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Two Arabic Shorts to Screen at Roxie in San Francisco on Thurs Dec 5

On Thursday Dec. 5th, the small Roxie theater in San Francisco will host the premiere of Nadia Shihab's “Amal's Garden” and Farah Kassem's “My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser”. Shot in northern Iraq and Lebanon, both half-hour films are semi-experimental documentaries and family portraits that made their debut at the Dubai International Film Festival last year. Co-presented by the Arab Film Festival and the GAZE Film Series. Showtimes: 5:00 & 7:00, with short Q&A with director Nadia Shihab. This is a SMALL theater. Reserve your tickets! by going to this link . Amal's Garden ( Amal and Mustafa have shared a long life together in northern Iraq. When Amal decides to finally renovate their home after a decade of war, Mustafa retreats to the garden, where he encounters the curious gaze of his grandniece and her camera. An intimate snapshot of life at the boundary of destruction and renewal, AMAL’S GARDEN is the unexpected por

11/21 Arabology Podcast ft Kristian Davis Bailey, Yasmine Hamdan, Mona Mansour

This episode of 'Arabology' aired on Nov 21, 2013 and included interviews with Stanford student/activist Kristian Davis Bailey who spoke about his trip to the West Bank; Lebanese American playwright Mona Mansour who continued our conversation from last week's show; and Yasmine Hamdan in a special segment of an interview that had previously been aired in its entirety on 'Arabology.  Also includes a special remix of Yasmine Hamdan's 'Shouei" plus a slew of other Arabic songs and music. Listen to the podcast below or at Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 21 November 2013 4pm - 6pm DJ: Ramzi S . Artist/Track/Album/Label 1. Chamamyan, Lena/Henna w Zahr Intro/Ghazl El Banat/Chamamyan 2. Land Of Kush/ Faint Praise/Big Mango/Constellation Records 3. Khaled/Bab Jenna (Gate Of Heaven) /C'est La Vie/Universal Music France 4. Taha, Rachid/Zoom Sur Oum/Zoom/Naive 5. Breaking the boundaries & Abd

Abdulrahman Mohammed: Classical Poetry Revived through Song

'Ya Man Hawah' is a song that was recorded by a local Saudi rock band, Breaking the Boundaries Featuring an Arabic vocalist, Abdulrahman Muhammad, singing the lyrics which are Lyrics taken from an old Arabic heritage poem by Said Ibn Ahmad Ibn Said. من روائع الشعر التراثي -ابيات يا من هواه اعزه و اذلنيي كيف السبيل الى وصالك دلني- بأسلوب جديد Video: LYRICS in ARABIC: يا من هواهُ أعّزهُ وأذّلني القصيدة الأصلية لـ: سعيد ابن احمد ابن سعيد غناء: عبد الرحمن محمد يا من هواهُ أعّزهُ وأذّلني كيفَ السبيلُ إلى وصالك .. دُلني أنتَ الذي حـَلّفتَني وحـَلفتَ لي وحـَلفتَ أنك لا تخون .. فـخـُنتني وحلفت أنك لا تميل مع الهوى أين اليمين..؟ وأين ما عاهدتني..؟ تركتني حيران صباً هائماً أرعى النجومَ وأنتَ في عيشٍ هني لأقـُعدَنً على الطريق وأشتكي وأقولُ مظلومٌ وأنت ظلمتني ولأدعون عليك في غسق الدجى يبليكَ ربي مثلما أبليتني - Vocals - Abdulrahman Mohammed غناء والحان / الفنان عبدالحمن محمد - Lead guitar- Dr. Mohab Omar عزف جيتار وتوزيع موسيقى/ د.مهاب عمر -

11/14 Arabology Podcast ft interviews w/ Arash Aramesh, Mona Mansour, Yazan Khalifeh

11/14 Arabology podcast ft interviews w/ Arash Aramesh (National Security Adviser for the Stanford Law School); Mona Mansour (Lebanese American playwright of 'Urge for Going'); and Jordanian caricaturist Yazan Khalifeh whose works can be viewed at .  Show also  ft Arabic music by Yasmine Hamdan, مشروع ليلى Mashrou' Leila, Tania Saleh, Rachid Taha, Hiba Tawaji, Pangia Raks, Donia Samir Ghanem | دنيا سمير غانم and tribute to Cheb i Sabbah. You can listen to the podcast below or at Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 14 Nov 2013 4pm - 6pm DJ: Ramzi S. Artist/Track/Album/Label 1. Kulna Sawa/Iza3at Kulna Sawa/Kulna Sawa/Kulna Sawa 2. Interview w/ Arash Aramesh/National Security Analyst at Stanford Law School/Arabology 3. Rachid Taha/Now Or Never/Zoom/Naive 4. Mashrou' Leila/Ma Tetrikni Heik/Raasuk/Mashrou' Leila 5. Hiba Tawajy/La Bid

Hiba Tawaji Sings Arabic Version of 'Windmills of My Mind'

La Bidayi Wala Nihayi (The Windmills Of Your Mind) by Hiba Tawaji Lyrics: Mansour Rahbani Music : Michel Legrand Orchastration : Oussama Rahbani Produced by: Ghadi & Oussama Rahbani Directed By: Marwan Rahbani Post Production: Kolja Digital Works Here are the lyrics in Arabic to Hiba Tawaji's 'La Bidayi wala Nihayi' [No beginning or End] which is the Arabic version of 'The Windmills of Your Mind': لا بداية و لا نهاية ليش صيف السنة انتهى بسرعة واحمرت احراش الغار والمرا اللى شعرا احمر متلن شعلانة بالنار لا بداية ولا نهاية والوقت مارق غريب متل مرورى بافكارك لحظة بتلمع و بتغيب يا عصافير السهل الجايى تبشر بشتى تشرين وجوه واسامى ببالى جدا يذكرنى لمين الدنيى حلقة عم بتدور والقمر بالسما يدور صيف السنة انطرنا القمر ع سطوح السهر تايطل وهدينا عقارب الساعة خايفين الوقت ليفل ما فى قوة بهالدنيى بتاخر هبوب الريح شعرك والكرز واللوز باول الموسم تلويح يا عصافير السهل الجايى تبشر بشتى تشرين وجوه واسامى ببالى ح

Donia Samir Ghanem Releases New CD on YouTube

Donia Samir Ghanem has been releasing her new album Wahda Tania Khalis , track by track, on YouTube via Roznama Records--a new marketing strategy that has worked well for her.  The accompanying video clips so far have been truly superb as each clip comes with Arabic lyrics so that viewers can sing along. Here is the video clip for "El Wa2t Byesra2na" الوقت بيسرقنا الوقت بيسرقنا  نعيش و الوقت بيسرقنا وبنمشي و نسرح في طريقنا و الايام اللي بتجمعنا ممكن في ثواني تفرّقنا ساعات الدنيا بتلهينا عن اغلى و اقرب ناس لينا و في يوم عمرنا ما بنتمناه نلاقيهم مَبَقوش حوالينا بِنْحِسِّش بقيمة الحاجة إلَّا لمّا تروح  وكان فى صوت بيصرخ فينا و احنا مبنِسْمَعش  ونندم عللي ضاعوا و راحوا وقلبنا مجروح يا ريت الوقت يرجع بينا بس ما بيرجَعْش  زمان كانوا هنا بينا و حوالينا والُلقى مسموح ودلوقتي و مهما بكينا للُّقى ما بينْفَعْش قَرِّب من كل اللي حاببهم شيل عنهم خوفهم وتعبهم يمكن يسيبوك هم الاول او يمكن انت اللي تسيبهم عل

Shannon's Story: Learning Arabic

Say "Marhaba" to Shannon Elizabeth Munyan and chances are that she will respond to you in fluent Arabic. That may not sound strange, but for an American national, who is lived in the Middle East for just over 3 years, it is a significant achievement which has opened up a world of opportunities, both personally and professionally. Watch this video to find out how Shannon has managed to learn Arabic in such a short time and how the world around her has changed, in her own words. Here is a video clip of Shannon's story ( ):

Nov 7 'Arabology' Podcast ft Interview with Wissam Yafi

The Nov 7, 2013 episode of Arabology featured a 2-part interview with Wissam Yafi who visited Stanford during the week of November 4th and gave various talks around campus.  Wissam Yafi is the Lebanese American founder of and an expert in Middle East politics, economics and technology policy. His field comparative study, conducted for Harvard University on the MENA region, received recognition at the Kennedy School of Government's Center for International Development. More recently, he has been running an E-learning organization helping governments, non-profits, and businesses around the world reach their audiences. Here is a video clip from Wissam Yafi's talk at Stanford , followed by the podcast which includes the interview with Wissam Yafi as well as music by Mashrou' Leila, Rachid Taha, Egyptian Project, and Salamat singing the Nubian/Arabic version of 'La Bamba.' Video clip Wissam Yafi at Stanford discussing Arab women's agency ( http:

Arabology 6.5 Podcast

The Oct 31, 2013 episode of 'Arabology' included a chat with Alon, a Stanford student of Arabic who juxtaposes Arabic and Hebrew + great songs and music by Tania Saleh, Mashrou' Leila, Rachid Taha (singing the Arabic version of 'It's Now or Never'), Akher Zapheer, Akim El Sikameya, Massar Egbari, Mike Massy, Adel Salameh, Omar Offendum, Rima Banna, Abdulrahman Mohammed & Breaking the Boundaries. Oct 31, 2013 Podcast ( ) Click on arrow below to listen

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