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Top 20 (Alternative) Arabic Video Music Clips of 2014

1.  The song 'Beirut Windows شبابيك بيروت' from Tania Saleh 's latest CD came in at Number 1 in Arabology 's Countdown of the Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014. 2.  This song by Rim Banna titled 'Break Your Fears اكسر خوفك' came in at Number 2 in Arabology 's Countdown of the Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014. 3.  The song 'Hal' by Yasmine Hamdan --which was featured in the film Only Lovers Left Alive --came in at Number 3 in Arabology 's Countdown of the Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014. 4.  The song 'Dawayer (Circles)' by Dina El Wedidi came in at Number 4 in  Arabology 's Countdown of the Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014. 5.  Jordanian rock band JadaL 's song 'Wahde Bteshbahek, وحده بتشبهك' came in at Number 5 in Arabology '

Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014 Spotlighted on Arabology

The Dec 6, 2014 episode of 'Arabology' counted down the Top 20 (alternative) Arabic Songs of 2014 and featured tracks by Tania Saleh, Rim, Banna, Yasmine Hamdan, Mashrou' Leila, Dina El Wedidi, Jadal, Youmna Saba, Share3 El Sukkar, Elias Lammam, Faia + Rihan Younan, Mike Massy, Imed Alibi, Fareeq El Atrash (ft Edd Abbas), Mounir Troudi, Maii Waleed + Zeid Hamdan, Ruba Shamshoum, Eskenderella, Mayssa Karaa, AlSarah + the Nubatones, Tarabband. Listen to podcast below or at MORE ABOUT THE ARTISTS: 20 Tarabband presents Arabic music influenced largely by other music styles; Middle eastern and Nordic Folk & Traditional music, Jazz, Persian and Latin, resulting in the band’s own original sound and compositions. Tarabband’s base is the Swedish city Malmö, where cultures from all over the world interact and melt into each other, creating an interesting cultural spot

Nov 29 'Arabology' Podcast ft Arabic Music + Poetry + Imed Alibi Segment + Sabah Tribute

This 'Arabology' episode aired on November 29, 2014 and featured alternative/indie Arabic songs, poetry (translated) + instrumentals along with commentary, in English, by Dr. Ramzi Salti. Featured spotlight on Suad Bushnaq, segment by Imed Alibi highlighting his 'Safar' CD and a tribute to Sabah and Said Aql--both of whom passed away this month. Listen below or at Playlist for this show : Playlist for Arabology Saturday, 29 November 2014  10pm - midnight DJ:  Ramzi S. Artist Track Album/Label Meen Maqbaret Al Ahlam [Graveyard of Dreams] 3arouset Bkeseen Fouad and Toni Yammine Saleh, Tania She Doesn’t Love You [Hiya La Touhibbuka] A Few Images [Shwayit Souwar] Valley Entertainment Inc Massy, Mike (ft Fadia Tomb El-Hage) Ajibtou Minka Wa Minni (Poem by Al-Hallaj) Naseej Mike Massy & Sary-Ayad Khalife Lammam, Elias Lamsat Ruh Selsebil Elias Lammam