My CD Review: Aziz Maraka - Master Copy

Album Review
Ramzi S.
Reviewed 2012-10-18 
-- All Tracks are FCC CLEAN --

Aziz Maraka is one of the leading alternative music composers and performers in Jordan. In 2005 he founded the group RAZZ, (Rock-Arabic-Jazz). "Master Copy" is Maraka’s first officially released CD. It includes both studio tracks as well as live versions of some songs. All tracks are in Arabic.

**1. Bent Ennas.(4:30) is a jazzy sounding tune, upbeat, lots of trumpets.
About a girl who won’t respond to a guy’s affections.
2. Al Atwa (4:08) Begins dramatically with symphonic sounding orchestra, nay plying (flute), drums. Slows down into a mawwal (lamentation) which then picks up.
**3. Ibki (Live) (5:20) Oud playing begins this ballad, along with piano, vocals with echo, slow tempo.
4. Leish habibi (live) (6:21) Slow track, lots of piano playing, soft jazz, grand ballad-like segments.
5. Laa (live) (4:38) Begins with piano and violin; sounds sad. Symphonic instrumental (no vocals).
**6. Amman (6:56) This is Maraka’s tribute song for Jordan’s capital Amman. Slow and haunting. Powerful vocals.
7. Bent Ennas (live) (7:43) Live version of track 1 above. Extended, longer. Version.
**8. Bahki Lahali (live) (3:30) Title means “I Speak to Myself.” Sad slow track about being away from one’s country.
9. Possessed (4:44) Up-tempo, nice beat, combines eastern and western instruments. Showcases Maraka’s vocal ability.

My picks: 1, 3, 8

Ramzi Salti

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