My CD Review: Jadal - El Makina

--All Tracks are FCC CLEAN—

This is the highly anticipated second album by the Jordanian rock group Jadal—the follow up to their classic first album ‘Arabic Rocks.’ "El Makina" contains 10 tracks that address social and personal issues pertinent to youth in the Middle East. Jadal sounds like a mix between Suystem of a Down and Jason Mraz. Composed and written by Mahmoud Radaideh. Vocals: Ahmad Zou’bi, Drums: Ammar Urabi, Bass: Amjad Shahrour, Guitars: Mahmoud Radaideh, Accordion: Hani Mezyan, Backing Vocals: Mahmoud Radaideh, Synthesizers:Bader Helalat. Mixing Engineer: David Scott.

1. Ghabeh B’eed (4:59) Steady rock ballad about going far away.

2. Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment (4:20) Humorous track about being afraid of commitment.

3. Fe Nabd Ana Has (3:52).Rock ballad that starts slowly, picks up and becomes rock song.

**4. El Makina (4:57) Title track is appealing, about working like a machine. Rock ballad.

5. I’m In Love with Wala Bint (3:30) Soft rock, lots of guitar sounds.

6. Yum El Jum’a Dayman Ashwab (3:54) Title is ‘Fridays Are Always Hotter.’ Starts slow, then becomes regular rock song.

7. Zad El Sheib (4:37) Soft rock ballad about grey hair creeping in on a guy.

**8. Bye Bye Azizi (4:01) Lively, instantly likable soft rock song.

9. Ma Raddatish (4:50) Sounds like Soudgarden.

10. Hada Yakhud Makani (2:33) Weird sounds in intro, slow, picks up with bizarre instruments and noise.

**My picks: 4 and 8 Ramzi Salti


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