Monday, January 24, 2011

Short Story by Ramzi Salti: "Vivian Her Son" Free on Facebook

Click here to read short story

If you are on Facebook you can now read check out Ramzi' Salti's published collection of short stories The Native Informant & Other Stories and to read the first short story "Vivian and Her Son" for free.

"The Native Informant & Other Stories" is a collection of six short stories dealing with "unmentionable" aspects of Arab life in parts of the Arab world and in the West. Inspired by such modern writers as Alifa Rifaat, Nawal al-Sa'dawi, and Youssef Idris--authors who have, despite immeasurable odds, managed to emphasize subjects ranging from feminism to homosexuality in their works--these short stories attempt to further engage various social and political issues that remain, for the most part, largely ignored or silenced in modern Arabic literature.

Most of the stories in "The Native Informant & Other Stories operate on a dual level by addressing not only issues related to women, homosexuals, and victims of violence in southwest Asia, but also by examining the seemingly conflicting relationship between notions of Arabness, Islam, and the West. The collection thus aims at highlighting the plight of the marginalized groups in Arab countries by broaching various issues on the social spectrum, ranging from religious intolerance, to the subjugation of women, to homophobia, to domestic violence, to Western and Eastern concepts of terrorism and neo/post coloniality, to the ethnic experience of being an Arab in the United States at a time when the media seems to be promulgating the negative stereotype of the Arab.

The author has published numerous essays and articles in such journals as "The International Fiction Review," "The Journal of Arabic Literature" and "Notes on Contemporary Literature;" he has also been a regular reviewer of Arabic literature for "World Literature Today" since the early nineties. His Doctoral thesis, which surveys the (mis)representations of marginalized sexualities in Arabic Literature, has also been partially published in several journals.

Click here to go to The Native Informant and Other Stories Facebook Page.

Taxi Band - 2alo magnon فريق تاكسي . قالوا مجنون

The Taxi band from Egypt made this catchy video/song criticizing the governing regime.
Here are the lyrics in Arabic:

قالوا مجنون اللى يفكر.. بلدنا دى تتطور... طب فين وازاى و لمين ؟
قالوا مجنون اللى يخلى واحد كابس تملى , من عام 81
 قالوا ع اللى جالنا و قال , أكيد هيكون جمال , ما هو قالك هُس خليكوا ساكتين

Band members:
Mado (lead ,acoustic guitar and vocals)
Mohamed kamel (vocals )
Beeno (classic guitar and vocals)
Azmy (violin )
Omar (bass guitar)
Bebo (Percussion)
adham nassef (drums)

Taxi is a band of amateur musicians from Egypt with an unusual kind of music that tries to connect the audience with a music free of difficult techniques
Lyrics that are mostly written by Mohamed Tawfik.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Been One Year at KZSU 90.1 FM

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since my first radio show/spot at KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford.
Here are the links to all my Podcasts so far.  Each link takes you to my Playlist for that show and to an arrow at the bottom right of that page that enables you to listen to the podcast for free (or right click to download then "Save Link As" to save on your computer).

January 2010 Podcast:

April 2010 Podcast:

May 2010 Podcast:

October 2010 Podcast:

November 2010 Podcast:

January 2011 Podcast:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Podcast from My BRAND NEW Radio Show on KZSU 90.1 FM Available Already!

To download/listen to the Podcast from my January 20, 2011 radio show on KZSU 90.1 FM, please visit this link then simply click on the arrow on the bottom right of that page (or right-click on "Save Link As" to save to your computer):

If you have difficulty with the link above then try this link:

Many thanks and I hope you enjoy the new selection of songs that I played this week by such artists as مشروع ليلى Mashrou' Leila, Tania Saleh, JadaL, Fairuz, Rim Banna, Lena Chamamyan, Zeid and the wings, and many others.

To view my Playlist, see my previous blog entry..

Ramzi Salti, Ph.D.                                           الدكتور رمزي سلطي
Lecturer, Author & Radio DJ             كاتب،مذيع ومحاضر في اللغة العربية آدابها  
Stanford University                                             جامعة ستانفورد
CA 94530-2006                                                 ولاية كاليفورنيا
USA                                                              الولايات المتحدة الامريكية

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DJ Ramzi (that's me!) Live on the Radio Tomorrow (Thursday Jan 20) at noon PST

I will be live on the radio tomorrow (Thursday January 20) hosting the show "Mediterraneans" from noon to 1 PM PST on KZSU 90.1 FM. The show will air live on your FM dial and stream live at

Please support me by tuning in to the show where I will be spinning and discussing the latest (and hippest!) music from the Arab world.

You can view my playlist here or below:

Printable playlist
Playlist for MediterraneansThursday, 20 January 2011  noon - 1pmDJ: Ramzi S.
FairuzOssa Zghire KtirEh Fi Amal
Fayrouz Productions
Rim BannaMalekThe Mirrors of My Soul
Valley Entertainment
Yazan Al RousanE7na En7abasnaJeeran Music Vol. 1
Jeeran Music
JadalSalmaArabic Rocks
Mashrou' LeilaFasateen (live version)Leka@eka3
Amal HijaziWylak Men AllaWylak Men Alla
Lena ChamamianHawel Ya GhanamShamat
Tania Saleh (with Tony Hanna)YabalahTania Saleh
EMI Gospel
Amel MathlouthiMa LkitJeeran Music Vol. 1
Jeeran Music
Walid TawficBeirutLa Tewaedny Alayk
Zeid and the WingsGeneral SuleymanZeid and the Wings
Lebanese Underground
Marwan AnwarAh min al foraqMarwan Anwar

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inside Shankaboot - Teta At The Airport

For English subtitles, click the UP arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen below and then click on CC.

This is one of many creative and poignant videos produced by Shankaboot- The first Arabic web series from the streets and rooftops of Beirut. If you like it, check out the other Shankaboot videos--including their critically acclaimed web series currently in its 30th episode--at 

In this clip, Teta (Arabic for Granma) is left alone after Yara has left.  In the airport she speaks out as the funny Teta we all know.  She even talks about Facebook!!

تيتا صارت لحالها بعد ما يارا سافرت، بالمطار تيتا بتحبنا عن أسباب هيدي السفرة

For English subtitles, click the UP arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen above and then click on CC.

Watch all webisodes of Shankaboot (4 seasons) on YouTube at THIS LINK.

TV PARODY: Mme Najem advises Lebanese women on the subject of Domestic workers


This is an amazingly poignant parody (SNL style) of certain Lebanese "high-class" ladies and the way they treat/speak about their maids. Yet the actress (Ingrid Bawwab) is so good at getting into character that one could forget that it is a parody!
Of course, this is in fact part of a campaign against the mistreatment of domestic workers in Lebanon. The actress in the video does an amazing job of making people aware of this shameful reality while seeming to take herself very seriously.
This video clip was cleverly done by Shankaboot- the first Arabic web series from the streets and rooftops of Beirut.

IF YOU DON'T SPEAK ARABIC...Click on the Up arrow on the bottom right of the screen while the video is playing and then click on CC. You will get instantaneous English subtitles.

After madam Najem 'polished' the image of Lebanon with her views on domestic workers, it is time now for Doulica to speak out.

بعد ما مدام نجم بيّضت وجه المرأة اللبنانية، هلق صار وقت دوليكا تحكي

IF YOU DON'T SPEAK ARABIC...Click on the Up arrow on the bottom right of the screen above while the video is playing and then click on CC. You will get instantaneous English subtitles.

Fairuz Documentary on Aljazeera (Parts 1 and 2)

The Fairuz - Aljazeera Documentary from 2007 is now available online on YouTube in two parts. You can watch both below.



Amazing footage of Mashrou3 Leila in concert in Amman, Jordan

Amazing footage of Mashrou3 Leila in concert in Amman, Jordan

The album of مشروع ليلى Mashrou' Leila is finally available on iTunes. Support them by downloading it at this link.

Jadal Band - Salma [Music Video]

Jadal is a Jordanian band who had a hit with this song titled "Salma." The video clip is cute and features little Salma, the singer's niece to whom this song was written and dedicated.

Takhabot - Ghassan Halwani & Tamer Abu Ghazaleh [Music Film]

‎"Takhabot" تخبط is a 5 minute animated music film by Ghassan Halwani & Tamer Abu Ghazaleh. The film reflects the political & socio-economic chaos that a modern Arab is continuously witnessing, increasingly day after day.
Film by Ghassan Halwani. Song by Tamer AbuGhazaleh from the Album Mir'ah, by eka3. Written & Directed by Ghassan Halwani. Animation by Ghassan Halwani. Lyrics & Composition by Tamer Abu Ghazaleh

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amr Diab Interviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine (Jan 2011)

Egysptian superstar Amr Diab is interviewed in the current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (January 2011).  Check it out at your local newsstand or at

You can also click on the image below to see it in larger size.

Mashrou3 Leila's "Fasateen" WITH English Subtitles!

Mashrou' Leila's inventive video clip/song "fasateen" is now available online WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES! 

Here are the lyrics in Arabic and you can follow the English translation by watching the video clip above and reading the subtitles.

مشروع ليلى
كلمات والحان: حامد سنو

تتذكري لما قلتيلي
انك بتحبيني
بلا فلوس وبلا بيت

تتذكري كنتي تحبيني
مع اني مش داخل دينك
تتذكري كيف كنا هيك

تتذكري لما امك
شافتني نايم بتختك
وقالتلي انسى عنك

واتفقنا نضلنا هيك
بلا ادوار وبلا طنطنات
بلا كرافات وصبحيات

مسكتيلي ايدي ووعديتيني بشي ثورة
كيف نسيتي كيف نسيتيني
وزبطتيلي شعري وبعتيني عالدوام
كيف بتمشطي مشطيني

مسكتيلي ايدي ووعديتيني بشي ثورة
كيف نسيتي كيف نسيتيني

تتذكري لما قلتيلي
انك ناوية تتركيني
بلا فلوس وبلا بيت

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheers, To Those Who Stay - Beirut, 20 Years Later (Short Film)

"Cheers, To Those Who Stay: Beirut, 20 Years Later" is a gem of a movie about a Lebanese film student who returns to Beirut and reconnects with friends and family. The film can be watched in three parts below (Chapter 1, 2, 3)

* Winner of an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010 *
* Winner of a Merit Award at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2010 *

Written & Directed by Mounia Akl & Cyril Aris




Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Masr": A Film by Javier Morgade

"Masr" is a beautifully shot short film (less than 5 minutes) by Javier Morgade featuring some amazing scenes of people and places in Egypt. Morgade shot it all himself using a Canon 5d Mark II and a Glidetrack HD. Edited in FCP and graded with After Effects.

The main theme song that goes with the footage is called "Ah Men El-Fora2" and performed by MARWAN ANWER. The intro is extracted from a song called "Beirut Goes to Cuba".

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YAS -- "Get It Right" Video clip from their classic album "Arabology"

Want to learn how to count in Arabic while listening to an amazing song with an instantly addictive beat? Check out the group YAS and their classic hit "Get It right" from their album "Arabology."

Y.A.S. - GET IT RIGHT with text (directed by Stephane Sednaoui) HQ from ouiiiii on Vimeo.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tania Saleh Performs in Cairo

Tania Saleh (Lebanon)
Live @ El Genaina Theatre (Al Azhar Park)
Cairo, Egypt

Thursday - August 19th, 2010

تانيا صالح تقدم اولى سهرات برنامج "حي" في الجنينة

Here are three of Tania's songs performed live followed by a TV report and interview with tania about her concert in Cairo.

Tania sings "Wehde" live

"أيَّ واحدة بَدَّك
ما فيك تضلَّك وحدك
صار لازم تلاقى
واحدة توقف حدَّك

فى واحدة تفهم عليك

تكونوا سوا طول الزمان...

فى واحدة
بنت عيلة
و بنت حلال"

Tania sings "Salwa" live

Tania sings "Omar wa Ali" live

TV Report about Tania's legendary performance in Cairo

Tania Saleh - Vocals
Haytham Shalhoub - Bass
Jad Aouad - Drums
Miran Gurunian - Guitar
Walid Nasser - Tabla/Req

Fareeq El Atrash: Lebanese Hip Hop Band

Meet FareeQ el Atrash, Lebanon's newest Hip Hop band. their debut CD is already a classic.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yallah Underground: Documentary about Underground Lebanese Music Scene

The first trailer from the producers' first trip to Beirut, featuring some of the best local artists and music by Zeid Hamdan / ShiftZ feat Hiba el Mansouri, Scrambled Eggs, DJ Lethal Skillz, LUMI & Fareeq el Utrush.

directed by Farid Eslam
produced by Farid Eslam & Dana Wilson
camera: Prokop Soucek
sound: Ladislav Greiner
editor: Darina Moravcikova & Jakub Vomacka
art director: Ivy E. Morwen

special thanks to Serge Akl from the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism in Paris and Lenka Drnkova from Turkish Airlines in Prague and Hussein M. Dajani.

Also featured:
Rayess Bek
Trash Inc.
The Invincible Voice (I-VOICE)
Katibe 5
Eileen Khatchadourian
Youmna Saba
Charles Makriss
Fish & Rat

special appearances by Ziad Nawfal, Tanya Traboulsi and Kinda Hassan from EKA3.

Unfortunately we couldn't fit in all the great artists we filmed so far, namely Ramallah Underground, Mashrou3 Leila, The Incompetents, Fadi Tabbal, Ziyad Sahhab and others, but we will keep posting new clips.

There's more to come! :)

Zeid Hamdan Sings "General Suleyman"

Zeid Hamdan (Zeid and the Wings) releases a new video clip denouncing politicians and corruption in Lebanon. the song, taken from his latest EP, is called "general Suleyman"

Hiba El Mansoury's New video clip/Remake of "Fog El Nakhal"

A very old song by Nazim El Ghazali, remixed by Zeid Hamdan and recorded by Hiba El mMnsoury along with her amazing video clip.

Walid Tawfic's New Song for Beirut

Walid Tawfic's new hit song for Beirut is being used by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism to encourage tourism to the country. Check out his lively video clip of Beirut!

Nancy Ajram Wants "Sheikh El Shabab"

Nancy Ajram is going ape for the new hot guy that has come to her village. But how is she going to make herself stand out over the other village girls? Watch her latest video clip "Sheikh El Shabab" to find out!

Haifa Wehbe's new video clip Pays Homage to India

Haifa Wehbe's brand new song "Yama Layali" has been remixed by David Vendetta and the video clip pays homage to Indian pop culture.

Rare studio recording of Fairuz recording the title track from her new album "Eh fi Amal

Rare studio recording of Fairuz, 75 years old, recording the title track from her new album "Eh fi Amal" in Beirut, Lebanon.

10th Anniversary of Dr. Ramzi Salti's Arabology Program Features All Episodes on Soundcloud + YouTube (Click here)

All 13 seasons of Dr. Ramzi Salti's  Arabology  podcasts  are now available on Soundcloud, for a total of 101 episodes. Additionally, al...