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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adonis & Tina Yamout - Ma Kan Mafroud [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

'Ma Kan Mafroud' is a collaboration between Lebanese pop/folk band Adonis and singer/songwriter Tina Yamout, featured on Adonis' first studio album 'Daw L Baladiyyi', which was released in July 2010. Directed by Robert Cremona, written and composed by Anthony Khoury, recorded and mixed at Tunefork Recording Studios. Adonis is Anthony Khoury, Joey Abou Jawdeh, Fabio Khoury, Nicola Hakim & Vladimir Kurumilian | | |


ما كان مفروض تكون موعود

انّو بشي يوم ، معقولي تعود

كبروا ولاد وصاروا جدود

ولكانت دار، صارت حدود

بحور بتطوف وجبال بتوقع 

وفي شي منّا بعدو مفقود

ناس بتروح وأجيال بتقطع

ولراح ما بعمرو بعود

من هوني جينا ، ولهوني من عود

هوني ربينا ، جوانح وقيود

هوني اللّيل ، وهوني الحبّ الموعود

بدنيي بتبلّش وبتخلص بعيونك السّود

ما بقي شي ، لا جنينة لا ورود

حتّى الشّبّاك ، صار حيط مسدود

وبترجع كل يوم ، وبايدك ورود

وتحت الشّبّاك ، تنغّملا عالعود

بتتغيّر دروب وقصايد بتبلى

وغيابا كان والّه مقصود

وبعدك مزروب ، كل يوم بتكتبلا

قصيدة معناها مفقود

من هوني جينا ، ولهوني من عود

هوني ربينا ، جوانح وقيود

هوني اللّيل ، وهوني الحبّ الموعود

بدنيي بتبلّش وبتخلص بعيونك السود

Friday, June 1, 2012

Arabology Podcast #8 (May 31) ft North African Arabic Music, Voice Impersonating Singer and Arabic Version of 'I Will Survive'!

The 8th Episode of the 2nd Season of 'Arabology' (aired May 31, 2012) highlights Arabic music from North Africa and includes my interview with Moroccan Voice Impersonator/singer Wafaa Salaje who belts out (live) songs by Fairuz, Faiza Ahmad, Asmahan, Riad Sombati, and others. Show also includes my interview with Moroccan singer Houda Ben who discusses North African music (Rai and Gnawa) as well as her own budding musical career with 'The Neybuzz'--while providing us with an impromptu excerpt on the air.

Show also features a very romantic 30 minute love segment featuring mellow and luscious Arabic tunes as well as awesome music tracks by Mike Massy, Dany Baladi, Cheb Nasro, Khaled, Cheba Djenet, Darine Hamze, Marcel Khalife, Adonis, Abou Elleeef, Fairuz, Zeid Hamdan and the Arabic version of '
I Will Survive' by Haifa Wehbe!

 OR Listen directly to entire podcast at

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Download Podcast as a whole or in 2 Parts at:

Friday, May 4, 2012

My CD Review of Adonis "Daw L Baladiyyi"

Here is my CD Review of the album "Daw L Baladiyyi" by the Lebanese group Adonis.  Review is also at

Adonis / Daw L Baladiyyi
Album:Daw L Baladiyyi Collection:World
Artist:Adonis Added:05/2012
Label:Forward Music 

Recent Airplay
1.Thu, 03 May:Ramzi S.
3.Thu, 19 Apr:Ramzi S.
2.Thu, 26 Apr:Ramzi S.

Album Review by Ramzi Salti, Ph.D.
Ramzi S.
Reviewed 2012-05-03 
-- All Tracks are FCC CLEAN –
This album is the result of over a year of collaboration between the Lebanese boy-band Adonis and a dozen of Beirut's best known musicians and artists. The CD features a selection of 11 original tracks, all sung in Arabic, creating a melange of spirited tunes, provocative lyrics, innovative arrangements, nonsensical monologues, schizophrenic transitions, cheesy love songs, and instantly likeable beats.  The band's first single, 'Daw L Baladiyyi', (the title track) was released in March 2011 and this CD followed in 2012. This is the first CD by Adonis.

**1. Ajnabiyyi (Foreign Girl) Accordeon sound, likeable beat about a Lebanese guy in love with a foreign girl who doesn’t speak Arabic. 3:18
2. “Stouh Adonis” (Rooftops of Adonis). Oriental beat, drum (derbakah) swaying music gives way to piano and drums and vocals about life on rooftops. 4:42
**3. “Daw L Baladiyyi” (Town Light) First single from this album, released in 2011 with a great video clip. About love under the streetlights. 2:29
4. “Sawt L Madini” (City Sounds) Ballad, piano, sad vocals, reminiscing about a lost love 3:12
5. “Ma Kan Mafroud” (It Wasn’t Supposed To Be)..Instantly likeable tune, beat builds up slowly, drums and percussion sounds prevail. Female singer in middle of song enriches the vocals 3:21
6. “Aman Aman” (Chant)..Haunting song, slowest on CD, starts out with harp, then goes into a lamentation/mawwal in traditional Arabic style 3:21
7. “Chajret el Jararank” (Loquat Tree). Sad tune about a moonless night changes mid-way into a rhythmic segment then back to ballad. Jarring jump in styles., 3:33
8. “Awaat” (At Times). Ballad, slow, orchestra sound, great piano and violin sounds, grand melody. 3:45
**9. “Chbabik” (Windows) A song about windows of the past that hide secrets, slow to mid-tempo, finger snapping sounds, typical of Adonis style.3:00
10.“Ma Endi Fekra” (I Have No Idea) The singer complains that he has no idea what to sing about, nice beat, mid-tempo turns faster after the first part and almost changes into a typical Arabic sound with a Dabke traditional beat then goes back to original flavor. 4:58

My picks: 1, 3, & 9 Ramzi Salti

Track Listing
1.Ajnabiyyi 6.Aman Aman
2.Stouh Adonis 7.Chajret El Jararank
3.Daw L Baladiyyi 8.Awaat
4.Sawt L Madini 9.Chbabik
5.Ma Kan Mafroud 10.Ma Endi Fekra

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NPR Report on Music Scene in Iceland and LEBANON!

To listen to the report from the NPR Website (Dec 31, 2011) , go to this link then go to Minute 4:28:  m=1445266

You can also follow the transcript below (NPR All Rights Reserved)

Now, to Beirut, where our local music critic Sam is on the scene.

WAHAB: The first band I'm going to talk about is Adonis. These guys are a folk rock band who sing in Arabic.


WAHAB: They just released a video of their single called "Daw L Baladiyyi," which means streetlight. And the good thing about the video is they take black and white photos of pre-civil war Lebanon and go to those exact same locations right now and they hold up the photo, and it's a nice contrast of where we were and where we are.


WAHAB: So the next band I'm going to talk about is a group called Zeid and the Wings. They're a band that started last year and have released an album just recently called "Asfeh," which means the storm, which is also the title track of the album which you're listening to right now.


WAHAB: An interesting thing about Zeid and the Wings is when you check out their album, you'll see that it's got everything from Arabic folk to reggae to rock and to electro. And the vocal harmonies, seeing as you have three female backup vocalists, it's a really nice mix.


WAHAB: The last band we're going to talk about is called Lazzy Lung. And these guys are Lebanon's new rock alternative.


WAHAB: So this Lazzy Lung track is called "Onstandby." Lazzy Lung is a really good radio-friendly pop band that actually has a message, and they sing in English. And that's very rare for most bands here in Lebanon.


LAZZY LUNG: (Singing) Well, I got this thing I can't fix, and I don't know why. Seems I can't recall any of the night, oh why. Time wasted (unintelligible) again, oh, who's this here beside me? Oh, here we go again.

WAHAB: So Lazzy Lung recently won an award, and they'll be making their way to Los Angeles to meet with Capitol Records and represent Lebanon sometime next year. And they're definitely an incredible live band that, you know, you should watch out for.


LUNG: (Singing) I got a girl got me going on, going on, going on...

SHEIR: That's the song "Onstandby" by Lazzy Lung, recommended to us by music writer Samir Wahab in Beirut, Lebanon.


LUNG: (Singing) Going on...

SHEIR: You can hear this song and more pop music from Iceland and Lebanon at our website,


LUNG: (Singing) Left out again...

You can read the full article on the NPR site at this link.

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Monday, April 4, 2011


ادونيس - ضو البلدية

"Daw L Baladiyyi ' is the first single from the Lebanese band Adonis' first studio album, to be released in July 2011. Directed by Robert Cremona, written and composed by Anthony Khoury, recorded and mixed at Tunefork Recording Studios. Adonis is Joey Abou Jawdeh, William Bou Hamad, Patrick Dleptany, Nicola Hakim, Anthony Khoury & Fabio Khoury.

Adonis is a collaboration between six Lebanese musicians with a very diverse and eclectic baggage of musical influences.
The band got together in summer 2010, and has been ever since experimenting with language and music, composing and recording, in a constant search for an authentic sound that would highly appeal to the local popular culture, and yet maintain its artistic integrity and vision.

Anthony Khoury - piano & vocals
Joey Abou Jawdeh - guitars & backing vocals
Patrick Dleptany - drums
William Bou Hamad - bass guitar
Fabio Khoury - synths
Niccola Hakim - percussions

Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

Watch full talk at This audio-visual talk by Stanford Lecturer + Arabology program host Dr. Ramzi Salti was pre...