Monday, July 16, 2012

When Monaliza Smiled: A New Film by Fadi Haddad

The Jordanian film When Monaliza Smiled - لما ضحكت موناليزا   will be released soon, according to the film's Facebook page.  WHEN MONALIZA SMILED is a romantic comedy about a love story between Jordanian Monaliza, and Egyptian Hamdi, set in present day Amman among a community of nosy stereotypes and quirky characters.

Starring Tahani Salim, Shady Khalaf, Haifa Al Agha, Nadera Omran, Fuad Shomali, Suha Najjar, Haidar Kfouf.

Written and directed by Fadi G. Haddad
Produced by Nadia Eliewat
Executive Producer Nadine Toukan

Music from the film's soundtrack, composed by Dr. Najati Suloh, with Maestro Aziz Maraka
Director of Photography Samer Nimri
Production Designer Amjad Al Rasheed
Art Director Rand AbdelNoor
Sound Supervisor Falah Hannoun
Produced through the support of the education feature film program of the Royal Film Commission-Jordan
Filmed on location in Amman, Jordan


  1. Is it in Arabic language, and if so would it have good english/french translation of the subtitles? Many non-arabic speaking friends are now very much interested in the Jordanian film "industry". Let me know please. Best of luck and wishes, Assil Bakki

  2. The film is in Arabic but I am sure it will have English subtitles if screening in the West or if/when released on DVD. The trailer for this film on YouTube already has English subtitles. You can check it out here:

  3. Hi, they have subtitles in English, saw it yesterday, it was amazing

  4. Thanks so much for this post Ramzi.

    We open in Amman at Prime Cinema in Baraka Mall and Rainbow Theatre tomorrow September 20th.

    And hopefully in December we'll be starting our out of Jordan screenings. We look forward to you seeing our movie.


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