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Monday, June 24, 2019

Arabology 13.2 Podcast Highlights Shubbak Festival 2019, Ft Interviews with Bu Kolthoum, Khansa, Juliana Yazbeck

Listen at

Dr. Ramzi Salti's latest Arabology program (June 2019)  highlights the upcoming Shubbak Festival in England (June 28-July 14) by featuring interviews with Bu Kolthoum (17:59), Khansa (37:05), and Juliana Yazbeck (59:01)--all of whom will be performing at the Festival.
This episode also features an interview with MARSM's Christina Hazboun (8:56) who talks to us about the venue.  More info and/or tickets at or


Shubbak (meaning ‘window’ in Arabic) is London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture. Shubbak has become a key moment in the arts calendar of the UK and the Arab World, bringing new and unexpected voices alongside established artists to new audiences every two years. This year’s festival takes place in London from 28 June–14 July 2019. Tickets are on sale now at or


The Trace of The Butterfly
Tribute to Legend Rim Banna (1966 - 2018)


A pivotal and influential figure in the contemporary Palestinian music scene, Rim Banna’s life was tragically cut short in March 2018 after a ten year struggle with breast cancer. She left behind a rich legacy of 12 albums, made of her own compositions and the careful assembling of traditional songs, children’s lullabies and works of Palestinian poets. Her last work was materialised as a tapestry of voice and music over visual materials from her x-ray scans. Now - a unique commemoration concert debuts at the Barbican by some of her closest musical peers: Tania Saleh (Lebanon) Faraj Suleiman (Palestine), Bu Kolthoum (Syria) and Sabrine Janhani (Tunis).

Date: Tuesday 9th July 2019
Where: Barbican Hall
Time: 8-10:30 pm

About the Project:
This project was conceived by MARSM in conjunction with Shubbak Festival in an attempt to commemorate the works of Rim Banna and spread knowledge and awareness of her legacy within the Palestinian cultural and musical heritage. The project, which was made possible by the generous efforts of partners and funders brings together an elite of musicians who worked and collaborated with Rim Banna throughout her lifetime. Inspired by Rim’s life and works, they have created a treasure of music reflecting on those experiences.

About the Artists:

Rim Banna Listen/ Watch/ Read/ Facebook

Rim was born and raised in Nazareth and studied music professionally in Moscow. She was one of the first musicians to document children’s music and lullabies taking them from the confines of closed rooms to the outside world in 3 albums. She also wove the poetry of giants such as Mahmoud Darwish, Tawfiq Zayyad and Samih El-Qasem into her songs, blending pop, poetry and traditional Arabic sounds, Rim Banna became a voice for peace and equality, collaborating with the likes of jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, Norwegian choir Skruk and Arabic electronica collective Checkpoint 303. Her last album “Voices of Resistance” was a conceptual piece of art uniting her spirit of resistance, poetry and medical scans with Checkpoint 303’s electronic beats and Bugge Wesseltoft’s edgy piano improvisations.

Tania Saleh Listen/ Watch/ Read/ Facebook

Tania Saleh is a contemporary alternative Lebanese singer/songwriter/visual artist. Her lyrics mirror the reality of the Lebanese/Arab social and political turmoil. Since her early debut in 1990, she has experimented with various genres, always challenging herself to explore new styles. Her collaborations are very eclectic: Ziad Rahbany, Toufic Farroukh, Issam Hajali, Charbel Rouhana, Ibrahim Maalouf, Rayess Bek, Khaled Mouzannar, RZA, Nile Rodgers, Charlotte Caffey, Tarek El Nasser, Natasha Atlas and more.
Tania Saleh created a special mural to commemorate Rim Banna and produced a video with music of the whole process. The video can be viewed here.

Faraj Suleiman Listen/ Watch/ Read/ Facebook

One of the most promising musicians of the Arab world, Suleiman is a Palestinian composer and pianist whose music is strongly influenced by Arabic/Eastern melodies and rhythms. He often incorporates those scales and modalities in his compositions. In addition to being inspired by his Arabic culture, he is also influenced by Tango and Jazz traditions.

Bu Kolthoum Listen/ Watch/ Read/ Facebook

Born in Damascus to a family of sufi background, Bu Kolthoum is a rapper, music producer, and film director who has been revolutionizing political rap in the Middle East. His 2017 album Bo’Bo’ was completely produced, mixed, and mastered by him. His sound can easily be distinguished amongst other Middle Eastern rappers because of the old-school sound accompanied by tearing bass-lines.

Sabrine Jenhani Listen/ Watch/ Read/ Facebook

Originally a fine artist and painter, Sabrine graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tunis, but discovered early on her passion for singing and writing. She started off as a singer in rock to move onto jazz singing at famous clubs in Tunis. She imbibed her inspiration from her work in the Tunisian capital while slowly exploring the underground scene there. She went on to become an icon of music through her first project in the group YUMA. Sabrine today composes her own music and writes her lyrics and is working on her latest project named "ZAY" which she released in January 2019.


Friday, April 3, 2015

3/31 Arabology Podcast Available

Arabology 9.9 aired on March 31, 2015 and included and interview with Bassam Kassab (who spoke about his film Sin Visa) as well as with 2 Arab women photographers whose work is currently exhibited at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford: Rania Matar and Tanya Habjouka.

The show also premiered a new song by Mike Massy titled 'Ya Immi' as well as Mashrou' Leila's new track called '3 Minutes.'  Other featured singers included Oum (Morocco), Macadi Nahhas (Jordan), Haifa Kamal (Jordan), Maya Waked (Lebanon/Canada), +Aziz (Kuwait), Rim Banna (Palestine), Zein Aljundi (Syria) and Aswat: the Bay Area Arabic Music Ensemble.

Listen to the podcast below or at

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 29 'Arabology' Podcast ft Arabic Music + Poetry + Imed Alibi Segment + Sabah Tribute

This 'Arabology' episode aired on November 29, 2014 and featured alternative/indie Arabic songs, poetry (translated) + instrumentals along with commentary, in English, by Dr. Ramzi Salti. Featured spotlight on Suad Bushnaq, segment by Imed Alibi highlighting his 'Safar' CD and a tribute to Sabah and Said Aql--both of whom passed away this month.

Playlist for this show:

Playlist for ArabologySaturday, 29 November 2014  10pm - midnightDJ: Ramzi S.
MeenMaqbaret Al Ahlam [Graveyard of Dreams]3arouset Bkeseen
Fouad and Toni Yammine
Saleh, TaniaShe Doesn’t Love You [Hiya La Touhibbuka]Album ReviewA Few Images [Shwayit Souwar]
Valley Entertainment Inc
Massy, Mike (ft Fadia Tomb El-Hage)Ajibtou Minka Wa Minni (Poem by Al-Hallaj)Naseej
Mike Massy & Sary-Ayad Khalife
Lammam, EliasLamsat RuhAlbum ReviewSelsebil
Elias Lammam
Kassis, TaniaWataniLive at l'Olympia
Tania Kassis
Mashrou' LeilaAna W Ana [Us and Them]Iandiequalus
Various Artists / Ana Corberó
Rim BannaBreak Your FearsAlbum ReviewSongs From A Stolen Spring
Valley Entertainment Inc
SaadEnty Baghya WahadSuper Hits 2014
Various Artists
Hamdan, YasmineNediya (A. Turk Ancient Love Radio Edir)Ya Nass (Remixes) [Vol. 2] EP
Crammed Discs
JadalWahde BteshbahekCoke Studio
Jadal/Coke Studio
Badarneh, KamelBambino Remix (ft Lili Boniche)Single
Kamel Badarneh
Younan, Faya + RihanLi-biladi [For Our Countries]Single
Faya + Rihan Younan
Alsarah & The NubatonesOud SoloAlbum ReviewSilt
Wonderwheel Recordings
Saba, YoumnaMadd W Jazr [Ebb and Flow]Njoum
Youmna Saba
Alsarah & The NubatonesHabibi Taal (Come Lover)Album ReviewSilt
Wonderwheel Recordings
Interview with Imed AlibiImed Alibi Highlights his 'Safar' CDArabology
Alibi, ImedPour Quelques Dinars De PlusAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedBounawaraAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedFanfare D'alexandrieAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedMaknassyAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedNafassAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedMhdAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedBalkani ConnexionAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Alibi, ImedStaring At The SandAlbum ReviewSafar
Irl Music Consultants
Ancient FutureYearning For The WindAlbum ReviewYearning For The Wind
Ancient-Future.Com Records
Bushnaq, SuadLamma Bada YatathannaSingle
Suad Bushnaq
Tribute To Said Akl and SabahIn MemoriamArabology
SabahTaala We Tetaamar Ya DarCocktail from Lebanon
Voix de l'Orient

Listen to this show at

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CD Review: Rim Banna - Revelation of Ecstasy and Rebellion

Rim Banna/ Revelation of Ecstasy and Rebellion/2013/ Kirkelig Kulturverksted
ريم بنّا--تجليات الوجد والثورة

Over the past few years, Palestinian singer Rim Banna has seen the music she had created over the last decade become part of the Arab Spring's "soundtrack".  This is her latest album, released in 2013--a soothing, tranquil, powerful album that should be listened to in its entirety.  All tracks are in classical Arabic except 11. Lyrics are in many instances poems by such poets as Ibn Arabi ابن عربي (track 12), Badr Shaker Assaiab بدر شاكر السياب (tracks 2, 6, 7),  Mahmoud Darwish محمود درويش (track 4), Rashid Hussein راشد حسين (track 1), Al-Hallaj الحلاج (track 8) and Ibn Al-Farid ابن الفارض (tracks 3, 5, 10). Track 11 was written by Amara Al Omrani عمارة عمراني, a Tunisian prisoner who was tortured under the reign of Ben Ali.

--All Tracks are FCC CLEAN—

**1. The Absent One [Al-Gha’ib الغائب] A lamentation in classical Arabic which incorporates the Muslim call to prayer.  Lyrics by Rashid Hussein (1936-1977).
2. The Hymn of the Rain [Unshudat Al-Matar أنشودة المطر] Slow, soothing. Lyrics by Badr Shaker Assaiab, a famous Iraqi poet who died in 1964.
3. Supply Me with an Excess of Love [Zidni bi-farat Al-hob زدني بفرط الحب] Piano and Rim’s voice, slow and sad. Lyrics from the Sufic poetry of Ibn Al-Farid عمر بن علي بن الفارض (also spelled `Umar ibn `Alī ibn al-Fārid) (1181-1235).
4. The Trace of the Butterfly [Athar El Farasha أثر الفراشة] Nice beat, nice use of the nay (a kind of flute).  Lyrics by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008).
5. The Taste of Love [Ta3m El Hawa طعم الهوى] Another slow ballad.  Lyrics by Ibn Al-Farid.
6. Don’t Increase His Agony [La Taziduhu Law3a لا تزيديه لوعة One of the faster tunes, about physical pain vs. emotional pangs.  Lyrics by Badr Shaker Assaiab.
**7. Stranger in the Gulf [Gharib fil Khalij غريب في الخليج] Calm intro, a song for Iraq.  Lyrics by Badr Shaker Assaiab.
8. Astonished by You and Me [3ajibtu minka wa minni عجبت منك ومني] Male vocalist joins Rim Banna during parts of this song.  Lyrics by Sunni Sufic poet Al-Hallaj (858-922).
**9. Two Kinds of Love [Uhibuka Hubbayn أحبك حُبين] Majestic, slow tune, nicely orchestrated and accentuated by various Middle Eastern musical instruments.
10. My Heart Tells Me [Qalbi YuHadithuni قلبي يحدثني] Grave intro, sound of kamanja (violin) makes the song sad if not heartbreaking.  Lyrics by Ibn Al-Farid.
11. The Free Man [Al-Hur الحر] Fastest track on the CD but still a ballad. In colloquial Arabic.  Lyrics by Amara Al Omrani, a Tunisian prisoner who was tortured under the reign of Ben Ali.
12. The Sun of Love [Shams Al Hawa شمس الهوى] Piano intro, about feeling connected to a Higher Power.  Lyrics by Ibn Arabi.
**My picks: 1, 7, 9 Ramzi Salti

Buy album:




Review from YouTube Published on Jan 17, 2013
Arranged and produced by Bugge Wesseltoft
Original Review at

Throughout the "Arab Spring", Rim Banna, the best-known voice of Palestine, has seen how the music she has created over the last ten years has become part of the revolution's "soundtrack". She has toured and held concerts in several of the countries where artists have mobilized the masses to overthrow regimes and presidents, especially in Tunisia and Egypt, where she has had many performances. Now Rim has searched back into the Pan-Arabic cultural heritage and composed her own music for classical Arabic poetry, which through time and space reflects the revolutionary spirit that permeates the atmosphere of the audiences she meets on a daily basis. The result is a fantastic new album, "Revelation of Ecstasy and Rebellion" which was released on 14 January, the second anniversary of the "Arab Spring".

A number of new musicians join Rim on her new album, including some Norwegians, including Eivind Aarseth, who plays guitars, as he has done on all the three preceding Rim Banna records, and Bugge Wesseltoft (piano, keyboards and programming), who has produced and arranged the album. He has put together a band that also includes Jihed Khmiri (percussion), Kays Zorrouk (oriental cello) and Mohamed Ben Salha (flute), from Tunis, and Ossama Bishara (kanoon) and Ramsis Kassis (oud) from Palestine. Indian-British Shrikant Shriram plays bass.

The new production has for the most part been recorded and produced in Norway (by Martin Abrahamsen and Bugge Wesseltoft), but some of the songs were recorded in Nazareth in Palestine and in the Ennejma Ezzahra palace in Tunis. Tunisian rapper Mr Kaz is also featured on one of the tracks. The record has been funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and "Fond for Lyd og Bilde" (the Audio and Visual Fund).

The poems on the album have been written by famous Sufi poets (Mansour Al Hallaj, Ibn Al Faredh, Rabeah Al Adawiyyah and Ibn Arabi) and more modern poets from the Arab world (Amara Omrani, Bader Shaker Al Sayyab, Mahmoud Darwish and Rashed Hussein).

The producer is KKV, which has been releasing Rim Banna's records since 2003.

Buy album:



Monday, December 10, 2012

Arabology Season Finale Podcast Counts Down Top 20 'Alternative' Arabic Musical Artists of 2012

The 3rd Season Finale of 'Arabology'--hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, counts down the Top 20 'Alternative' Arabic Artists of 2012 including Mashrou' Leila, Rim Banna, Omeima El Khalil, Zeid Hamdan, Tania Saleh, Mike Massy, Natacha Atlas, Hana Malhas, Jadal, Yasmine Hamdan, Tania Kassis, Jowan Safadi, more. This episode is hosted by DJ Ramzi and guest host Mohammed El Jurf (pic below).

PLAYLIST (Artist/ Track/ Album/Label)
20. Safadi, Jowan/ A3ish Hayati (Live My Life) & Kul El Banat (All the Girls)/ Namroud/ Eka3
19. Massy, Mike/ Ya Zaman/ Ya Zaman/ Falak Productions
18. Jadal/ Bye Bye Azizi/ Single/ Forward Music
17. Natacha Atlas/ Taalet/ Paleo 2012/ Disques Office
16. Banna, Rim & Henrik Koitzsch/ Wait for Me (Intazirini)/ This Was Not My Story/ Un Mundo Mejor
15. Trio Joubran/ Nawwar/ Paleo 2012/ Disques Office
14. Maraka, Aziz/ Possessed/ Master Copy/ Cd Baby
13. Mathlouthi, Emel/ Ma Lkit (Remix)/ Kelmti Horra/ World Village
12. Kassis, Tania/ Chou Ma Sar (Remix Mhanna & Cupélian)/ Oriental Colors/ Magnum Recs Intl
11. Saleh, Tania/ Hsebak/ Radio Beirut/ Galileo Music Communication Gmbh / Ioda
10. Hamdan, Zeid/ La Repetition/ Beirut Hotel (Soundtrack)/ Lfp Les Films Pelléas
9. Ayoub, Elizabeth/ Habibi/ Oceanos Y Lunas/ Four Quarters Entertainment
8. Hamdan, Yasmine/ Beirut/ Yasmine Hamdan/ Kwaidan Records
7. Offendum, Omar/ The Arab Speaks Of Rivers/ Syrianamericana/ Cosher Ink, Llc
6. Dam/ Mali Huriye (I Don't Have Freedom)/ Ihda'/ Redcircle Music
5. Aburedwan, Ramzi/ Tahrir (Liberation)/ Reflections Of Palestine/ Riverboat Records
4. Maryam/ Watan El Akk/ Mosh Baghani/ Cd Baby
3. Malhas, Hana (ft Yazan Al Rousan)/ Trooh/ Shapeshift/ Hana Malhas
2. Mashrou' Leila/ Fasateen/ Mashrou' Leila/ B-Root Productions
1. El Khalil, Omeima/ Ouhibbouka Akthar/ Ya/ Forward Music

Friday, February 17, 2012

Podcast from 5th Episode of Arabology (aired Feb 16) Available in 3 Parts

The fifth episode of 'Arabology' (2/16/12) features my interview with Lebanese-American Stanford student and cheerleader Alix Farhat who discusses her Arabic classes at Stanford, her Lebanese heritage, and her role as a Stanford cheerleader.

The show also features songs by Tania Kassis, Mashrou' Leila, Fareeq El Atrash, Rayess Bek, Tania Saleh, Rim Banna, Omar Offendum, Arabian Knightz, Darine Hamze, May Nasr and others.

To Listen/Download





Playlist for ArabologyThursday, 16 February 2012  4pm - 7pmDJ: Ramzi S.
Kassis, TaniaOunchoudat Bayrout (Hymn Of Beirut)Album ReviewOriental Colors
Magnum Records International
Mashrou' LeilaImm El JacketAlbum ReviewEl Hal Romancy
Mashrou' Leila

Diab, AmrTagrua Wa-'addet (Trial And Error?)Album ReviewBanadeek Ta'ala (I'm Calling You, Come)
Saleh, TaniaTmanta'sh MoulayaAlbum ReviewWehde
Forward Music
JadalBye Bye AziziArabic Rocks
Forward Music

Fareeq El AtrashDemoqratiFareeq El Atrash
Fwd Music
Rayess Bek (Ft. Tamer Nafer from DAM)Rap RemixHip Hop Republic
Forward Music
Arabian KnightzRebelArabian Knightz
Arab League records
Toot ArdKl El NasNuri Andaburi
Island Def Jam Digital Distribution

Ancient FutureAlapPlanet Passion
Mathlouthi, EmelHoudou'on (Calm)Album ReviewKelmti Horra
World Village
Ajram, NancySallim 'alayha (Greet Her)Album ReviewSahret Tarab (A Night Of Ecstacy)
New Sound
Elissa'a-Bali HabibiAlbum ReviewAl-Rawa'i (Greatest Hits)
New Sound

Interview with Sean DobsonInterviewArabology
Sophia MarikhTahwakKelmet Hobb
Melody Hits
FairuzAhwakChante Zaki Nasief
Voix De L'Orient
El Mansoury, HibaAhwakSah El Nom
Murr Television Lebanon
Khoury, SuhailRaqs (Dance)Album ReviewAl-Quds Ba'd Muntasif Al-Layl (Jerusalem After Midnight)
Edward Said National Conservatory Of Music & Birzeit University
Rouhana, CharbelHi, keefak Ca VaHi Keefak Ca Va

Interview with Alix FarhatInterviewArabology
DalidaSalma ya salamaDalida in Egypt
ShakiraOjos AsiDonde Estan Los Ladrones

Blitz The AmbassadorThe OracleAlbum ReviewNative Sun
Fat Beats
Offendum, OmarDamascusAlbum ReviewSyrianamericana
Cosher Ink, Llc
Nasr, MayBaytik ya NajwaLil Ghali
May Nasr
Diab, AmrYoum Ma 'itabelna (The Day We Met)Album ReviewBanadeek Ta'ala (I'm Calling You, Come)
Banna, RimKarmal Al-Ruh (Wind Of Karmel)Album ReviewAl-Rawa'i (Greatest Hits)

Taha, RachidRock El CasbahAlbum ReviewRock El Casbah: The Best Of
Wrasse Records
Atlas, NatachaKiddaArabic Groove
Putumayo World Music
Hamze, DarineYa zahratan fi khayaliBeirut Hotel
LFP Les Fims Pelle'as
Murkus, AmalHulumWorld 2002

Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

Watch full talk at This audio-visual talk by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology program host Dr. Ramzi Salti was pre...