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Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

Watch full talk at This audio-visual talk by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology program host Dr. Ramzi Salti was presented for the Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum (EPIC) Fellowship program (Stanford Global Studies) in September 2020.  You can watch the complete talk below or at Lecture includes the following segments: 1. Intro by Denise Geraci, Ph.D. ( 0:00 )  2. Intro by Dr. Ramzi Salti ( 01:49 )  3. Fairuz ( 17:38 - 25:00 )  4. Talia Lahoud ( 25:01 - 27:59 )  5. Tania Kassis ( 28:49 - 31:18 )  6. Mike Massy ( 31:18 - 35:24 )  7. Yasmine Hamdan ( 35:24 - 40:03 )  8. Tania Saleh ( 40:03 - 41:52 )  9. Zeid Hamdan ( 41:52 - 45:06 )  10. Fareeq El Atrash ( 45:06 - 47:20 )  11. Mashrou Leila ( 47:20 - 52:27 )  Artwork by Tamer Al Ahmar Description: For years, certain Lebanese indie/alternative musicians have attempted to broach themes of socio-economic injustice, corruption, and politics in their work--a prophet

Dr. Ramzi Salti Interviews El Far3i about His Upcoming Crowdcast Concert on Dec 12, 2020

Watch interview at Just released on YouTube:  Stanford Lecturer + Arabology host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews rapper/songwriter Tareq Abu Kwaik AKA El Far3i  الفرعي about his upcoming Crowdcast (online) concert on December 12, 2020. You can watch the full interview below or at This audio visual interview was recorded on November 15, 2020 and includes footage from the official promo video "El Far3i Real-time 12/12/2020 (Official Promo) الفرعي مباشر"--produced by Arab Drumz, Directed by Raneem Hannoush, Filmed & Edited by Zoe Fayaud. Official promo video is available on YouTube at   For tickets + more info about El Far3i's Crowdcast concert on December 12, 2020, please see   About the Crowdcast Concert on Dec 12, 2020:   Arab Drumz Presents “El Far3i Real-time” High Quality Live Streaming Concert from the Specialized Audio-Visual Studio in London T.

Ramzi Salti Interviews Hamed Sinno of Mashrou' Leila about his new musical projects, and life after COVID

Watch this interview below or at Stanford Lecturer + Arabology host Dr. Ramzi Salti has interviewed Hamed Sinno, vocalist/lyricist of the groundbreaking Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila, who joined us by Zoom on October 9, 2020. In this interview , Hamed talks about life during COVID, his recent project with Mika to help Beirut, his new song 'Mashaniq' following the explosions in Lebanon, his musical collaborations with Narcy as well as with Hercules & Love Affair, and life after a decade with Mashrou Leila.  Press Play above to watch right here List of short audio excerpts in this interview:  01- Promiseland by Mika ft Mashrou Leila ( 08:30 )  02- Mashaniq by Hamed Sinno ( 09:37  and  14:16 )  03- Are You Still Certain by Hercules and Love Affair (Ft Mashrou Leila) ( 16:28 )  04- Spacetime by Narcy ft Mashrou Leila ( 19:23 )  This project was made possible through an artsCatalyst grant from Stanford University; artsCatalyst Grants foster inter

Ramzi Salti Interviews Groundbreaking Arab Rapper Emsallam (October 2020)

Watch video at  this link October 2020--Stanford Lecturer + Arabology host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviewed audio visual artist + rapper Emsallam who joined us by Zoom, live from Russia, in order to take us on a track-by-track journey of his new album Dyslexia (released at the end of Oct 2020).   See list of tracks below. You can watch the video below or at Here is a list of featured audio excerpts from Emsallam's Dyslexia album © Keife Records 2020  Click on time following each track to go directly to that segment in interview. 01- Emsallam - Ferdy ( 15:40 )  02- Emsallam - PMWL ( 17:40 )  03- Emsallam Ft Adan Wakeen - Aref Enak ( 24:09 )  04- Emsallam - Dasher 7osromna ( 28:36 )  05- Emsallam - Sea Weed ( 31:07 )  06- Emsallam Ft Tamer Naffar - Walla 5a6ar 3ala bali ( 35:18 )  07- Emsallam - La Malamah ( 36:57 )  08- Emsallam - Made in Mama ( 39:43 )  09- Emsallam - Ya 3alem el 7al ( 41:49 )  10- Emsallam - Ana Illy Kan Ma3aya (INTRO OUTRO) ( 44:49 )  FEA

Ramzi Salti Interviews Shahina Osseiran, Daughter of late Lebanese Poet Jawdat Haydar

Watch at   Dr. Ramzi Salti audio visual interview with Shahina Osseiran, daughter of late Lebanese Poet Jawdat Haydar (1905-2006), is now available online. Interview was recorded in October 2020 and features an in-depth discussion of Haydar's legacy, including poetry (in English and Arabic) as well a song by Lebanese singer Abeer Nemeh  عبير نعمة  that is based on one of Haydar's poems. See list of covered topics/poems below. Watch the video below or at Watch at   Here is a listing of the topics and poems that were discussed during this interview, including a song by Lebanese singer Abeer Nemeh that is based on one of Haydar's poems.  You can start at the beginning or click on time to the left of each listing below to go directly to that segment :  04:37 Verses about Arab Politicians (Deserts of Despair)  07:04 Excerpt from poem titled 'Beirut'  09:31  Discussion about Stan

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