A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Film Starring Hiam Abbass)

Jerusalem and Gaza - less than a hundred kilometers separate the two cities; home to Tal, a 17 year old recent French immigrant to Jerusalem, and Naïm, a 20 year old Palestinian confined to Gaza.

After witnessing a bombing at her local café, Tal refuses to accept that only hatred can exist between these two peoples. She slips a message into a bottle, thrown into the Gaza Sea, that will be discovered by Naïm. From there begins an email correspondence and the emergence of a slim hope that their burgeoning friendship may give them the strength to face the world and to change it in their own small way.

Here is the film trailer followed by info about the movie:

Tal                Agathe  Bonitzer 
Naim       Mahmoud Shalaby 
Effrat            Riff  Cohen   
Intessa    r      Hiam  Abbas 
Eytan           Abraham  Belaga 
Dan            Jean-Philippe  Ecoffey 
Myriam          Smadi Wolfman 
Ahmed            Salim  Daw   
Hakim       Losi Nofi

For more info about the film/DVD release see http://www.filmmovement.com/filmcatalog/index.asp?MerchandiseID=301

A Bottle In The Gaza Sea 
A film by Thierry Binisti
“[For] anyone who’s just interested in a gripping, unsentimental drama with a lot of action and a pacifist message of hope and reconciliation, A Bottle in the Gaza Sea is must-viewing.’’ --Jeff Henrich, Montreal Gazette 

WINNER- Best Film, Festival of Young Filmmakers at Saint Jean de Luz
WINNER- Grand Prix, From Page to Image Film Festival at Croisic (France) 
WINNER- Best Actor (Mahmoud Shalaby), Audience Award, and Young Jury 
Award, Reunion Island Film Festival
Special Jury Mention- Rouyn Noranda Film Festival (Canada) 
Busan Int’l Film Festival  
New York Jewish Film Festival  
Toronto Jewish Film Festival  
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 
Israeli Film Festival of Montreal

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