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Arabology Interviews 'The Arab Sinatra' Omar Kamal (November 2019)

Listen at Stanford Lecturer + Arabology Radio Host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews 'The Arab Sinatra' Omar Kamal about his new album "Show Me the Light" as well his upcoming show at the Aldwych Theatre in London on 24th November (supported by Abu Dhabi Festival). Tickets at Listen below or at This interview includes the following song excerpts from Omar Kamal's new album "Show Me The Light" ℗© 2019 Estuana Records: 1. Ya Ana Ya Ana (3:32) 2. Wicked Dreams (9:36) 3. Atyaf El Leil (15:01) 4. Um Kulthoum Swings (22:53)

Arabology Interviews Jordanian Indie-Rock Band Ayloul

Listen at This interview recorded in Amman, Jordan on August 31, 2019 and aired on KZSU 90.1 FM (Stanford University) on November 17, 2019. Stanford Lecturer + Arabology radio host Dr. Ramzi Salti interviews Ayloul band members Ra'ad Tabari and Yosour Al-Zou'bi about their groundbreaking new album "Salute to Al-Ghor" سلّم عالغور and the band's musical journey through the years. Listen below or at Interview includes these song excerpts: 1. Nazel Al Ghor نازل عالغور at 0:00-1:26 2. Lahn Baseet لحن بسيط at 5:59-7:34 3. Yawm يوم at 9:24-10:24 4. Bahr Mayyet بحر ميت at 13:19-15:04 5. Mawj موج (Ft Mohammad Abdullah) at 20:43-23:41 Ayloul in Copenhagen Ayloul - meaning "September" - is a Jordanian band formed in 2013, with members from Irbid. They're known for mixing indie-rock sounds with traditional Arabic ones to form a unique, dynamic style

Slides from Dr. Ramzi Salti's Talk about Lebanon at Stanford

Here are the video highlights + slides accompanying Dr. Ramzi Salti's talk about Lebanon which took place at the Markaz (Stanford University) on November 5, 2019 at 5:30pm. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS Watch video highlights from this talk below or at SLIDES FROM TALK PICS FROM EVENT:   

Ramzi Salti's Talk About Indie Arabic Music at Sijal (in English) Available

In this audio-visual lecture (recorded at Sijal Institute in Jordan in July 2019), Stanford Lecturer + Arabology radio host Dr. Ramzi Salti talks about the many ways in which the revolutionary music of the Arab Spring continues to fuel a new generation of artists and musicians--from Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya to Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.  This video also includes a segment on Palestinian musicians who are creating new musical genres that aim at a better tomorrow.  Video concludes with extensive Q&A session.  Artwork by Jordanian artist Tamer Al Ahmar. Watch the video below or at This talk was meant to go along with THIS YOUTUBE PLAYLIST . This talk spotlights the following segments (chronologically): 01. Katy Whiting Intro (0:00) 02. Ramzi Salti: Intro (02:13) 03. El General (Tunisia) (07:09) 04. Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia) (11:27) 05. Ramy Essam (Egypt) (15:35) 06. Cairokee (Egypt) (21:20) 07. Ibn Thabit (Libya) (25:38) 08. Mashrou

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