 
لا تخلف ميعاد الفجر 
يا ولدييا ولدي 
لن يسقي دمع أشجارك 
لن تبني بالآه جدارك 
فاصرخ في الخوف إذا زارك 
لا تخشى النار من الجمر 
يا ولدي يا ولدي

Sheikh Emam: Ya Waldi الشيخ امام يا ولدي

If you liked Gene's version, then check out their CD (pictured below) or go to

Track List:
1. Ya Waladi ياولدي
2. Hona l Sham هنا الشام
3. DNA
4. Iza Feek Tsoo’ اذا فيك تسوؤ
5. Time وقت
6. Ala’ssifa (Ya Mahla l Fos’ha) (العاصفة(يامحلا الفسحة
7. Twattor A’li توتر عالي
8. Kawni B’eed كوني بعيد
9. Sarab سراب

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Syrian "Pressure Pot" Band to Perform Live in Lebanon

Under a series of international, and especially Arabic, humanitarian pressures, a Syrian pressure pot emerged translating this state into musical expression. The band is known as Pressure Pot - طنجرة ضغط and they will be performing Live at Walimat Wardeh Restaurant in Lebanon on Tuesday December 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm.

Here is a clip of the band performing in concert followed by their contact info, web sites, etc.

Sofar al falahin e From: PressurePotband | Dec 9, 2011

Genre: Progressive Rock
Members: Khaled Omran: Bass and Vocals. Tarek Khuluki: Guitar and Vocals. Nareg Abajian: Keys. Dany Choukri: Drums

The cooking duo in Lebanon:  Khaled Omran and Tarek Khuluki
Hometown: Damascus / Beirut
Record Label: eka3

Khaled Omran -1982 (Bass – Vocal)
Graduated from the higher institute of music in Damascus (the conservatory)
He played with several bands and famous artists in Syria and around the world like:
- The Syrian Symphony Orchestra
- The Syrian Jazz Big Band
- Fattet Le3bet
- Hiwar Band
- Lena Chamamian
Khaled was a player, arranger and composer in many projects, at the Syrian Culture.
He composed music for advertisements and series and short films .

Tarek Khuluki :1989
Electric Guitar. Vocal
He learned music all by himself.
He played and composed with several bands in Syria like: Unrated . Vanadium . .Strange Family. Fattet Le3bet And Lots More .
He composed music for cartoon short movies and worked as a band technician

Nareg Abajian:1982
Piano and keyboard player.
composer and arranger for a lot of contemporary music styles. born in Aleppo. later moved to Damascus and graduated there from the highest institute of music on pipe organ .currently is working with a lot of Syrian bands like. Toxido .
Fattet laabet. pals'n puls. and conducting for the Syrian Jazz orchestra.

Dani Shukry :1989 of the most talented drummer.
had a lot of workshops with a lot of international drummers .playing with a lot of Syrian Bands like. Toxido .Fattet laabet. pals'n puls .and the Syrian Jazz orchestra.
Current Location
Beirut - Lebanon

Press Contact
Booking Agent

To know more about Pressure Pot Like the Page:

To know more about Walimat Wardeh Restaurant visit:

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