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New Year Video Message from Dr. Ramzi Salti's Arabology Program

Watch at A special video greeting to everyone who has ever supported my Arabology radio/YouTube program and many thanks to all the amazing Arab artists who have graciously agreed to be interviewed through the years. Here's to a better 2021!  Watch below or at اتمنى لجميع مشاهدي برنامج عربولوجي عاماً جديداً مليئاً بالصحة والعافية والنجاح والف شكر على محبتكم ومتابعتكم وتشجيعكم عبر السنوات. كما اود أن أشكر كل الفنانين من جميع انحاء الوطن العربي الذين شاركوني بمشوارهم الفني وأعمالهم العظيمة من خلال المقابلات التي أجريتها معهم الرجاء الاشتراك بالقناة ليصلكم كل ماهو جديد

Fairuz's "Khidni Ya Habibi" Translated into English by Dr. Ramzi Salti

Here is my modest attempt to translate Fairuz's song "Khidni Ya Habibi خدني يا حبيبي  " [Take Me Away, My Love] from Arabic into English.  This song has always had a special place in my heart, as does the operetta/musical Petra in which it was initially performed, back in 1978. I have uploaded a special video of the song, with optional English subtitles, to my YouTube Channel.  To view subtitles, start playing video then click on CC at bottom of video screen/window.   For bilingual English/version, scroll down. Watch below or at An Egyptian man arrived one night Carrying with him the mysteries of the Pyramids  And the sublime color of the Nile  He appeared out of nowhere  Just like joy itself  And he gave us hope. Take me away, my love  To a house that has no doors  Take me away my love  To the moon that guides the forgotten  Leave me in a deep slumber  On a clear, bright day  Until the nights return, along with our loved ones  My love, my lo

Ramzi Salti Interviews +Aziz of Kuwaisiana (Arabology Online, December 2020)

Watch this interview at JUST RELEASED:  Stanford Lecturer + Arabology host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews multi-talented Kuwaiti musician +Aziz of Kuwaisiana, a groundbreaking band that fuses alternative Arab/Khaleeji rock with New Orleanian jazz, funk and more. This audio-visual interview was recorded in December 2020 and spotlights the band's amazing new music video ' Bara7a (براحة)' and upcoming EP Chapter 2. Watch the interview below or at About Kuwaisiana: While there is a spectrum of alternative Arabic music being made today across the Middle East, Kuwaisiana’s sound explores new territory for the Khaleeji dialect (the culture associated with the Arabian Peninsula), which is typically more closed off and protective of its symbols. ⚡ The result is a unique twist to what “Alternative Arab Rock” or a “New Orleans band” can sound like and a highly imaginative journey for listeners.  Working in Arabic and English, Kuwai