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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thomas Milo: Raising the Stakes in Arabic Text Handling

Thomas Milo gave a talk at Stanford on Feb 7, 2014 titled "Raising the Stakes in Arabic Text Handling."

During this fascinating talk, noted typographer Thomas Milo described a project initiated by the Sultanate of Oman which aims to display, search and quote Qur'ān text on the web in a typographically stable and orthographically flawless manner, regardless the operating system or the type of web device.

A core observation of Thomas Milo's presentation described in this article:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Interfaith Art Exhibit in Oakland , CA (May 11-June 7)

The Interfaith Art Exhibit is a very unique exhibit that begins with a reception on May 11 at 5-8 pm and lasts till June 7, 2013. It will take place at ICCNC (1433 Madison St, Oakland, CA).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct 25 Arabology Podcast ft Comic Dean Obeidallah + Calligrapher Arash Shirinbab

Check out my interview with Dean Obeidallah (who performed at Stanford on 10/26/12) during my Oct 25 podcast (right after the first song):

Show also included my conversation with Master Calligrapher of Arabic Arash Shirinbab:

Additionally the show includes great songs in this order:

Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 25 October 2012 3pm - 5pm DJ: Ramzi (Artist/ Track/ Album/ Label)

1. Samsa/ Alem Jdid (New World)/ Alem Jdid (New World)/ Skander Guetari
2. Interview with Dean Obeidallah/ Phone Interview/ Arabology/ KZSU
3. Mashrou' Leila/ Imm El Jacket/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012/ Disques Office
4. El Hamdaoui, Jalal/ Sidi H'bibi (My Master, My Love) Arabic Beat/ Putumayo World Music
5. Pangia/ Samra/ West Of East Vol. 5/ Pangia
6. Soultan, Ahmed/ Itim/ Arabic Beat/ Putumayo World Music
7. Interview with Calligrapher Arash Shirinbab/ Part 1/ Arabology/ KZSU
8. Egyptian Project/ Anta Ana/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012/ Disques Office
9. Interview with Calligrapher Arash Shirinbab/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
10. Omar Souleyman/ Hafer Gabrak Bidi/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde 2012/ Disques Office
11. Aswat ticket giveaway/ promo/ Arabology/ KZSU
12. Aswat/ Tayr Al-Wirwar/ Classical And Folkloric Arabic Music/ Self
13. Massy, Mike/ Tannoura Maxi/ Tannoura Maxi (Soundtrack)/ Massy
14. Maraka, Aziz/ Amman/ Master Copy/ Cd Baby
15. Aburedwan, Ramzi/ Sans Adresse/ Reflections of Palestine/ Riverboat Records


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Islamic Art and Culture Workshops in Oakland this November

Visit for more details.

Islamic civilization boasts an intellectual, artistic, and cultural heritage that spans continents and centuries. The gradations of shape, color, taste, texture, and sound that exist within and between Muslim peoples and cultures are as rich and diverse as their ideas and attitudes, as well as their languages, races, and ethnicities. Out of this fertile and potent mix of elements emerged artforms and practices that can enrich and beautify our lives.

Zawaya thus launches an original event: ”Doorway to Islamic Civilization”, a weekend collection of hands-on workshops on Islamic art and culture set against the current social backdrop of Islamophobia. These workshops are meant to give those interested the opportunity to get to know Islam and Muslims by providing a safe space within which to explore and experience the Islamic sense of beauty embodied in art, crafts, music, architecture, and more. In addition to the workshops, there will be a film showing of “Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World” followed by a panel discussion between the filmmaker, Michael Wolfe, and Islamic art and architecture experts. The Mevlevi Order of America will also be present to offer a Dhikr (a devotional act) by Mevlevi musicians and dervish turners.

Visit for more details. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

el Seed: A Web Site Dedicated to Arabic Graffiti and Calligraphy

'Identity' copyright by

Visually stunning, gorgeous in its inclusion of images and videos, the web site functions as a great medium to showcase Arabic graffiti and the way it is often created with Arabic calligraphic art.  It also includes some beautiful items (featuring Arabic calligraphy) that are available for sale.

Check out the site at

If you are interested in Arabic calligraphy and Graffiti, also see  CNN piece at

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Islamic and Chinese Calligraphy: Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen at Stanford

MSAN presents....
Islamic and Chinese Calligraphy: Confluence of Two Great Traditions

Saturday, May 5th, 2012
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Tresidder Union second floor, Cypress Lounge

Join master calligraphy Haji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang as he explains and demonstrates the meeting of the world's two most prolific calligraphic traditions!

Calligraphy is the most salient art form in both Islamic and Chinese culture, and Haji Noor Deen is a master at both. Through centuries of an Islamic presence in China, these two forms of expressing art through writing have merged into a uniquely Chinese style of writing sacred calligraphy in Arabic. Haji Noor Deen will talk about the history of this great tradition and then demonstrate some of his techniques in creating a calligraphic masterpiece.

Free and open to the public

Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

Watch full talk at This audio-visual talk by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology program host Dr. Ramzi Salti was pre...