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Beirut's Jam Is Mashrou' Leila's 'Embembelela7' (NPR) \ NPR (National Public Radio) web site features a great article on Mashrou3 Leila (Lebanon's hippest band) and other summer music from Beirut.   The Spin: Beirut's Jam Is Mashrou' Leila's 'Embembelela7' by  NPR STAFF Tanya TaraboulsiMashrou' Leila's "Embembelela7" borrows its main lyric from a Lebanese nursery rhyme and sets it to a harsh drumbeat. July 21, 2010 Summer deserves its own soundtrack — for the beach, for warm nights and for the road. But don't worry if your travel budget is tight: This summer,  All Things Considered  and NPR Music will take you on a global journey through music. We're checking in on DJs, musicians and writers for the songs that define summer in some of the world's most vibrant cities. We're calling it  The Spin. When it comes to summer in the Arab world, no city does it better than Beirut. It's often called the Paris of the Mi

Queen Rania of Jordan Encourages You to twisit Jordan

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Huge Pro-Fairuz Protests in Beirut Today

Fairuz Protests (source: ) On the 26th of July 2010, Hundreds of Fairuz fans from around the world protested in front of the Lebanese National Museum in Beirut. The Committee for commemoration of Fairuz and the Rahbani brothers, stood in solidarity with Fairuz, they had one message to say "No to preventing Fairouz singing" . Loudspeakers blared songs and excerpts of plays for Fairuz, in the presence of a number of artists such as Elham Shahin who flew from Cairo to take part in this protest. According to Shahin, Fairuz is one of the Legendary singers who gave a lot to the Arab world. Other artists were present as well such as Julia Boutros , Liliane Nemri , Roula Hamadeh , Asaad Abou Khalil, Claudia Marchillian, Nidal Al Ahmadieh , Roula Saad and a lot of media presence, as well as local and foreign enthusiasts of Fairuz. The demonstrators waved pictures of Fairuz in black and white, and distributed the stateme

Banners in Support of Fairuz

These banners are but a few of the many samples that are being used at various rallies all over the Arab world in support of Fairuz and her right to perform her musicals without any legal obstacles.  This movement of support includes peaceful marches, get-togethers at various coffee houses to listen to Fairuz songs, and dozens of Facebook Pages in support of the legendary Lebanese singer.

Tamer Hosny Releases Song in Support of Fairuz

Egyptian pop icon Tamer Hosni just released a new single titled "Fairuz" in support of the legendary Lebanese songstress who has recently been prohibited from performing her musicals by a court ruling that was brought about by the heirs of Mansour Rahbani, Fairuz's late brother-in-law, who co-wrote many of these musicals. Hosni's song is being played on Lebanese radio stations on an hourly basis. Listen to Tamer Hosni's song below then read along the heartfelt lyrics (in Arabic) or scroll down for a loose English translation. مين عاش فى الدنيا دي إنسان.. محبش على صوت لبنان صوت الحب صوت السلام.. يا حبيبتي يا صوت السلام صوتك يا أغلى من الكنوز.. ياحبيبة قلبي يا فيروز ما فينا نعيش بلا صوتك.. واسألي كده كل الأوطان كلنا اتربينا على صوتك الحلو يا غالية.. واتعلمنا وغنينا من إحساسك يا مالية علينا الدنيا بغناكي يا فيروز ده كلنا وياك.  من مصر بقولك مقدرش أعيش من غير صوتك يا حياتي Has there ever been a human in this world Who hasn't fallen in love to the Voice