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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

May Nasr Records 'Ouhibouka' with Lyrics by Ghada Al Samman

Music Composition/Sung by: May Nasr
Instrumental orchestration by: Lou Salloum
Lyrics: Ghada Samman

See lyrics in Arabic and in English translation below, followed by interview with May Nasr in which she discussed this new release.

Here are the lyrics by Syrian writer/poet Ghada Al Samman in Arabic and in English translation:

I love you..
Because you are only capable of loving yourself..
You make no effort to conceal this fact..

I have loved you for a thousand years..
Because, to this date, I am still incapable of truly knowing you..

I love you...
For you are both my storm and freedom and my prison...

I love you..for your beauty and creativity....
A divine poet...unworthy of trust...
Finger tips of color and light...screaming out with the perfume of jasmine...

I love you...
For you are gypsy traveler...
You embody pure poetry...
Your inflamed body is a raging storm....!

I love you.....simply because I love you......

أحبك ..
لأنك لا تعرف كيف تحب غير ذاتك ..
ولا تبذل مجهوداً لإخفاء ذلك !

أحبك ..
من ألف عام
لأنني مازلت حتى اليوم أجهلك !

أحبك ..
لأنك العاصفة والمرفئ في آن ..
والحرية والقفص !

أحبك ..
لأنك جميل ومبدع ..
وشاعر لا يؤتمن جانبه
أصابعه اللون والضوء .. 
والصرخة وعطر الياسمين !

أحبك ..
لأنك ضجري الترحال المستقر ..
لأنك القصائد
لأن جسدك الحار قليل الأعصار !

أحبك ..
لأني .. أحبك !

My interview with May Nasr for my Arabology radio program (May 2013):

Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/23 Arabology Podcast highlights Arab Women's Voices and Writings

The May 23, 2013 episode of Arabology highlights Arab Women's Voices in music, literature and culture. 
It can be downloaded at
See full playlist at end of this blog entry.

May 23, 13 Arabology Podcast includes these amazing women and more

This Podcast includes:
1. An exclusive interview with singer May Nasr and the US premiere of her new song 'Ouhibbouka" (lyrics by Syrian writer Ghada Al Samman)
2. Writer Arin Mango who reads excerpts from her article "What's Islam Got to Do with It?' which was just published in Avicenna - The Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs (Vol 3 No. 1 Winter 2013)
3. A conversation with Nisrin Elamin (Doctoral student at Stanford) who broaches issues related to Sudanese culture while showcasing vibrant songs by Alsarah and Rasha.
4. An interview with Zoe Woolford, student of Arabic at Stanford, who discusses the challenges and benefits of learning Arabic.
5. Selected songs by some of the Arab world's most talented female vocalists including Oumeima el Khalil, Yasmine Hamdan, and Fairuz.

Listen instantly (give a minute to load) at:

Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 23 May 2013 3-5pm DJ: Ramzi S. (Artist/Track/Album/Label)
1. Oumeima El Khalil/ Fi Akher Al Ashyaa/ Zaman/ Forward Music
2. Fairuz/ Ahwak/ Fairuz Chante Zaki Nassif/VDL
3. May Nasr+Lourdes Perez/Ma'kum bimshi/May Nasr
4. Interview with May Nasr/ Pre-recorded/ Arabology/ KZSU
5. May Nasr/ Ouhibouka (lyrics by Ghada Samman)/ Single/ May Nasr
6. Reading by Arin Mango/ What's Islam Got to Do with It?/Avicenna: Stanford Journal of Muslim Affairs
7. Rasha/ Ya Sudan Ma'alesh/ Let me be/ Rasha
8. Interview with Nisreen Elamin/ Part 1/ Arabology/ KSU
9. Alsarah/ Fi Himaka Rabana / Single/ Alsarah
10. Interview with Nisreen Elamin/ Part 2/ Arabology/ KZSU
11. Alsarah ft Oddise2/ Vote/ Single/ Oddisee
12. Interview with Zoe Woolford/Stanford student of Arabic/ Arabology/ KZSU
13. Yasmine Hamdan/ La Mouch/ Yasmine Hamdan/ Kwaidan Records

Ramzi Salti's Talk: Healing through Lebanese Music (EPIC Fellows, Stanford Global Studies, September 2020)

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