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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ghazi Abdel Hadi and the Communiqué CD Trilogy (2012)

Ghazi Abdel Baki is a Musician/composer/ producerwho began his music career in 1985 as a musician and played with many bands in Lebanon and in the USA, namely: Amnesia (Lebanon 1985 - 1987), Munir Khawli Group (Lebanon, 1988 and 1995), Nobody's Fault (New York, 1988-1991), Forcado (Lebanon, 1992), Bare Necessity (New York, 1993-1995), Ziad Rahbani (Lebanon, 1995-1996), Virus (Lebanon, 1997-1999), Grand Prix with Ziad Rahbani (2007).

Proficient at mixing genres, Ghazi Abdel Baki interprets his own texts and those of poets such as Elia Abu Madi, Ahmad Shawki and Rabindranath Tagore to various styles such as bedouin-funk, Afro-Cuban, folk and jazz. His music is like Beirut: a crossroad of cultural fusion. He founded "Forward Music" in 2001 and has produced the works of the main contemporary artists of the region: Charbel Rouhana, Soumaya Baalbaki, Mustafa Saïd, Ghada Shbeir, Issa Ghandour, Gros Bras, Ziyad Sahhab, Paul Salem and Fareeq El Atrash.

More recently, Ghazi Abdel Baki has released a CD Trilogy titled Communiqué #1 (2004) and Communiqué #2 (2006-7) and The Last Communiqué (2012). All these CD's are available for sale at

Here are some tracks from Ghazi's albums:

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