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اعلان برنامج «عربولوجي» عن أفضل 20 اغنية عربية بديلة لعام 2015

في 29 كانون الثاني (يناير) الجاري، أعلن البرنامج الثقافي Arabology، الذي يقدّمه الدكتور رمزي سلطي عبر إذاعة KZSU التابعة لجامعة «ستانفورد» في كاليفورنيا، عن أفضل 20 أغنية عربية لعام 2015. القائمة أُنجزت بناءً على استطلاع أجري في الجامعة، بمشاركة الطلاب ومستمعي البرنامج أيضاً. الأغنيات تنتمي إلى الموسيقى البديلة والمستقلة، وتضم «عم بشبه حالي» للبناني نيكولاس شلهوب، و«العشق حالة» لفرقة «جنان» المصرية، و«من غير رفيق» لمحمود بدراوي (مصر) و «عدّي يا غيم» لعزيز  مرقة (الاردن)، و«مغاوير» لـ«مشروع ليلى» (لبنان)، إضافة إلى أغنيات لتريز سليمان (فلسطين)، وسعاد ماسي (الجزائر)، و«أمين أيوبي» (المغرب)، وهوا دافي (الجولان)، و«المربّع» (الأردن)، و«ريّس بك» (لبنان)، وعبد الرحمن محمد ومهاب عمر (السعودية)، وكبريت (اليمن وألمانيا)، و«البصمة العربية» (سوريا)، وغيرها.   يمكنكم الاستماع الى البرنامج او تنزيله عبر الرابط أدناه:

Arabology Interviews Mona Damluji, Associate Dean + Director of the Markaz Resource Center at Stanford

Dr. Ramzi Salti with Dr. Mona Damluji at Stanford Arabology has just interviewed Mona Damluji, Associate Dean and Director of The Markaz: Resource Center at Stanford University, who spoke about her background, work, research, experience, identity, and her relationship with the Arabic language.  She also highlighted her upcoming talk at Stanford University on Feb 3, 2016.   You can listen or download the interview below or at Mona is a liberal arts educator, cultural activist and scholar with expertise in the Arab Middle East and broader Muslim World.  Mona received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and was the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Asian & Islamic Visual Culture at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Mona regularly curates and organizes exhibits and programs featuring the work of artists and activists linked to Muslim and Arab communities and countries. Major recent projects have included "

Arabology Interviews Rabih Alameddine

I am truly honored to share this interview with Lebanese American writer Rabih Alameddine which was recorded in a quaint San Francisco café along with my dynamic co-host Nadia Barhoum (whose thoughtful questions made for a spectacular interview). Click below or on this link to listen or download: Rabih Alameddine is the author of the novels Koolaids, and I, the Divine, The Hakawati, the story collection, The Perv, and most recently, An Unnecessary Woman. He was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002 and was the 2014 California Book Awards Gold Medal Fiction winner and the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for his latest book, An Unnecessary Woman. For more info see Listen or download the interview at ​ Readers interested in Arab American literature/poetry can check out poetry by  Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim  by clicking  here. ​

Arabology Interviews Lena Zubaid, Creator of 'Open Your World' Documentary

Arabology recently interviewed Kuwaiti visual artist Lena Zubaid about her photography and her " Open Your World " documentary which is available for viewing at . Lena, a Masters student at San Jose State University, wrote, filmed, edited, directed, and produced this documentary about the experiences of Gulf Arab students in America. The film (available on YouTube) features interviews with six Kuwaitis and four Saudi Arabians who have had to confront certain stereotypes in the United States. Lena Zubaid's film is available below or at For more info about Lena Zubaid, see

Arabology Interviews Legendary Lebanese American Entertainer Gary Tannus Nassif

Interview with legendary Lebanese American singer, author, artist and inspirational speaker Gary Tannus Nassif whose musical career has taken him from Hollywood to Las Vegas, enabling him to befriend and collaborate with such classic stars as Donna Reed, Esther Williams, Danny Thomas, Doris Day, Cesar Romero and many more. In his book "Stop Crying and Listen to the Music" Gary writes about his stuttering problem (which plagued him throughout his childhood) and the way he overcame that disability despite his Lebanese father's strict and abusive reaction to that condition. This interview ends with a song by Gary from his CD "Sing, Romance Man, Sing" in which he is accompanied by Frank Sinatra's pianist Vinnie Falcone. Listen to the interview below or at For more info about Gary Tannus Nassif, see To purchase Gary's book and CD: Xlibris Online bookstore : Cli