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Ramzi Salti Guests on Radio Mt Lebanon مقابلة مع رمزي سلطي في برنامج (صدى الاغتراب)

 يمكنكم الآن الاستماع إلى المقابلة التي أجراها معي برنامج (صدى الاغتراب) من إذاعة جبل لبنان بتاريخ 24 يناير 2023  عبر الرابط التالي Dr. Ramzi Salti interviewed in Arabic by Vatché Akarakian for his amazing radio program on Radio Mt Lebanon where we spoke about my career as a University Lecturer, Podcaster and writer. Listen to the segment below or at this link . Listen at

Omar Offendum and Ronnie Malley Wow Stanford University

Omar Offendum and Oud Virtuoso Ronnie Malley wowed Stanford University on January 28, 2023 with their show  Coast to Coast: Reflections from Al Andalus to Los Angeles.  The event took place on  Saturday January 28, 2023 at The Studio (Stanford) 7 pm and 9 pm. Watch highlights from the show below or at NEW!!!  You can now also listen to Dr. Ramzi Salti's Interview with Omar Offendum below or at arabology  ·  Ramzi Salti Interviews Omar Offendum (Promoting Jan 28, 2023 Stanford Event) Syrian American rapper and poet Omar Offendum and Palestinian American multi-instrumentalist maestro Ronnie Malley weave stories of the past, present, and future as they trace the influence of Al-Andalus and Arabic-speaking peoples on music and culture, from New York City's Little Syria to the birth of California Surf Rock. Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American rapper/spoken word artist. Known for his unique blend of hip-

Ramzi Salti Interviews Oualid Mouaness, Director of the Lebanese Film "1982"

Ramzi Salti (right) interviewing Oualid Mouaness in SF Watch interview at Video recording now available of Dr. Ramzi Salti conducting a Q&A session with Lebanese Director Oualid Moueness following the screening of his film 1982 on July 31 at the Opera Plaza Cinema in San Francisco.  Watch below or at The film stars Lebanese superstar Nadine Labaki (Capernaum, Caramel) and Mohamad Dalli (in his acting debut) alongside an extraordinary ensemble cast of professional and non-professional actors (In Arabic and some English, with English Subtitles).  1982 is a life-affirming coming-of-age tale set at an idyllic school in Lebanon’s mountains on the eve of a looming invasion. It unfolds over a single day and follows an 11-year-old boy’s relentless quest to profess his love to a girl in his class. As the invasion encroaches on Beirut, it upends the day, threatening the entire country and its cohesion. Within the microcosm of the s

Ramzi Salti Guests on New Podcast حوار مع رمزي سلطي في (غير شغل)

Click here to listen to the full episode انقر/ي هنا للاستماع الى الحلقة الكاملة يستقبل العام 2023 بودكاست جديد تقدمه رنى سنداحة بعنوان (غير شغل) وكان أول ضيف في البرنامج الدكتور رمزي سلطي الذي يعمل أستاذاً محاضراً في جامعة ستانفورد العريقة، وبنفس الوقت مقدم البرنامج الإذاعي عربولوجي. خلال الحلقة تحدث رمزي عن شغفه بالموسيقى وكيف قادته للتعرف علي الجيل الجديد من الفنانات والفنانين الذين يقدمون الموسيقي المستقلة والبديلة والذي استضاف معظمهم في برنامجه الإذاعي. أيضا يروي عن تجربته في التدريس وعمله كمقدم برامج وكيف استطاع التوفيق بين العملين. وما هي الرسالة التي يحملها للجيل الجديد. يمكنكم الاستماع الى الحلقة الكاملة أدناه أو عبر هذا الرابط The premiere episode of Runa Sindaha's new Arabic Podcast Ghair Shughol featured an interview with Dr. Ramzi Salti, lecturer at Stanford University and Host of the  Arabology podcast and YouTube Program.   During the episode, Dr. Salti spoke about his passion for indie Arabic music and the way it has enhanced his teaching techniques. He also ta