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New Arabology Podcast (June-July 2017) Ft. Indie Arabic Music + Interviews The latest episode of Arabology--which airs on KZSU 90.1 FM in California--featured a large selection of new indie/alternative music from the Arab world (playlist below) as well as interviews with two Tunisian celebrities:  Musician Skander Guetari (3-part interview ft his songs) and Stanford student Nesrine Mbarek who spoke to us about her exciting project titled Tunisia88 . You can listen to the show below or at Playlist for Arabology 11.3 (June-July 2017) Artist/Track/Album: Amine Souikra/ Apocalypse/ Apocalypse DJ Ghazi/ Oum Kalthoum Ya Leilet El 3ed Remix/ Single Maryam Saleh + Crash Nomada/ Leih Ya Hamam/ Single Maysa Daw/ Ayonak/ Between City Walls Rahim El Haj/ Sailors Three/ Little Earth Cairokee/ Kont Faker/ Noaata Beida Mahmoud Badrawi/ Fi Hagat Ktir Mistaniyak/ Single Jowan Safadi/ 7asait (I Felt)/ Single Muzdawaj/ Droob/ Sirrak Fe Beer Ruba Shamshoum/ Rando

May 2017 Arabology Podcast Ft Alternative Arabic Music from MENA Region

Listen at The latest Arabology podcast (May 2017) is now available and includes fresh alternative/indie music from Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco.  Listen below or at Playlist for Arabology 11.2 (Artist/Track/Album) Kinematic/ Lalochezia/Ala' El Morabba3 + DJ Mahmoud Helmy/Cigara Abl Man2om (Deep House Edit) El Morabba3/ Shiber Maii/ Taraf Al Khait Muzdawaj/ Yomain/Serrak Fe Beer Luay Hijazeen /Law Yshoof/ Single Basel Rajoub/ Bedaya (Start)/ The Queen of Turquoise Suad Bushnaq/ The Curve/ The Road to Jenin (Soundtrack) Ruba Shamshoum/ Hana/ Shamat Samer Rashed/ Swing 25/ Gypsy Rhapsodies Ahmad Kaabour (Qabur)/ Halawanji Ya Isma'eel/ Ounadikom Rayan Habre/ Aa Bali Fell/ Taa' Ellak Mike Massy/ Ma Tfell (Ne Me Quitte Pas)/ Le Délire Ramy Adly/ Stairway to Heaven (Middle Eastern Version) Nour Khan/ Layta Li/ Single Aya Metwalli/ Beit

Jordanian Artist Tamer Al Ahmar Revives Cultural Icons in Unique Ways

Tamer Al-Ahmar displays some of his art in Amman, Jordan I first stumbled upon Tamer Al-Ahmar's art when I was in Jordan in the summer of 2016.  His work--showcasing such cultural icons as Fairuz, Sabah, Um Kulthum and Dalida--immediately caught my eye and I resolved to meet this fine young artist who, several months later, agreed to speak with me via Skype about his work and background. Tamer told me that had been interested in art ever since he can remember and, growing up, initially wanted to be a fashion designer.  In school, his drawings would be displayed and admired by students and faculty alike and he even had a private Facebook group where he drew memorable caricatures for selected friends who urged him to publish his work in different media. Despite the fact that he majored in Business at the University of Jordan, Tamer always participated in art workshops and became very interested in the digital medium. Here, he credits Professor Alia Nemeh Haddad for recogni

Emel Mathlouthi Wows San Francisco (2017)

Emel Mathlouthi at Cafe du Nord, SF on May 16, 2017 Legendary Tunisian singer/songwriter/producer Emel Mathlouthi, whose early songs served as the soundtrack to the Tunisian Revolution and the Arab Spring, performed to a full crowd at San Francisco's Cafe du Nord on May 16, 2017.  The evening was one to remember for a long time to come. Although this one-night only bay area performance mainly served to promote Emel's latest CD, titled Ensen , the performer did not shy away from singing some of her older hits, including her legendary song "Kelmti Horra"--a performance that brought the house down. But perhaps the highlight of the evening was the impromptu songs that Emel sang with the audience which seemed quite content to sing along--even in Arabic--while demandeing encore after encore.  One of those priceless moments was captured in the video below where the Tunisian songstress, deluged by requests for more songs, was happy to oblige. Video Highlights f

Emel Mathlouthi to Perform in San Francisco on May 16, 2017

Emel Mathlouthi will perform in San Francisco on May 16, 2017 If there is one concert that San Franciscans cannot afford to miss this year, it is Emel Mathlouthi's performance at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 8 pm (doors open at 7 pm). Make sure you get your tickets at this link . This one-night only San Francisco concert is part of Mathlouthi's world tour as she promotes her critically acclaimed new album Ensen ( for other places click here ).  It also marks her first return to the bay area since her unforgettable concert at Stanford's Bing Concert Hall in October 2016. Tunisian prominent Singer/Songwriter Emel second album Ensen was produced by her own record label “Little Human Records” and released on Partisan Records on 24 February 2017.  This much anticipated album wowed critics and audiences worldwide--not an easy feat considering the fact that Emel’s first album, Kelmti Horra (My Word is Free) is considered as &

Ramzi Salti Interviewed in "Qahwa" Journal (April 2017)

The new issue of Qahwa features a lengthy article/interview with Stanford Lecturer + Arabology radio show host Dr. Ramzi Salti about (mostly) indie/alternative Arabic music. You can read the entire piece, authored by Zahraa Hmood, at this link: Below are screen shots of the interview which appears in full here .

April 2017 Arabology Podcast ft Groundbreaking Arabic Music + More Arabology is back with a new show that aired on KZSU 90.1 FM in April 2017.  Podcast is now available at Hosted by Stanford Lecturer Dr. Ramzi Salti, this episode featured groundbreaking music from the Arab world  + interviews with this year's winners of the Techwadi/RiseUp Summit. Listen below or at THIS LINK .