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Best Online Resources for Students of Arabic at Any Level (Compiled by Dr. Ramzi Salti)

INTRO BY DR. RAMZI SALTI (STANFORD) Having taught Arabic at Stanford for the past two decades, I have become all too familiar with the need to supplement students' language skills/proficiency by continuously exposing them to various cultural productions from the Arab world in a way that will entertain Arabic learners while further informing their language studies.  It is my firm belief that teaching culture as an integral part of any language course--especially when it comes to Arabic--leads to a remarkable increase in language proficiency and is truly essential for any student who truly wishes to master the language. Towards that end, I have carefully compiled this list of available online resources that aims at enhancing classroom learning by providing a much needed guide to various websites, programs and apps that students can utilize, at their own pace, in order to retain if not increase their language proficiency. CLASSICAL ARABIC LANGUAGE SITES AND RESOURCES Aswaat Arabiyya أ

Rania Kurdi Interviews Dr. Ramzi Salti for Her "Breaking Free" Podcast (June 29, 2021)

Listen below or at It was an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed by Rania Kurdi for her "Breaking Free" Podcast (June 29, 2021) in which we discussed everything from my 20+ years of teaching teaching at Stanford to my Arabology program to personal struggles and successes that I have rarely spoken about. You can listen to the whole podcast BELOW or directly on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , Stitcher , and TuneIn .  You can also listen via this link . "Being interviewed by RANIA KURDI for her "Breaking Free" podcast was an honor, a pleasure and an experience that I will not soon forget. Rania knows how to make her guests feel at ease and allows them to "break free" by sharing various aspects of their struggles and successes in a way that will hopefully inspire others to do the same."--Dr. Ramzi Salti MORE INFO ABOUT THIS EPISODE Episode title:  Breaking Free: Expression through Language with