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Tania Saleh's "Tantune": New Collective Re-launch

We have received this exciting message directly from Tania Saleh who can be contacted directly via the links below. Logo by Tania Saleh "My name is Tania Saleh. You might know me as a singer/songwriter. I am also a visual artist. I have worked in media and communication for more than 25 years, mainly at Leo Burnett Advertising, MENA and as a freelance illustrator/animator and content creator for various media corporations, brands and artists, including myself. I have recently relaunched my design collective, "Tantune", aiming at creating content for musicians, bands and music-related projects. The services we offer are mainly brand identity, including logo and stationery, album covers, print and online design, photography, photo retouching, music video scripts and storyboards, illustration, and 2D animation. As of this year, I will be celebrating three decades of visual arts work. For that, I just compiled this show-reel edit spanning from 1992 to 2022." Tania Sale

My Review of Salah Stétié's Poem "Seize paroles voilées"

In many ways, the short poem Seize paroles voilées* by Salah Stétié exemplifies the distinct sense of lyricism that characterizes much of the Lebanese writer and poet's prolific oeuvre. Composed in free verse and laden with natural and rich imagery, each of the sixteen stanzas in this poem broaches themes that have long preoccupied Stétié, from the pursuit of love and life to death and the occasional frailties of the human spirit.  Cover of Salah Stétié's "Seize paroles voilées" Dedicated "à un lieu de brûlure" which is never specifically identified, the poem is both deeply allegorical and deceptively simple. As such, it invites the reader not only to unveil each of the "paroles voilées" according to his or her own interpretation and experience, but also to participate in the poet's general celebration of nature and the wide range of human emotions. The oblique illustrations by Jean-Gilles Badaire that accompany each of the different stanzas i