Friday, February 21, 2014

Mayssa Karaa Records Arabic Version of 'White Rabbit' for 'American Hustle' Soundtrack

Mayssa Karaa  ميسا قرعة
The soundtrack to the Oscar nominated film American Hustle features Lebanese American singer Mayssa Karaa's Arabic version of 'White Rabbit'--the iconic song that was originally made famous by Jefferson Airplane during the late sixties. The Arabic lyrics are loosely based on the original English lyrics and are sung in classical Arabic. The track was written and produced in Arabic by Dawn Elder, Mark Batson, and Hanin Omar along with American Hustle’s music supervisor Susan Jacobs.

Mayssa Karaa was recently honored by Lebanon’s Cultural Minister Gaby Layoun with a national cultural award at the American Hustle premiere which took place in Beirut, Lebanon.

Here is Mayssa Karaa's Arabic version of 'White Rabbit'

Compare Mayssa Karaa's version to the original song by Jeffesron Airplane

Mayssa Karaa singing 'White Rabbit' in Arabic

Mayssa Karaa, 24 , is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music where she was a student of Arabic music composer and Oud player Simon Shaheen who is credited for introducing Mayssa to American audiences. She has had a successful career of her own, including concerts and TV appearances in which she has sung revamped versions of famous Arabic songs as well as major works from her classical repertoire.

The Passion of Rumi by Mayssa Karaa

Mayssa Karaa Sings Emta Ha Ta3raf (Asmahan)

Mayssa Karaa Sings Ya Habibi taala (Asmahan)

Fore more info about Mayssa Karaa:


  1. Could anybody post the lyrics for the Arabic -White Rabbit song? It'd be lovely to learn them.. I don't speak Arabic I'm just a Spaniard in love with Arabic music. Thanks

    1. Listen to this segment; it might help:

  2. Hello! Would it be possible to write out the lyrics in Arabic but phonetically using the Roman alphabet? For example, "khatwat tusbih akbar...," etc Thank you!


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