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Meet The Lebanese Rap Band ASHEKMAN


-Mijrim Kaleim (MC/producer)

-Carbonn (MC/producer)

Hometown:  Beirut

Record Label:  Toj Kil Shi prod.

About: 100% Lebanese rap crew


Started in the year 2001 in Beirut (Lebanon), a city that witnessed over the past 2 decades: war, destruction, corruption, terrorist attacks, bombing, assassinations, social injustice & other kind of inspiring materials that were the main topics in ASHEKMAN songs. The crew is composed of identical twin brothers: MIJRIM KALEIM (born. Mohamed Kabbani) MC/Producer and CARBONN (born. Omar Kabbani) MC/Producer, both university graduates (Graphic Design major) from the Lebanese American University (L.A.U) and Graffiti Artists. The style adopted by ASHEKMAN is Lebanese rap, with Arabic lyrics/Lebanese dialect, with an aggressive/cynical tonality and underground topics that created problems with the censorship/organizers and led ASHEKMAN to be shutdown/censored in 5 concerts, but on the other hand created a street buzz and a notorious reputation for this duo crew, as the true voice of the society. The name ASHEKMAN means in slang Lebanese the exhaust pipe of a vehicle, signifying the toxic lyrics used in the songs of the crew.


-Ele min (AKS'SER feat ASHEKMAN)-AKS'SER album 2005

-Nasher ghassil (ASHEKMAN debut album) -2007

-3youn 3a lebnene - Peace beats mixtape- 2008 (read less)

Current Location:  Beirut/Lebanon

Press Contact:


Here is the video clip from their song ArcheWALLogy followed by the English translation of the lyrics:

ASHEKMAN official videoclip from their 2nd album, produced by Toj Kil Shi prod.09, directed by The Kabbani Twins.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF 7itan 3am Te7kineh (ArcheWALLogy)

ASHEKMAN - [Archewallogy] Hitane Aam Tehkineh

I was never a thug/ because I wasn’t raised in the street
Im good at painting walls / im convinced doing this art
Im boycotting the intellectual terrorism / I’m fed up with the bad economy
Its like walking without shoes /its  like repeating the same mistake
We don’t need a fortuneteller / in order to tell you whats written on the walls
You’ll understand alone that the story/ is been cooked and we’re in it
With a bit of oil, salt and paint / a brother kills his brother
For the definition of the nation, political party, the cause, the flag
Aiyo, it’s the story of a nation going nuts/ talking to a wall
It’s the story  of a society so dumb/ it immortalize pop singers on walls
It’s the story of  a society that only understand with a gun in the head
It’s the story of a society that wish to turn its country  to ashes
Beirut is a concrete paradise/ I don’t want to see her sad
I don’t want to see all the political propaganda / I don’t want anyone to ask me about my religion
Militias asking me about my ID/ if im from the East or the West
Though my graffiti I want to turn my city  to a museum I want the war to become from the past
You can call me Picasso / with an Ego problem
With a pen that doesn’t dry/ like a gun spraying the paper
We claim that the street is ours / because ASHEKMAN are the kings of the game
Try , and try and keep on trying to be like us, / but its impossible

The walls are talking to me/ telling  the story of the  city’s past
She’s telling me I cant stand it anymore (the street has rights, like nobody else)

The walls are talking to me / asking me to protect her
She wants to be in safe hands (the street has rights, like nobody else)

Come and roll with me , lets inhale gaz and  dust, ASHEKMAN for me is the remedy
Comedown with me, the situation isn’t stable 5 degrees of Richter, believe its not safe

Ok, the walls are talking to me, its telling me the story
Of the society that is living a hard life
Im fed up with the dirt of the politics
How many middle finger can the society handle from them
In my hood, the army protects the streets 24/7,
Tanks, hummers,  4x4 patrols
My town is barricade/ and its not nice
But I don’t want them to leave
Because the thugs are collecting bullets
Im waking up in the morning / on their mum screaming
Inhale exhale, my breath is weak
The past is witnessing destruction
Every militia in the past is tagging the walls
Even dogs are pissing to mark their territories
You cant hide the truth/ even if you paint over it
The retarded mentality will remain a black stain
In this chaos , I will always put my fingers but not of the wound
But on the spay cans and color my town
They say if you wish to know your future you have to study your past
You should read between the alleys/lines to know you future my friend

The walls are talking to me/ telling  the story of the  city’s past
She’s telling me I cant stand it anymore (the street has rights, like nobody else)

The walls are talking to me / asking me to protect her
She wants to be in safe hands (the street has rights, like nobody else)

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