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Season Finale of my Radio Show 'Hi, Keefak, Ca Va' ft. Guest DJ Hyper Available for Free Listening/Downloading

  Hi Keefak Ca Va Epsiode 14 Podcast (Season Finale in 2 Parts) by author30 THIS WEEK (June 9, 2011; Episode 14 Season Finale): This episode features guest DJ Ahmad Al Arabi aka DJ Hyper who spins some of his amazing mixes on the show. Credits: Show Name: Hi, Keefak, Ça Va? (Episode 14 Season Finale, 4-6 PM) Air Name: DJ Ramzi Description: This tri-lingual greeting is the way most people say hello in Lebanon where Arabic, French and English are spoken daily. This show will thus showcase music in all 3 languages. The program premiered on March 1, 2011 and is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti of the African and Middle Eastern (AME) Languages and Literatures Program at Stanford University. Dr. Salti's Blog 'Pop Culture in the Arab World' can be found at FREE DOWNLOAD in 2 Parts (DOWNLOAD AND SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER by right-clicking on arrows at the bottom right of this page ). Notes: Playlist available at

Podcast from 'Hi Keefak Ca Va" Episode 13 available ft. Lebanese Alternative Music

THIS WEEK (June 9, 2011; Episode 13): This episode showcases the Lebanese Underground/Alternative/Experimental music scene in Lebanon by highlighting music by such amazing young musicians as Zeid Hamdan, Soapkills, Beirut Biloma, Tania Saleh, Marc Codsi, Mashrou' Leila (Mashrou3 Leila), Rayess Bek Orchestra, Fareeq Al Atrash, Grace Deeb, Carol Sacr, Nadine Khouri, Elizabeth Ayoub, Pindoll, Youmna Saba, Blend, Scrambled Eggs. Additionally, this episode features a live report by Ahmad Qousi who reports--live from Jordan--about various social, economic, and musical trends in that country. FREE DOWNLOAD in 2 Parts (DOWNLOAD AND SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER by right-clicking on arrows at the bottom right arrows of  this page ). OR  PART 1 (Click below to listen): PART 2 (Click below to listen):

Lebanese Band "Pindoll" Remakes 'Tainted Love'

Genre Indie Nu-Jazz Members Jad Aouad - beats Miran Gurunian - noise Erin Mikaelian-vocals Haitham Shalhoub-bass guitar Hometown Beirut/Lebanon Current Location Lebanon The Lebanese band Pindoll has revived the famous 80's pop anthem "Tainted Love" with their own signature of jazz/rock fusion, led by all members of Pindoll (including Miran Gurunian)  and produced by Philip Tohme. Philip is actually Tania Saleh's husband. Philip and Miran Gurunian were also part of Blend, the first lebanese band to ever sign a record deal: they released an album, Act one, with EMI arabia. Here is Blend'sr wonderful single "Belong", a true reflection of the lebanese identity crisis:

Did the ADC Block Malek Jandali over 'Freedom' Song?

For the full article please see An entry that appeared on the web site claims that the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee-- a longtime Washington civil rights group--repeatedly asked the German-born Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali to reconsider his piece choice, as Jandali told POLITICO. When he refused, Jandali says he was told today that he couldn't perform at this weekend's event. Jandali's "Watani Ana: I am my Homeland" doesn't specifically mention Syria or the broader Arab Spring uprisings, but is heavy on the themes of freedom and liberty. Jandali calls it a "humanitarian song." But lyrics include "oh my homeland, when will I see you free" and "When the land is watered with the blood of martyrs and the brave/ And all the people shout: Freedom to mankind." "I have nothing to say on that," ADC Vice

Lesbian Blogger in Syria Goes Missing

The Syrian lesbian journalist whose  blog  has made her an unlikely hero of the Syrian uprising has reportedly been arrested. According to new posts that appeared today on her blog " A Gay Girl In Damascus ," the current whereabouts of regular author Amina Abdullah are unknown. A writer identifying themselves as Rania O. Ismail, Abdullah's cousin, writes the following on June 6th: Dear friends of Amina, I am Amina Abdallah Araf al Omari’s cousin and have the following information to share. Earlier today, at approximately 6:00 pm Damascus time, Amina was walking in the area of the Abbasid bus station, near Fares al Khouri Street.   She had gone to meet a person involved with the Local Coordinating Committee and was accompanied by a friend. Amina told the friend that she would go ahead and they were separated. Amina had, apparently, identified the person she was to meet.   However, while her companion was still close by, Amina was seized by three men in their early 20’s.

My June 2 Podcast includes interview with YouTube Instant Inventor Feross Aboukhadijeh + Streisand Classic in 3 Languages.

Feross at KZSU 90.1 FM with Ahmad Q live via Skype THIS WEEK (June 2; Episode 12) includes interviews with the Syrian-American inventor of YouTube Instant Feross Aboukhadijeh and Ahmad Qousi who discusses the music scene in Jordan and plays great songs from there.   Additionally, this episode premieres the classic song "Woman in Love" in THREE languages. Listen by going to the link below then clicking on the arrows to the bottom right of that page to download (or right click to save). index.php/program/52224 If the link above doesn't work for you, you can click on the links below to listen. PART 1: PART 2: PLAYLIST Artist/ Track/ Album/ Label PART ONE: 1. Saleh, Tania/ Wehde (Unity)/ Wehde/ Forward Music 2.   Interview with Ahmad Qousi from Jordan (thru end of show) 3. Marikh, Sophia/ Tahwak/ Tahwak/ Melody Arabia 4. Streisand, Barbra/ Woman in Love/ Guilty/ Sony 5.