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Ramzi Salti Interviews Director + Cast of "Salma's Home"

Watch at Dr. Ramzi Salti recently interviewed Salma's Home Director Hanadi Elyan + Cast Rania Kurdi, Sameera Asir, and the legendary Juliet Awad.  This audio-visual interview was recorded at KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University) on April 13, 2022 and is available below or at Salma's Home بيت سلمى film description: Three Arab women living in modern day Jordan must put their differences aside and work together in order to survive. For more info: بيت سلمى من بطولة الفنانة القديرة جوليت عواد و النجمة رانيا الكردي و المبدعة سميرة الأسير اخراج هنادي عليان.  يمكنكم مشاهدة مقابلة الدكتور رمزي سلطي مع مخرجة الفيلم وبطلاته الثلاثة عبر هذا الرابط . Watch this interview above or at

Zaina Shihabi Highlights Women Composers and Performers in Egypt

Dr. Zaina Shihabi's article titled "A Brief Historical and Sociological Examination of Twentieth Century Arab Women Composers and Performers in Egypt" has been published in Part II of The Routledge Handbook of Women's Work in Music (2022). More info at this link . ABSTRACT: From as far back as the turn of the twentieth century, when Egypt was still under British occupation, women in Egypt have been utilizing music as a medium in order to speak out against injustice. This research examines the position of Arab women as composers from a historical and sociological perspective by providing content analysis of online magazine articles, newspaper articles and blogs in both English and Arabic. A literature review identifies a gap in the research, which is the lack of academic scholarship concerning individual Arab women composers and their accomplishments throughout history. Opportunities are identified for further research concerning the history of women in Arabic music o

Health Needs of the MENA Region at Stanford School of Medicine

The Stanford Med MENA program aims to leverage Stanford Med’s expertise in health research, training, and education and apply them to the MENA region. They are building cross-cultural health research and implementation programming that informs policy. The program sends Stanford physicians and trainees to MENA for training, and brings MENA physicians and trainees to Stanford. The team is working to partner locally to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery in MENA. Stanford MENA Health is looking for advisors to join the board, and donors for their two programs. With seed funding from our Stanford President and Dean of Medicine, the new MENA Health Program is focused on understanding and responding systematically to the health needs of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The project heads are Dr. Gary Darmstadt and Laila Soudi from Stanford. They work on three fronts: innovative community-led research, specialized education for health professionals, and regional traini