Ramzi Salti Interviews Actor Haaz Sleiman of "The Eternals" (December 2021)

Watch complete interview at https://youtu.be/70_791NtP5o

I am more than proud to share my new audio-visual interview with multi-talented Arab American actor Haaz Sleiman who, in addition to talking about his groundbreaking role as "Ben" in Marvel/Disney's The Eternals (playing in cinemas worldwide), discussed his extensive body of work and roles in The Visitor, Breaking FastNurse Jackie, Killing Jesus, and Little America (currently streaming on Apple TV+).  

You can watch the complete interview below or at https://youtu.be/70_791NtP5o 

During the interview, Haaz also shared his experiences of working with such icons as Salma Hayek, Hiam Abbas, Edie Falco, Aladdin's Mena Massoud, Director Chloé Zhao, Richard Jenkins, and many more.  

Watch complete interview at https://youtu.be/70_791NtP5o

The interview also included a personal segment about Haaz's Lebanese American identity, his relationship with his late father, and a heartfelt English/Arabic tribute to his mom (pictured below) as well as to Arab Americans and immigrants everywhere.

Watch complete interview at https://youtu.be/70_791NtP5o

This interview was recorded via Zoom in December 2021 and includes the following chapters (clickable in video description on YouTube):

00:53 Haaz discusses his role as Ben in Marvel's The Eternals
02:10 Working with Director Chloé Zhao 
07:34 Working with Salma Hayek 
08:55 His starring role in The Visitor
12:00 Working with Hiam Abbass 
14:09 Fela Kuti Influence 
16:22 The Visitor Trailer 
17:58 Starring in 'Breaking Fast' 
22:54 Nurse Jackie and Edie Falco 
27:44 HRC Visibility Award 
29:31 Starring as Jesus in Killing Jesus (National Geographic TV series)
31:08 Guesting on "Jack Rayan" 
32:00 Starring in Apple TV+'s Little America (2020)
33:40 Relationship with his late father 
39:30 Tribute to his Mom (in English and Arabic)

You can watch the complete interview below or at https://youtu.be/70_791NtP5o

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