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El Far3i Completes His Acoustic Trilogy with “Nas Min Khashab”

El Far3i aka Tareq Abu Kwaik After a decade of unequaled creativity and challenges, El Far3i has just completed his acoustic trilogy with his new album “Nas Min Khashab” [People Made of Wood].  In many ways, this album can be seen as the crown jewel of El-Far3i's oeuvre by taking listeners and fans through a musical journey that is filled with upheaval, courage, and an unwavering belief in the power of love. Album cover artwork and design by Samer Saem Eldahr Palestinian-Jordanian artist, Tareq Abu-Kwaik, aka El Far3i  الفرعي , announced the launch of his long-awaited acoustic album “Nas Min Khashab ناس من خشب ” on the 25th of February 2022. The final album in his acoustic trilogy will be released in the year of the 10 anniversary of “Soat Min Khashab  صوت من خشب ”, the first of the trilogy, and the 5th anniversary of the second album, “El Rajol El Khashabi  الرجل الخشبي ”. You can listen to the full album below or at this link in addition to streaming it on many platforms such as