Monday, May 30, 2011

Sophia Marikh Releases Arabic Version of 'Woman in Love'

Moroccan singer Sophia Marikh, who initially shot to fame after her participation in the popular Lebanese TV show Star Academy (First Season), has just recorded and released her version of the popular Barbra Streisand song 'Woman in Love' titled 'Tahwak' (She Loves You).  The song is in classical Arabic which makes it accessible to listeners all over the Arab world.  Marikh also released a superb clip o go with the song.

The original song in English was originally written by Barry Gibb and recorded and released by Barbra Streisand back in the 1980's.  A few years later, French singer Mireille Mathieu released a French version of the song called "Une Femme Amoureuse."

Here is the video clip for Sophia Marikh's 'Tahwak' followed by the English version by Barbra Streisand (Woman in Love) and the French version by Mireille Mathieu (Une Femme Amoureuse).

Also included at the end of this blog entry are the lyrics to the Arabic version

Arabic Lyrics to "Tahwak" by Sophia Marikh

في أعماقي أبحث
كيف الزمان والوقت يقاس

من ساعة ما عيناك آتت قلبي
ايقظت فيها الإحساس

كل شيء تبدل
وجوه الناس
أحبتها عيناي

اختزلت المسافات 
رسمت الحكايات
وأحببت الحياة

أنا إمرأة تهواك
وأعشق من قلبي
ولو أحببت من قبلي
لن تهوى بعدي

قلبي يسكنه هواك

كيف انساك؟

وتراني أرحل 
أنا بالخيال
في دفء الأشعار

وبحنان انت تأخذ يدي
وتسقط كل الأسرار

لن اسمح لغيري
منك مستحيل

لغيري لا مكان
فليقف الزمان
يا حبيبي الآن
أنا إمرأة تهواك
وأعشق من قلبي
ولو أحببت من قبلي
لن تهوى بعدي

قلبي يسكنه هواك

كيف انساك؟


  1. I love this song!!!! the arabic version is fantastic!!!

  2. Sofia has the true arabic beauty.

    Mermerizing, I'm gonna learn the arabic version, so sensual !!!


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