Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Zad Hussain Pays Homage to Cultural Icons from the Arab World and Beyond

A collage of Zad's work featuring various icons and more (c) Zad Hussain

Zad Hussain is a Sudanese graphic fashion designer and illustrator who is currently based in Glasgow. He is originally from Port Sudan by the Red Sea (Sudan) .

Photo of artist; for more, see

Zad (short for Zadalrakb زاد الرَّكب حسين) earned his BA and MA in Fine Arts and Design from the Florence Design Academy in 2017) before moving to the UK where is he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the same field. 

Zad has made a name for himself on Instagram and other media for the unique ways in which he illustrates such Arab icons as Fairuz and Um Kulthum as well as global musical sensations like ABBA and Dalida.  His digital pieces are intricately woven by the artist's pen and awake a sense of nostalgia and (be)longing to both the past and the present.  

Zad often includes short video clips of his work as it progresses from a blank screen to a masterpiece.  Below is a video clip showcasing the way he illustrated Lebanese singing legend Fairuz (video is owned by artist and used by permission).  For more, visit this link.

You can follow Zad Hussain's Insta Page at 

If interested in ordering any of Zad's prints, please contact the artist directly through Instagram or by email:

"It was a pleasure to speak with Zad Hussain who generously agreed to share a sample of his work with Arabology readers*.  I am proud of this talented Sudanese artist who reminds us all of the richness of our cultural history"--Dr. Ramzi Salti

*Screenshot shows  Dr. Ramzi Salti in brief conversation with Zad Hussain.  Taken by mutual permission in December 2021.

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