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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 26 'Arabology' Podcast Ft. Poetry Readings by Lizzie Harmon and Andrew Clauson

Pictured (top row to bottom): Marwa Farag, Lizzie Harmon, Andrew Clauson, DJ Ramzi, Ahmad Qousi
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The April 26 Podcast of Arabology (Season 2 Episode 3) features my interviews with Stanford students Lizzie Harmon--who recites and translates a poem by Nizar Qabbani--and Andrew Clauson who talks about his reads and discusses a poem by Ahmad Shawqi (see below for more details about these poems).

Show also features a live interview with Egyptian Standord student Marwa Farag, (Features Editor for "The Stanford Daily" and Co-President of the Arab Student Association at Stanford) who discusses her views on the Egyptian revolt and her identity as an Egyptian student at Stanford.

Show also includes a ticket giveaway to a concert by Aswat and songs by Mashrou' Leila, Darine Hamze, Emel Mathlouthi, Souad Massi, Fairuz, DAM, Jadal, YAS, Miryam Saleh (ft Zeid Hamdan), Trio Joubran, Omar Offendum, Aswat, and Adonis.

To Download/listen to this episode, go to

During this episode, Stanford student Elizabeth (Lizzie) Harmon recited a poem by Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani titled "الحاكم والعصفور" [The Ruler and the Sparrow] and then read her own translation of the work. Below the pictures is the poem in Arabic; to hear Lizzie's translation, you will have to hear the episode at THIS LINK.

Lizzie Harmon and DJ Ramzi Salti

Here is the poem by Nizar Qabbani that Lizzie read on the show:

الحاكم والعصفور

نزار قباني

أتجوَّلُ في الوطنِ العربيِّ

لأقرأَ شعري للجمهورْ

فأنا مقتنعٌ

أنَّ الشعرَ رغيفٌ يُخبزُ للجمهورْ

وأنا مقتنعٌ – منذُ بدأتُ –

بأنَّ الأحرفَ أسماكٌ

وبأنَّ الماءَ هوَ الجمهورْ

أتجوَّلُ في الوطنِ العربيِّ

وليسَ معي إلا دفترْ

يُرسلني المخفرُ للمخفرْ

يرميني العسكرُ للعسكرْ

وأنا لا أحملُ في جيبي إلا عصفورْ

لكنَّ الضابطَ يوقفني

ويريدُ جوازاً للعصفورْ

تحتاجُ الكلمةُ في وطني

لجوازِ مرورْ

أبقى ملحوشاً ساعاتٍ

منتظراً فرمانَ المأمورْ

أتأمّلُ في أكياسِ الرملِ

ودمعي في عينيَّ بحورْ

وأمامي كانتْ لافتةٌ

تتحدّثُ عن وطنٍ واحدْ

تتحدّثُ عن شعبٍ واحدْ

وأنا كالجُرذِ هنا قاعدْ

أتقيأُ أحزاني..

وأدوسُ جميعَ شعاراتِ الطبشورْ

وأظلُّ على بابِ بلادي


كالقدحِ المكسورْ

This episode also includes my interview with Stanford student Andrew Clauson who spoke about his Arabic studies and his stay in Syria and Jordan.  Andrew also read and discussed a poem by Ahmad Shawqi titled الديك والثعلب [The Roooster and teh Fox] which I am including below these pictures:

DJ Ramzi (left) interviewing Andrew Clauson

Andrew Clauson reciting Ahmad Shawqi

Here is the poem by Ahmad Shawaqi that Andrew recited on the show.  To hear Andrew's recitation, listen to the episode at  THIS LINK:

قصة الثعلب و الديك
احمد شوقي

بـَرَزَ الثعـــْـــلَبُ يوماً *** في شـِعـــار الواعـِظيـنا
فـَمـَشى في الأرضِ يـَهــْـدي *** ويـَســُـبُّ المـاكرينا
ويقول: الحـــَــــمـْد لله *** إلـــَـــه العالــــَــمينا
يا عـــِـــباد الله توبوا *** فـَهو كـَهـْف ُ التــائبينا
وازهـَدوا في الطـَيـْر إن الـ *** عـَيـْش عـَيـْشُ الزاهـِدينا
واطـْلـُبوا الديـــك يؤذن *** لصـَـلاة الصـُـبـْح فينا
فأتَى الديك َ رَســــُــولٌ *** مـِن إمــام الناســــكينا
عـَرَضَ الأمرَ عـَلـَيـْـهِ *** وهو يـَرجـــو أن يـَلينا
فأجـــــاب الديـكُ عـُذْراً *** يا أضــَـل المهـْتـَدينا
بـَلـِّـغ الثـَعـْلـَبَ عـَنـي *** عـَنْ جـُدودي الصالحـــينا
عن ذَوي التـِيجان مـِمـَّن *** دَخــَــلَ البـَطـْنَ اللعينا
إنهم قـــالوا وخـَيـْرُ الـ *** قـَوْلِ قـَـوْلُ العـــارفينا
" مـُخـْطـِئ ٌمـَنْ ظـَنّ يـَومـاً *** أنَ لِلثـَعـْـلَبِ ديـــنا "

This episode also included my live interview with Marwa Farag who is the Features Editor for "The Stanford Daily" and Co-President of the Arab Student Association at Stanford.  Marwa discussed her views on the Egyptian revolt and her identity as an Egyptian student at Stanford.  Here are some pictures from Marwa's segment.  To hear the show go to  THIS LINK:

Marwa Farag at KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM

Marwa Farag with DJ Ramzi Salti

To Download/listen to this episode, go to:

Friday, April 13, 2012

AMENDS Summit at Stanford Features Variety of Dynamic Speakers

Flyer for AMENDS Summit 2012

AMENDS Team at Stanford (photo credit:

The AMENDS (American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford) Summit at Stanford University brought leaders from all over the Middle East and United States to the Stanford University campus for a five-day conversation on leadership and the future of the region in the wake of the Arab Spring.

AMENDS is a student-led initiative that seeks to connect and empower youth leaders from the Middle East, North Africa and the United States. Responding in part to the protests and revolutions sparked in 2011, two undergraduates were inspired to create a program that would foster increased dialogue and understanding between the United States and countries across the Middle East. Since then, AMENDS has grown into a diverse team of Stanford students who hail from all across the world. AMENDS is currently in its first year and it is sponsored by the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford.

Day 1 of the AMENDS Summit began on Wednesday April 11, 2012 and was titled “Technology, Social Media, and Innovation” and featured an impressive array of speakers including Aymen Abderrahman, Selma Chirouf, Rawan Da’as, Elizabeth Harmon, Sonya Kassis, Heather Libbe, Ifrah Magan, Sam Adelsberg, Brian Pellot, George Somi.

Day 2 (Thursday April 12, 2012) addressed “Building Civil Society” and included AMENDS Talks Speakers Firyal Abdulaziz, Lubna Alzaroo, Hoor Al-Khaja, Ali Al-Murtadha, Jessica Anderson, Seif Elkhawanky, Micah Hendler, James Hurley, Ram Sachs and Rana Sharif.

Day 3 (Friday April 13, 2012) broached issues related to “Peace and Conflict Resolution” and included Sherihan Abdel-Rahman, Sherif Maktabi, Mohammad AlJishi, Abdulla Al-Misnad, Yahya Bensliman, Ilyes El-Ouarzadi, Sandie Hanna, Priya Knudson, Megan McConaughey and Gavin Schalliol. Also featured were Speakers/Panelists Sami Ben Gharbia (Tunisian political activist, Foreign Policy Top 100 Thinker), Professor Allen Weiner (Co-Director of Stanford Univeristy Center on International Conflict and Negotiation), Thomas T. Riley (Former Ambassador to Morocco) and Radwan Masmoudi (Founder and President of the Center of the Study of Islam & Democracy).

Day 4 (Saturday April 14,2012) was billed as “The New Middle East” and showcased speakers Firas Al-Dabagh, Abdullah Al-Fakharany, Marwan Alabed, Cole Bockenfeld, Nadir Ijaz, Selma Maarouf, Matthew Morantz, Alaa Mufleh, Fadi Quran, and Nada Ramadan. Speakers/Panelists were Rami Khouri (Director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut), Huda Abu Arqoub (Co-Executive Director of Abraham’s Vision), Professor Aaron Hahn Tapper (Co-Executive Director of Abraham’s Vision), Nasser Weddady (Civil Rights Outreach Director, American Islamic Congress) and Ahmed Benchemsi (Moroccan journalist and pro-democracy activist whom I interviewed earlier last year on my radio show Arabology--click here to listen).

The success of AMENDS is primarily due to its Executive Team which is comprised of Elliot Stoller (Co-Founder, Co-President,Chicago, IL), Khaled Alshawi (Co-Founder, Co-President,Saar, Bahrain), Meredith Wheeler (Co-President,Fort Collins, CO), Matthew Colford (Director of American Outreach,Palo Alto, California), Misha Nasrollahzadeh (Director of Conference Management and Programming,Bloomfield Hills, MI), Marwa Farag (Deputy Director of Conference Management and Programming, Abu Dhabi, UAE/Cairo, Egypt), AJ Sugarman (Director of Mentorship Program, Beverly Hills, CA), Imani Franklin (Director of Recruitment and Delegate Relations, Atlanta, GA), Otis Reid (Advisor, Stanford in Government Chair,Chapel Hill, NC), Sahar Khan (Advisor, Co-founder of Avicenna, Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs, Muscat, Oman), Mariah Halperin (Director of Social Media and External Relations ,San Francisco, CA), Yassamin Ansari (Director of Marketing, Scottsdale, AZ), Izzah Farzanah (Bander Seri Begawan, Brunei), Ariella Axler (Atlanta, GA), Shannon Schweitzer (New Orleans, LA), Adnan Razzaque (Oak Lawn, IL), and Perth Chaternwattangaul (Bangkok, Thailand). To read more about the AMENDS leadership, click here.

The AMENDS Board of Advisors is equally impressive, featuring Professor Coit Blacker, Professor Larry Diamond, Prince Moulay Hicham ben Abdallah, Dr. Lina Khatib, Professor Abbas Milani and Judge Abraham Sofaer. To read more about AMENDS’ board of advisors, click here.

AMENDS believes in the power of youth leaders to create positive social, political, and economic change, the necessity of sharing their ideas and experiences with the world, and the profound potential of collaboration and understanding between the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States. For more info, see

Here are some of my pictures from the 2012 AMENDS Summit:

Dr. Ramzi Salti (yours truly) at AMENDS (Day 1)

Ahmed Benchemsi during Day 4 

Ramzi Salti and Ahmed Benchemsi

Dr. Rami Khouri (American University of Beirut)

Ramzi Salti with Rami Khouri

Marwa Farag, Deputy Director of Conference Management and Programming

AMENDS attendee Ahmad Qousi with Fadi Quran (speaker) and Dr. Ramzi Salti

Ahmad Qousi and Ramzi Salti with Dr. Lina Khatib

With Imani Franklin, Director of Recruitment and Delegate Relations

Ramzi Salti, Elizabeth Harmon, Ahmad Qousi
Elizabeth Harmon who unveiled her site on Day 1 of Summit
Elizabeth Harmon, RIfrah Magan, Meredith Wheeler, Sam Edelsberg

Ahmad Qousi, Ram Sachs (Speaker), Ramzi Salti, Elliot Stoller (AMENDS Co-Founder, Co-President)

For more on AMENDS, see

To read more about the AMENDS leadership, click here.

To read more about AMENDS’ board of advisors, click here.

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